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Megatron watched the monitors with a slightly bored expression, one cheek resting against a fist. He wanted to learn more about these Autobots who were somehow managing to resist him. Which was strange as they were just supposed to be Space Bridge techs, mere rejects from regular Autobot service. However, they were resisting him and he wanted to find out how.

Which was why he was watching some spy footage of the Autobots interacting with each other. So far, he hadn't really seen anything of interest other than the Medic had a temper.

Bumblebee was headed back to the base after a long day of patrolling. Once he reached the base he transformed back to his normal form and walked inside.

"I'm back Boss Bot and so far nothing out of the ordinary." Bee reported as he walked up to his leader.

Optimus smirked down at his young scout and nodded.

"Very good Bumblebee, you can go relax now before Ratchet gets a hold of you and gives you your systems check up," Optimus replied.

"Awww, I don't need one," whined the little yellow and black Mech.

Megatron watched as the little Prime laughed and said.

"That's not for me to decide Bumblebee and you know if he catches you, he'll give you one."

"Darn right," came a growl and the one called Bumblebee yelped as the Medic came stomping in.

But before Bee could get away in time he was snatched up by the larger and much older medic and carried off back into the med bay. Optimus chuckled and shook his head after the Med Bay doors slid shut and headed off to go check up on things elsewhere in the base.

Megatron couldn't help but smirk a little as the spybot followed the Medic. The little Mech was yelling and kicking madly as he protested being taken for a check up while the Medic grumbled back that it was necessary. This young Mech was clearly a feisty one and probably kept all the Autobots on their toes.

Ratchet placed Bumblebee down on the examining berth and had to grab and cuff him against the back of the helm when he tried to get up and ran for the door.

"Bumblebee if you don't stay still I'll put you in stasis until I'm finished now stay still and taking it mule a mech." Ratchet snapped.

"Grouch," Bumblebee muttered mulishly, pouting as hard as he could while folding his arms.

He received another cuff for this but it didn't stop him from sulking. Megatron chuckled again as he watched the young Mech be reluctantly examined by the Medic. He was a bit like Starscream except considerably more likeable and cuter. Sometimes, he wondered if Starscream would do less damage to the Decepticon cause by being on the 'Autobot's' side.

After an hour of sitting and squirming around under Ratchets scans and bright lights, Bumblebee was finally released from the Med Bay. And Bumblebe didn't waste any time in getting out of there and ran to the base entrance and transformed.

"Going to a Drive." he yelled as he drove off.

"Don't be long," was all the Autobot leader managed to yell before Bumblebee was gone from sight.

Megatron was smiling evilly, during Bumblebee's exam, he'd been doing some serious thinking. And he had finally made up his mind about something. With his plan in mind, he got up and headed out of the base.

Bumblebe smiled and hummed to himself as he drove through the city, loving every bit and moment of the drove. He love the feeling of the wind against his body, the speed he could go, and the sheer power of the speed. He felt so alive.

Suddenly Bee decided to go have a bit of fun and turned out of the city limit and headed to the woods near the city to go drive. He always enjoyed improving his agility and dodges round trees while he drove.

It was normally very peaceful here and the only bot he was likely to run into was Prowl. But the Cyber ninja was away on Dinobot island, trying to control Earth's most unpredictable and violent robots. Which was saying something as this planet also contained Decepticons. Bumblebee had no idea that he was being watched from a distance and that his watcher was slowly moving in.

Bee came to a clearing and transformer and looked around. He could see many insects flying and crawling around, birds chirping and tending to their mates or families, and many beautiful and very colourful flowers growing in the clearing.

Bumblebee smiled and decided to stay there for a bit and relax.

Megatron smiled triumphantly as he saw the young bot stop and then sit down, clearly enjoying himself. How perfect, the Autobot was so far from both his friends and humans and best of all, had no idea he was even here. The Mech was now reclining against a tree, watching Earth's wildlife pass him by.

Megatron carefully crept forward, the young Mech was small but fast, he didn't want to startle him. Yet.

Bee smiled as he watched a couple birds play together in mid-air before suddenly all the birds became very startled and flew away in a big hurry. All the insects became quiet and had too taken shelter, out of sight and all this had made Bee very curious as to why they all ran.

Slowly he stood up and started searching the woods around him.

"Any...anybody there?" he asked rather nervously, a bad feeling creeping up his backstrut.

There was only an eerie silence.

"Heh, guess, there's no one there," he said nervously just as Megatron laid a hand on his shoulder.

Bumblebee tensed up when he felt the very large hand on his shoulder and very slowly looked down at it. Once he saw it he instantly recognised it and jerked around and gasped when he saw who was standing there.

"Meg...Megatron," Bumblebee stuttered as he started trembling.

"Hello little one," Megatron greeted as he leered down at the terrified little Mech.

"Uh..." Bumblebee stammered, he had no idea what to say or do.

Bumblebee took a couple steps back from Megatron but Megatron followed his steps with one of his own which were long then his and soon Bumblebee had backed himself up into a large tree, cornering himself.

"Wh...what do you want?" Bee questioned the giant Decepticon.

"Mmm, just one thing," Megatron said pleasantly, giving Bumblebee no room to run. "That that would be you, little Bee."

Bumblebee's mouth fell open and he gawked at the smirking Decepticon.

"Wh...what?" Bee gasped, trying to press himself back more against the tree, wishing it would open up and swallow him up, away from Megatron.

"Yes," Megatron continued with a grin. "I've been watching you and you're little friends and I've decided that you'd make a good addition to the Decepticon ranks. What do you say, little Bee?"

Bumblebee's optics widened and his trembling increased. He shook his head and slipped around Megatron and took off into the woods, transforming and speeding off as fast as he could.

Megatron just laughed before turning and transforming himself, setting off after the little Autobot. Because of the trees, he was forced to rise above them but as long as Bumblebee was still in his sight, he wasn't worried. He would capture the little bot and take him back to his base where he would keep him.

Bumblebee zigzagged between trees as he zoomed passed them at neck breaking speed, trying to comm for help at the same time.

"Bumblebee to Base, come in Base. Someone please answer me," Bee cried.

"Bumblebee?" Optimus answered, sounding concerned at his scout's tone.

"Boss, Megatron's after me," Bumblebee howled as he heard the sound of Megatron getting closer. Megatron had the advantage of being able to fly straight above the trees, Bumblebee had to dodge around trees.

"Bumblebee, find cover and we'll come," Optimus ordered.

"I'm trying BossBot," Bee yelled before he finally made it out of the trees and made a beeline for the city.

'I'm almost back at the...AHHH," Bumblebe was cut off as he was suddenly plucked from the ground.

"Bumblebee!" Optimus called back in alarm as Bumblebee screamed down the comm.

"He's got me...he's got me...he's got me..." was all Bumblebee got out before his comm was suddenly jammed.

"Much better," chuckled Megatron as he did a turn and headed straight for his own base, away from any other Autobots.

Bumblebee screamed and struggled as he was taken higher up into the air. Soon he became stricken in terror as his fear of heights paralyzed him and made him grab onto Megatron in fear of falling.

This made the warlord smirk as he felt Bumblebee shy against him. Perfect, now he didn't have to worry about dropping a squirming youngling. He continued flying until he eventually was approaching his base where he started to descend. Just as he was about to land, he transformed and neatly transferred the whimpering Bumblebee over his shoulder.

Feeling very pleased with himself, he strode into his base. Bumblebee started kicking his legs, trying to squirm free of Megatron's hold as he was carried in.

"Let me go." Bee tried to sound fierce but he was so scared and shaking so much that he failed at it terribly.

"Hmm, did I feel something?" Megatron couldn't help but sneer, the little Mech's struggles weren't bothering him in the slightest.

"Slagger," Bumblebee declared hysterically just as Starscream come out of a room.

Starscream was surprised at the sight of the smallest Autobot over Megatron's shoulder before he smirked.

"Lord Megatron won't Optimus Prime be upset when he finds out that you've kidnapped his young scout?" Starscream pointed out.

Megatron smirked right back before saying.

"It's not a kidnapping Starscream, it's a surprise adoption."

"What?" shrieked Bumblebee from over Megatron's shoulder.

Starscream too was very surprised by this but didn't have time to question it since Megatron was already headed further into the base.

He just shrugged and followed his leader, smirking nastily at the miserable Autobot who was lying limply across Megatron's shoulder. Once Megatron was in his Throne room, he headed straight to his throne and sat down. As he did this, he lifted Bumblebee off and carefully placed him in his lap.

Bumblebee blushed when he saw where he was placed and started struggling again to get away.

"Now, now," Megatron said smugly, holding him firmly in place. "You stay there like a good Mechling."

Bee growled at Megatron who only thought it was adorable coming from a minibot.

"Let me go you fragger," Bee hissed.

The next moment, Bumblebee was lifted up and several smacks were delivered to his aft before he was placed back down.

"None of that now," Megatron warned sternly.

Bumblebee was in complete shock at what had just happened to his, holding his aft as he stared up at Megatron, dumbfounded.

"That's what you get when you misbehave," Megatron informed him while smirking at the utterly dumbfounded expression on the little Mech's face.

"But...but you can't do that to me, only my...creators can," Bumblebee yelled.

Megatron chuckled and stroked Bumblebee's head.

"Well, I'm your new Creator so I can do that."

"WHAT?" Bee shouted.

"Yes," Megatron confirmed. "You belong to me, little bot, now."

'What, NO!" Bumblebee screamed struggled harder, kicking his legs and even tried to get his stinger out.

"What a shame," Megatron mused as he held Bumblebee firmly. "It looks like I have to punish my naughty little Mech."

Starscream grinned from the corner he was watching from, it looked like someone else was going to get it for once. Oh, how it loved watching others get punished by Megatron and he would enjoy seeing this little brat punished.

Bumblebee squealed and kicked as Megatron flipped him over onto his belly across Megatron's knee.

"Hey what are you...AHHHHH!" Bee screeched.

Starscream laughed cruelly as Bumblebee was spanked by Megatron who had a firm grip on him. When the little bot tried to protect his rear with his hands, he found them pinned to his back as Megatron carried on. Megatron didn't mind his little minibot being feisty but he wouldn't tolerate disobedience.

"Ahh please stop Ahhhh it hurts stop." Bee screamed to the top of his lungs.

"Are you going to behave now?" Megatron asked sternly before snapping at a laughing Starscream.

"What are you doing here, Starscream?"

"Oh um nothing," Starscream replied quickly before he ran off, not wanting Megatron to direct his wrath onto him next.

Megatron sneered after the cowardly Seeker before continuing with what he was doing. After a few more smacks, he said.

"Do I need to continue, little bee?"

"No...No please stop," Bee cried as he wept in pain over the Con's knee.

"Hmm, will you be a good little Mech for me?" Megatron asked, slowing the pace down but not stopping.

"Yes...yes I'll be good." Bee cried out between every swat.

"Excellent," purred Megatron, finishing with a couple of swats before lifting Bumblebee back up and setting him on his lap.

Bee whimpered and wiped at his optics as he held his abused aft with his free hand. Megatron patted his head, smirking as the little bot sniffled.

"If you behave, I won't' have to do that again," he reminded the young Mech. "Now, are you hungry?"

Bumblebee didn't get the chance to reply since his stomach beat him to it by letting out a loud roar of hunger. Megatron laughed before sub spacing a cube of glowing Energon.

"Here we are, little bee," Megatron said to a hungry Bumblebee although he didn't give him the cube.

Instead he suddenly cradled the young Mech in his arms and held the cube to Bumblebee's lips. Bumblebe's optics widened at this before he started struggling again.

"Oh Pits no, you're not humiliating me into drinking from a cube like a sparkling," Bumblebee screeched.

"You will drink it like a good Mech," Megatron said warningly. "Or I will give you another dose of punishment little bee. You will take it like this or not at all."

Bumblebee stopped struggling, his aft still a lot and he couldn't bear to get spanked again. Instead, he folded his arms looking mutinous.

"I don't want it," he pouted stubbornly, even as his insides twisted with hunger.

Megatron frowned.

"Well too bad. You're going to drink it and like it," Megatron snarled back before he pressed the cube to Bee's lips again.

Bumblebee growled and pressed his lips together, determined not to take it. True, he was really starving now but he just couldn't give in to Megatron like this. It was bad enough he'd been spanked and made to sit on the Decepticon's lap, he wasn't giving him the satisfaction of drinking like a Sparkling.

Megatron became angry at Bumblebee's stubbornness.

"Alright you sparkling, you either take then energon go you can go all day without, your choice," Megatron snapped.

Bumblebee trembled slightly, his tanks churning as he contemplated going all day without anything to eat. He'd burned a lot of energy going for that drive and then trying to get away from Megaron. He wasn't sure he could manage it so he gave Megatron a pleading look and said.

"Can't I take it normally?"

Megatron looked at Bee sternly.

"No," Megatron replied.

"Please," Bumblebee begged. "I don't wanna take it like a Sparkling, I'm almost grown."

Megatron smirked.

"Young mech, for a mech my age to me you're still a sparkling," Megatron replied.

"Yeah well, you're old," Bumblebee retorted grumpily but he was lifted up and giving a hard smack for that cheeky comment.

"Ow," he yelped as his hands clutched his abused rear.

"Any more rude comments out of you and you'll be going without energon for the day and with an even more sore aft," Megatron warned.

Bumblebee whimpered as he rubbed his sore aft, this was so unfair. Megatron was ten times worse that a grouchy Ratchet and grumpy Prowl put together. His tanks gave another groan of hunger and he knew he wasn't going to wriggle out of this.

"Okay, okay, I'll take the stupid Energon like a baby," he muttered.

Megatron smirked and cradled Bumblebee comfortable to his chest.

"Good boy." He purred before he pressed the cube to Bee's lips again.

Reluctantly, Bumblebee started to sip from it, feeling extremely humiliated. At least bossy Ratchet didn't do this to him. His face crumbled miserably as he thought of his team, hopelessly searching for him, with no idea where Megatron's base was. At least the pain in his tanks was ebbing as he drank his fill of the sweet Energon.

Megatron smiled as he watched Bee drink his energon as he wanted him to and reached up with his free hand and stroked Bee's helm gently.

Bumblebee made a whimpering sound, wanting comfort but not wanting it from the cruel Decepticon who was holding him prisoner. But as Megatron continued to stroke him, he leaned unconsciously into the touch as he continued sucking on the rapidly decreasing cube of Energon.

Megatron smiled wider as he watched his new son drink the rest of his energon before there was none left. Slowly he pulled the empty cube from his lips and just held him to his chest.

"There, that wasn't so bad, was it?" he asked as Bumblebee cuddled against his chest.

"No," Bumblebee mumbled unhappily, hiding his face from Megatron.

Megatron chuckled at this and hugged Bee gently to his chest before he leaned back and relaxed in his thrown as he cradled Bee.

He didn't think he could feel such pleasure having a little Sparkling cradled to his chest but he certainly was feeling happy now. It was a shame the little Bee was looking so down but he'd soon learn to enjoy himself here. He rubbed his new son's back as the young bot sniffed and whimpered softly.

"Why...why are you doing this to me?" Bumblebee whimpered.

"I want you to be my son," Megatron told him softly. "As I said before, I've been watching you Autobots and I found that I wanted you, little Bee."

He continued stroking Bumblebee's back as he said this.

"But...but I can't be. I'm an Autobot and you...a Decepticon," Bee argued.

Megatron chuckled as he said.

"If you become my son, that will make you a Decepticon so don't worry about it."

Bumblebee stared horrified at the smiling grey Mech.

"No please no I don't want to be a Con." Bee yelled as he started kicking and struggling, desperately trying to get away.

"Well, you're not being an Autobot anymore," Megatron said firmly as he suddenly stood up, tucking Bumblebee under one arm. "I think you need a rest, little Bee, I'm going to put you to bed."

"No, stop it. I'm not a sparkling. Let me go." u Bumblebee yelled and kicked and screamed the whole way.

"Hey, who iz making all zee noise?" came a voice with a thick accent and Megatron paused to see Bliztwing come round a corner, currently wearing his angry face. It spun and changed to hothead who cackled at the sight of Bumblebee in Megatron's arms.

"Ha, ha, looks like mien leader caught himself a little busy bee!"

Bumblebee frowned at this and looked away from the annoying Con. Megatron chuckled as he said.

"I'm adopting this little Autobot so play nice, Bliztwing."

Hothead changed to Icy who said coolly.

"Of course, lord Megatron."

Icy knelt down to the floor and smiled at Bee.

"Hello young Prince," Icy greeted.

Megatron smiled in appreciation at Bliztwing's gesture but Bumblebee wasn't happy.

"I'm not your son, I'm an Autobot!"

"Yes you are and once I get you to your room I'll be sure to make at official," Megatron relied.

"Wh-what do you mean?" Bumblebee said fearfully as Bliztwing carefully stood up, still as Icy.

Megatron smirked and patted the young Mech's head.

"You'll see," was all he said before giving Bliztwing a nod and continuing on.

Poor Bee was more nervous than ever as Megatron carried him to his room. Soon they finally arrived and Megatron took Bee inside and locked the door. He walked over to the berth and placed Bee down.

"Now just relax," Megatron said soothingly as he leaned over the frightened little Autobot.

"No, please, what are you doing?" Bumblebee exclaimed fearfully as Megatron reached for his chest plates.

"Shh, just relax. I'm not going to harm you." Megatron whispered to try and reassure his frightened son.

Gently he unlatched Bee's chest plates and smiled as they clicked and hissed open, revealing Bee's fats pulsing and brightly glowing spark to him.

"No," Bumblebee cried, starting to weep as Megatron lightly touched the pulsing spark.

"It's alright," Megatron said again, wanting to connect quickly so he could send waves of comfort to his son. "I'm going to form a creator bond with you, not a proper Spark bond. You'll soon be my son."

Tears started running down Bee's face as he shook his head.

"Please no I don't want this," Bee cried.

"It'll be over quickly if you just relax," Megatron promised him as he now opened his own chest out, his large Spark pulsing.

Bumblebee just continued to cry but with Megatron hovering over him, he couldn't get away. He wasn't strong enough to push the older Mech off and with his Spark exposed, he felt too scared to struggle. Megatron reached down and gently cradled Bee in his arms and carefully picked Bee up and pressed the chests together, hissing softly as he felt their sparks connect.

Bumblebee cried out as he felt his small innocent Spark come into contact with the older Mech's Spark. He writhed and tried to get away but there was no stopping the bond that was starting to form between them. It was painful as the two Sparks seems to burn against one another and he cried even harder.

"Shh shh, it's almost over little Bee," Megatron whispered before after a few more seconds he pulled them apart and smiled as he started to feel Bumblebe emotions before he frowned as all he felt was fear, hate, sadness, confusion, and a few more that he couldn't describe.

Bumblebee turned away, curling into a ball as he hugged himself tightly. Why was this happening to him, what had he done to deserve this? He felt a hand on his shoulder and almost cried harder as he felt concern and confusion wash over him.

"It's okay little Bee, I'll look after you," Megatron told him gently as he pushed his chest plates shut.

Bumblebee continued to shake and tremble as his chest was closed and then squeaked in fright when he felt himself picked up and cradled in Megatron's arms again.

"Shh, it's alright my son, I'm here," Megatron said soothingly as he settled on the berth, cuddling the shaking Bumblebee to his chest. "I know you're scared but you'll get over it."

But poor Bumblebee refused to listen to Megatron and shook his head.

"No it won't, it will never be ok...ever again." He cried.

"Never say never," Megatron said softly as he reached to grab a blanket to wrap his new son in. "I never thought I'd find a beautiful Sparkling but I have. I know you're going to make me very proud."

Bee frowned at being called a sparkling again but instead of arguing with the mech he only turned his head and looked away from him.

Megatron sighed as he found a suitable blanket and started to tuck Bumblebee up in it. This wasn't going to be easy, his little Bee was a stubborn bot but he would win this battle. He decided to test their new Bond out by sending waves of comfort and affection over it. Bee was ignoring Megatron as much as he could before he nearly jumped out of his armour when he suddenly started to feel different kinds of comforting emotions fill him.

"What's that?" he yelped as Megatron rubbed his head.

"It's me little bee," Megatron said softly. "I'm using our Bond to make you feel better."

"Wh..what?" Bumblebe gasped before he looked down at his chest where his spark was located and reached up and touched the centre of his chest.

Megatron smiled before saying.

"You can feel me now son and I can feel you. Try to send me something over the Bond."

Bumblebee looked up at Megatron before he felt the bond and sent an emotion to Megatron, not realizing he was sending confused emotions. The Decepticon leader was pleased when he felt Bumblebee's response, even though they were confused feelings. Still, it was better than hate or fear, so he sent more comfort back to his little son.

"Well done, my son," he purred softly.

Bee looked up at Megatron before he did the bond again, still trying to get use to it and reserved love and affection back which made him feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

"Mmm, that's...that's not too bad," he admitted, not realising that because he couldn't control the Bond yet, Megatron could feel how much he was enjoying it.

Megatron smiled happily and with great joy as his son enjoyed himself with the bond.

"This is so weird," Bumblebee exclaimed in wonder. "I've never felt anything like this...can we always feel each other?"

Megtaron smiled and nodded.

"Yes along as neither of us close off the bond temporarily," Megatron explained.

"You can close it?" Bumblebee asked curiously.

"You can," Megatron confirmed. "But it's better to keep it open, if you were in danger and the Bond was closed, I wouldn't know."

"But what if I closed it off because...I was angry at you and I wanted to be left alone?" Bumblebee asked.

Megatron raised an optic brow.

"I hope you're not planning on making a habit of closing me off," he asked sternly.

Bee looked back.

"And what if I am?" Bee challenged.

"Then I'm not going to tell you how to block," Megatron said sternly. "You need to keep it open as much as possible, so I can know you're safe and happy. And find you if need be."

Bumblebee pouted as he was refused the information he wanted to close off the bond and laid there with his arms crossed over his chest. Megatron tapped his head and told him sternly.

"Sulking and pouting isn't going to make me change my mind, little Bee. You better get used to the idea that I'm a part of your life now and you will not shut me out of it."

Bumblebee glared up at Megatron before he humphed and looked away from his 'new father'. Megatron sighed, he'd really picked a stubborn Mech to adopt.

"I think it's time for you to recharge, perhaps you'll be less stubborn in the morning," he told Bumblebee who protested.

"I'm not tired, it's nowhere near time for bed."

"Well to bad. You're going to bed right now," Megatron replied sternly as he got up off the berth and placed Bee back down on it.

"It's too early," Bumblebee argued back as Megatron gave him a very stern look.

"You stay there like a good Sparkling or I can chain you to the berth. Which would you prefer?"

Bumblebee growled up at Megatron but snorted and crossed his arms once again but remained laying on the berth.

"Don't try to escape," Megatron warned as he got up. "If you behave tonight, we'll do something fun tomorrow but I won't hesitate to give you a sore aft."

Bumblebee deliberately turned his back on Megatron, not saying anything. Megatron didn't say anything about this and left the room, not even bothering to lock the door in hope Bee would listen and stay put.

Author's note. Will Bumblebee stay put or his new father be forced to punish him again? Find out in the next chapter, until then.