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Bumblebee yawned and stretched wide, blinking open his optics. He found he was in Megatron's quarters, sprawled across his berth. He sat up and shook his arms, loosening them up a bit. He remembered he'd just had an intense training section with Shockwave; the Decepticon guardian Megatron had given him.

Bumblebee looked around some to see if he was alone before he looked down at himself and saw he had gone through the training unscathed. He smiled proudly to himself.

"Ha, even only that big chin Bootcamp sarge can see me now," Bumblebee chuckled.

Even after he'd caught that spy and honestly come clean about that incident with the tower, Sentinel had thrown him and Bulkhead out. Bumblebee still smarted with the unfairness of it all, they'd made a mistake but just a little one and admitted to it. Why had the Prime been so harsh on them, was it because he never really liked them?

"Well, I'll show him," Bumblebee promised himself. "I'll show him I'm not a bumbler."

"Oh I know you're not a Bumbler, far from it if you ask me." Shockwave said form the door way, startling Bumblebee to almost having a spark attack.

Shockwave had decided to come check up on his Prince to see how he was doing.

" scared me," Bumblebee said, his body tense from the shock.

"I apologise, I was just making sure you rested well," Shockwave said smoothly as Bumblebee smiled slightly.

"I did, thanks," he said before saying. "Uh, what's Megatron doing?"

"Oh he's ready over reports." Shockwave replied, walking over to Bee and reached up and stroked his head.

"And I thought I'd come give you some company and probably tell you some old stories," Shockwave suggested.

"Really?" Bumblebee said with a grin, he loved hearing stories although he wouldn't normally admit it.

Shockwave nodded.

"Yes, I thought I'd tell you one of my encounters with a minibot on the battle field. He wasn't an Autobot or a Decepticon but he had somehow got caught in the cross fire," Shockwave started.

"Really, he was a Neutral?" Bumblebee asked and Shockwave nodded.

"Yes and he'd been badly injured," he explained, pleased Bumblebee wanted to hear.

"He was very frightened when he saw me, thinking I was either going to hurt or kill him. But like you heard I can't hurt a minibot. But before I could help him I had to calm him down so he'd stay still long enough for me to work," Shockwave said.

"How did you do that?" Bumblebee asked curiously.

"I just talked to him," Shockwave said simply. "I told him a little about myself and where I came from and slowly, that calmed him."

"What did he look like?" Bumblebee asked.

"Well he colouring was blue and silver and he was very slick and slim and he looked like he was made to change into a motor bike. He optic colouring was blue but he didn't have an Autobot insignia on him. After a bit of talking I was able to get his name which was Starburst," Shockwave explained.

"Cool name," Bumblebee said with a sigh, he bet that minibot didn't have a nasty bootcamp sarge with a bad temper.

"Indeed," Shockwave said with a hidden smile. "Anyway, it seems he was just trying to get away from the main fighting and travel to a neutral zone when the battle had erupted over him."

"When he realized he was now on a battle field he didn't get a chance to escape it before he was shot in the knee and shoulder, rendering him helpless. He was very lucky I found him and very lucky I had decided to resupply my aid pack," Shockwave added.

"So what happened to him?" Bee questioned.

Shockwave smiled.

"Well after I got him patched up he still couldn't walk on his own and since Megatron understands my feelings for Minibots he allowed me to help Starburst to the neutral zone."

"That...was nice of him," Bumblebee in mild surprise, he would have thought Megatron would demand the minibot to join or something like that. Maybe he really wasn't as bad as everyone thought.

"Have you ever seen him again?" Bumblebee now asked and Shockwave nodded.

"Over the Orns, yes. He is doing well; he recovered very nicely and has been able to avoid the fighting since."

Bee nodded with a smiled.

"That's good. I wonder if I'll ever get to meet him?" He questioned.

"Perhaps, I hope you can," Shockwave said with a nod. "I believe he enjoys racing as well."

Bumblebee grinned, he did love racing.

"Now I really hope I meet him. So far the only other bot I've met that loves to race is Blurr and sadly...he disappeared when he returned to Cybertron." Bumblebee said, sadness over taking his spark.

"Yes," Shockwave said slowly. "That is unfortunate."

Actually Blurr was alive and perfectly okay but he was currently a Decepticon captive. He had discovered there was a spy in the Autobot ranks but not who and had planned to tell his superiors. Thankfully, Shockwave, as LongArm Prime had gotten to him first and managed to kidnap him before he could tell anyone. It was a real shame to keep him hostage but he had no other choice, the minibot was well treated at least.

Bumblebee sniffled and tried to wipe away the tears that welded up in his eyes as he remembered Blurr. He had so much fun with him and he really missed him.

"I'm sure he is alright," Shockwave said, not wanting to reveal what had happened to Blurr, that would lead to awkward questions. "Do not worry, he sounds like a resilient bot."

"Yeah, I'm just worried about him," Bumblebee said softly. "He was my friend, a minibot like me and we had so much in common. The others in my team are a lot older than me and don't want to have as much fun but he did."

Shockwave frowned at this and reached out and pull Bumblebee to his chest and hugged him to comfort him.

"I understand how you feel Bumblebee." Shockwave whispered, not liking to see his Prince so miserable and unhappy.

"I have friends in the Decepticon army and outside of it, sometimes I do not hear from them for so long and I worry about them. But all you can do is hope they are okay and wait patiently for them to make contact. I know he'll be okay,"

"Okay," Bumblebee said, burying his face against Shockwave's armour.

Shockwave held Bumblebee close, stroking his helm as he snuggled deeper into his chest plating.

"He's alright Bumblebee, you can't worry yourself sick to believing he's dead if you don't know," Shockwave stated.

"I hate not knowing," Bumblebee admitted. "I imagine all sorts of horrible things happening to him."

He paused and then said hesitantly.

" there any way of finding out what happened to him?"

Shockwave shook his head.

' not know my Prince," he replied.

Bumblebee hung his head, looking very disappointed. Shockwave quickly said.

"But that doesn't mean we can't listen out for news, something may turn up."

This made Bumblebee raise his head and nod, although he still looked sad.

"Alright, thanks Shockwave." Bumblebee replied, hugging his caretaker.

Shockwave smiled and chucked.

"You are very welcome Bumblebee." Shockwave replied, stroking Bee's helm.

"Come, why don't we have a short walk, stretch your legs a bit?" Shockwave suggested and Bumblebee nodded, he wanted to get out and about.

"Can we go outside?" he asked eagerly, he really wanted to do that.

"I don't see why not," Shockwave replied, really not seeing the harm in going for a walk outside.

"Great," Bumblebee said with a grin, jumping up and practically bouncing on the spot.

Shockwave chuckled and together, they headed out of the room and along the Nemesis corridors. Shockwave led Bee through the corridors until they reached the entrance but before they stepped out Shockwave turned around and look Bumblebee in the optic.

"Do you promise not to run off?" he questioned sternly.

"I won't run off," Bumblebee promised, he was just happy to be outside.

"Good, I'll hold you to that," Shockwave warned as they exited from the hideout into the bright sunshine.

Bumblebee smile wide as they stepped out of the dark corridor and into the beautiful sun light that made his armour glow.

"This is great," he sighed, he'd missed the feel of the sun on his armour.

"It is rather nice," Shockwave agreed as they set off. Bumblebee was fairly bouncing along, he wished he could race but that probably wouldn't be allowed.

Shockwave smiled and chuckled at how happy Bumblebee was as they walked through the forest. He was almost acting like a sparkling and he found it adorable.

"You ever been to Earth before?" Bumblebee asked as he ran all over the path.

"I confess I have not," Shockwave replied as a twittering bird flew overhead. "It appears to be a nice enough planet."

"It's great," Bumblebee said eagerly. "Most of the other planets I've been to are really barren but this place isn't. And I love the video games the humans make."

"I too," Shockwave replied.

"Maybe I and you can get some games some time and we can play together?"

"That would be brilliant," Bumblebee said with a smile as he then asked.

"Are we close to town or in the middle of the countryside?"

"We're actually on the other side of the country side, right now we're walking through the edge of it," Shockwave replied.

"Cool," Bumblebee said, wondering how close to the Autobot base they were. He had no idea where they were at the moment, he didn't recognise this area. He wondered what the others were up to, were they missing him a lot?

Shockwave looked down at Bumblebee when he went quiet and noticed the sad look on his face.

"My Prince, what is wrong?" Shockwave questioned.

"I just...I miss my friends," he admitted softly. "They've been like my family for ages and I miss being away from them."

"They are good friends to you?" Shockwave questioned and Bumblebee nodded.

"Yes, Optimus was like a dad to me, Ratchet was like my old doctor grandpa, Prowl my older brother, Bulkhead like my other brother closer to my age, and Sari my sister," Bee replied.

"Sari? That's an usual name," Shockwave said as Bumblebee smiled.

"That's cause she's a human girl but she's loads of fun, she's taught us a lot about Earth and isn't afraid at all," he explained

"Hmm, that's very kind of her." Shockwave replied.

"Yeah, she didn't have many friends before us," Bumblebee admitted. "That's one thing we have in common and now we're best friends."

He sighed slightly, she'd probably be the most worried about him. Shockwave stepped closer to Bumblebee and reached down and pulled Bumblebee close to hug him.

"It will be alright Bumblebee, at least she has the other Autobots to comfort her."

"Yeah, I just feel like I should be looking after her, you know," Bumblebee said as he hugged Shockwave back. He really hoped Megatron would like him see her and the others sometime, he just couldn't imagine never seeing them again.

Just then, they heard a strange noise, causing both to look up.

"Huh," Bumblebee said with a frown.

Shockwave looked up and scanned the woods around them before he pushed Bumblebee behind him.

"Get behind me." He whispered.

"What is it, what do you sense?" Bumblebee whispered.

"Trouble," Shockwave said grimly as whatever it was drew closer.

"Trouble?" Bumblebee repeated and was about to ask if it was Decepticons...before realising that Shockwave wouldn't be worried about them.

"So this is where you've been hiding." a creepy voice spoke up from the edge of a tree line.

The voice sent chill down Bumblebee's back. He recognized that voice from anywhere and he had prayed to Primus he's never have to meet this mech ever again.
But what really frightened Bee right now was that he couldn't see him.

"Sh...Shockwave, it's Lockdown," Bumblebee whimpered.

"I know, the Bounty Hunter," Shockwave agreed softly. Aloud, he said.

"Show yourself Lockdown."

There was a chuckle although they couldn't work out where it was coming from.

"Now, what fun would it be if I did that?" he asked maliciously.

Shockwave growled at this before activating his weapon.

"You best do because I do believe you remember the last time you didn't. I do have a device that can short out your cloaking device and I know you really don't like having to fix it again," Shockwave shot back.

"Fine," came the sour reply as Lockdown suddenly appeared some way to their left. He offered them both smirks and he said.

"Well, well, I never expected that little yellow brat to end up joining you Cons, maybe I underestimated him."

Bumblebee whimpered and hid further behind Shockwave.

"Meg...Megatron Kidnapped...Adopted me," He squeaked.

"Adopted?" Lockdown repeated in disbelief. "Huh, Mech must be desperate."

"DO not speak that way of him," Shockwave said sternly. "The young Prince will be a credit to Megatron and to the Decepticons."

"Is that a fact?" sneered Lockdown. "Well, it doesn't matter because I need him."

Bumblebee gasped and hide again. Shockwave glared at Lockdown.

"And what for might I ask?" Shockwave questioned.

Lockdown grinned before saying.

"I want that Ninja, Prowl. Except he's pretty hard to catch so I need a little bait, one that's easy to control. And that little yellow brat fits the bill perfectly."

"Wh...what do you want with Prowl?" Bumblebee questioned from behind Shockwave, not risking coming out and getting snatched up by the other mech.

Lockdown's grin got even wider.

"Kid's got talent, real talent. He was Master Yoketron's last protégé and from what I've seen, maybe one of his best. He might have a lot of useless morals but he does have skills I don't."

Bumblebee knew what they were, Prowl had mastered the 'mind over matter' technique and what was what Lockdown wanted.

"Well then...why not ask him to teach you?" Bee suggested.

The bounty hunter snorted.

"You think he'll teach me, kid? Huh, you're move naive than I thought,"

As Bumblebee bristled, Lockdown added.

"I'm the reason Master Yoketron, Prowl's beloved Master is dead, he ain't ever gonna willing teach me anything."

"What?" Bumblebee gasped, now starting to understand Prowls great hatred towards the hunters since they ran into him.

"Yeah, so you can imagine it's a bit difficult trying to get the kid to see things my way," Lockdown said with a dark chuckle. "But he'll do anything for those he cares about, especially an innocent little kid like you."

As Bumblebee flinched back, Shockwave said coldly.

"I'm afraid you're going to have to alter your plans slightly, Bumblebee isn't going anywhere with you."

Lockdown looked at Shockwave and smirked.

"And what are going to do to stop me, shoot me?" Lockdown laughed.

"If you force me to," Shockwave replied coolly. "Do you really want the wrath of the Decepticons on you?"

"Megatron'll get over it," Lockdown said dismissively.

Shockwave growled and powered up his gun.

"Not when it is his heir." shockwave snarled back, reaching behind him to be sure Bee stayed there.

"Come on, I only need him for a little bit," Lockdown said with a sneer, powering up his own weapon. "Just until I get my hands on Prowl, then I'll let him go."

"Liar," Shockwave growled.

"You never let anyone go alive." Shockwave snapped before warning. "Just leave before you regret ever something here Lockdown."

"Not without my little trophy," Lockdown said, still smiling but now his optics had a dangerous glint in them.

It made Bumblebee feel very scared.

Shockwave aimed his gun at Lockdown, powering up to fire.

"Over my dead body you're not," Shockwave snarled.

"If I must," Lockdown sneered before firing straight at Shockwave.

Shockwave dodged out of the way, pushing Bumblebee down and firing back. Bumblebee yelped and whimpered in fear as a fire fight began, over him. Lockdown growled at this and continued to fire at Shockwave who continued to dodge every shot, dragging Bumblebee with him.

"Shockwave!" Bumblebee cried out as a shot hit his guardian's arms.

Shockwave grunted but it was a minor wound and he ignored it. He had to protect the young Prince; he would not let this bounty hunter get his dirty hands on him. He had to get under cover, and then hopefully, they could make a run for it.

"I'm fine," Shockwave grunted as he pulled Bee to a large tree and pushed him behind it.

"Stay there and don't come out," Shockwave told Bumblebee.

"O-okay," Bumblebee said nervously as he pressed himself against the tree. "Be careful."

"I will, my prince," Shockwave assured him as he aimed around the tree and shot at the oncoming bounty hunter.

"Come on Shockwave, you know this can end easily without blood being spilled, just give me the kid," Lockdown called from his hiding place behind a nearby tree.

"You'd end up spilling his blood soon enough," Shockwave replied grimly, darting out from his tree, firing a shot before ducking round again. "If you want that Cyber Ninja so much, why don't you go talk to him?"

"Or adopt him," Bumblebee mumbled quietly to himself.

"Ha, don't make me laugh. That kid wouldn't even let the thought cross his mind. He'd be more willing if I promised him my helm on a platter," Lockdown sneered.

"Not a bad idea," Shockwave muttered before saying loudly.

"That Ninja will never stay with you and will always be looking for opportunities to escape. You can't cage a Ninja and not expect any consequences."

Lockdown snarled and shot in the direction he hear Shockwave.

"Not unless I have a bargaining tool," He added.

"So, you do intend to keep the Prince?" Shockwave said furiously. "I knew you weren't to be trusted."

"Hey, I might let him go...eventually," Lockdown sneeringly replied.

"In pieces," Shockwave growled and fired another shot.

Soon Shockwave started to think this was taking too long and decided it was time to call for back up.

"My lord," he called into the comm urgently and was answered with a growling. "What?"

"It's the Bounty Hunter Lockdown, he's trying to kidnap the young Prince," Shockwave said with a slight note of panic as he ducked another shot.

"What, where are you?" Megatron shouted.

"Just outside the base sir," Shockwave replied.

"He's determined to get a hold of the young prince," Shockwave added and he heard another angry growl.

"Keep him away, I'm coming," Megatron ordered before disconnecting. Now all Shockwave had to do was stall the bounty hunter until the mighty leader of the Deceptcons could arrive.

Shockwave powered up his gun to full power and really started to let Lockdown have it.

He blasted the area the bounty hunter was in so thoroughly, that soon all the trees were blackened stumps. He'd actually managed to score a few hits on Lockdown but sadly, not enough to bring him down. Once Megatron got here, Lockdown would have no chance but he couldn't let him get anywhere near Bumblebee in the meantime.

Lockdown snarled at the painful hits and glared at Shockwave.

"You're going to pay for that," He hissed.

"I don't think so," Shockwave said coolly, firing another shot at Lockdown. "You are the one who'll be paying."

"We'll see about that," Lockdown said grimly as he suddenly threw a grenade at them.

Shockwave gasped and ran to Bumblebee and picked him. He knew he didn't have time to run for cover so he turned his back on the teenage and shielded his Prince with his body.

The blast threw both of them forward and into the air, Bumblebee yelling with shock and pain. Shockwave clamped the prince to his body, completely focused on protecting him. They hit a tree and bounced off it, rolling a few feet before coming to a stop. Shockwave groaned, he was barely awake as his body had taken more of the explosion. Bumblebee was lying underneath him, also groaning in slight pain.

"Bum...Bumblebee?" Shockwave grunted.

Bumblebee moaned in pain before he was able to open his eyes and look up at Shockwave.

"Shock...Shockwave are...are you ok?" Bee asked softly.

"I...I will be," Shockwave murmured but he was injured. Energon blood was leaking out of several wounds and he found he couldn't move. His body was shaking from the aftershock of the explosion.

"You're hurt." Bee gasped, reaching up to very gently touch one of the leaking cracks in Shockwave's armour.

"I'll be fine," gasped Shockwave, hearing the Bounty hunter moving over. "My prince, don't let him take you, your Sire would never forgive me..."

"Well, that was fun and all but I think I'll take my prize," came Lockdown's sneering voice.

Bumblebee gasped, seeing Lockdown now standing over them and staring down at Bee with a terrifying grin on his face. Bee whimpered and curled up closer to Shockwave for protection.

"L-leave him alone," Shockwave hissed, but he couldn't move.

"I don't think so," Lockdown said, leaning down and grabbing Bumblebee by the scruff bar.

Bumblebee howled, clawing at the hand while trying to remain at Shockwave's side.

"No let me go, let me go," Bumblebee screamed as he kicked, clawed, and struggled to get out of Lockdown's grasp.

"Watch it kid, before I tan that hide of yours," Lockdown warned as he lifted Bumblebee over his shoulder.

"You wouldn't," Bumblebee dared, somehow hoping he could stall the Bounty Hunter.

"Try me kid," Lockdown challenged back.

Bumblebee growled and started kicking and flailing around more.

"Ratchet could do a better job than you," Bumblebee sneeringly taunted.

"We'll see about that," Lockdown growled as he bent a knee and threw Bumblebee over it. Holding the struggling Bumblebee in place, he subspaced a length of leather and cracked it in the air.

"Let's see how cocky you are after this," he warned as he brought it down.

Bumblebee's optics widened when he heard the loud crack and was only able to get a small glimpse of what Lockdown was holding before it came down on his rear hard.

"Ahhh," Bee couldn't hold in the scream of pain from the hit.

Lockdown whipped it back before landing another hard hit on Bumblebee's aft, causing the young bot to scream again. He was struggling even harder but the grip on the back of his neck was too tight. Landing another hit, Lockdown asked with a chuckle.

"Still think that old Medic could do better than me, kid?"

Lockdown didn't give Bumblebe any chance to say anything other than scream his voice raw from every violent hit that landed on his aft.

"Ah...ah...stop it," he shrieked his resolve to stall Lockdown utterly shattered. He'd thought he'd just get a simple whacking, something unpleasant but that he could handle.

"Not until I've taught you a little lesson kid," Lockdown said grimly, he was going to make sure this Mechling gave him no more trouble.

Bumblebee screamed louder as overwhelming pain flared through him like nothing he's ever felt. Even Megatron's punishment wasn't this harsh and painful.

"Please...Please stop...Someone help me," Bumblebee cried.

"Bumblebee," Shockwave gasped helplessly but there was nothing he could do.

There was a roar of rage and the next moment, a dark helicopter was hovering over them, blades spinning angrily. Lockdown paused in his whipping and cursed under his breath as the helicopter transformed into Megatron who looked beyond furious.

Lockdown grabbed Bumblebee and got to his pedes and tried to make a run for it, activating his cloaking device as he went. But Megatron was too fast and furious with him to even let him out of his sights with his son.

One of his massive fists slammed into the Bounty Hunter, before grabbing him by the throat. Bumblebee was hanging limply in his grasp, whimpering softly. Megatron quickly bundled his son into his other arm while giving Lockdown a death glare.

"How dare you," he hissed.

Lockdown choked from the death grip around his throat before he grinned.

"What can I say, I love a challenge," He laughed.

"You call whipping a youngling a challenge?" Megatron hissed in disgust feeling the drip of Bumblebee's blood run down his arm.

Lockdown just smirked, somehow confident even when he was in trouble.

"Nah not that, the challenge was getting him from dear old daddy who out being found out, looks like I lost that challenge," Lockdown replied, his smirk on his face getting wider.

Megatron growled deep in his throat before saying coldly.

"Yes, I would say you lost that challenge...just as you're about to lose a limb."

And in a swift action, had torn the arm Lockdown had used to whip Bumblebee clean away.

Lockdown screamed out in pain as Megatron let him go to lay on the ground in agony as he held the place where his arm use to be, trying to stop the fast bleeding flow and wishing for the pain to go away.

Megatron stamped on his remaining hand for good measure, ignoring the further scream of pain and cradling Bumblebee in his arms. The Youngling was barely conscience, looking up at Megatron with pain filled and slightly fearful optics. Megatron gently stroked his forehead and said.

"You're going to be alright my son, I'm taking you home."

Bumblebee whimpered softly before he finally closed his eyes and fell in recharge.

Megatron briefly smiled before kicking Lockdown and walking over to where Shockwave was lying.

"My lord...?" Shockwave groaned, curled up on the ground. "The young Prince...?"

"I have him Shockwave but he's injured because of that scumbag," Megatron interrupted.

Shockwave's single optic brightened and then dimmed.

"Forgive me, I should have protected him better," he said quietly.

Megatron snarled and glared down at his chosen caretaker for his son.

"Yes, you should had. Back to base, after I am sure Bumblebee isn't too seriously damaged I will think of a punishment for you for disobeying my orders," Megatron growled.

Shockwave bowed his head in acceptance of Megatron's ruling. Megatron before calling for Bliztwing to come and take Shockwave back to the base. He was going right now with Bumblebee who needed some attention. He stared down at his poor son, he'd taken an awful whipping and for what? So Lockdown could mess around?

Well, he hoped the bounty hunter choked on his own energon.

Megatron used his thrusters to fly to the base faster and once he was inside he ran through the halls to get to the medbay so he can find out the full extent on Bee's injuries. The youngling stirred slightly but thankfully remained in recharge as he charged into the Med Bay. Starscream was actually inside moodily fixing a damaged thrusters and looked up in surprise.

"Lord Megatron, what are you doing?" he exclaimed.

"My Son and Shockwave were attacked outside the base and he received the most damage. That slagger will pay for harming him this way," Megatron snarled as he carefully laid Bee down on the medical berth.

Starscream stared with wide optics at Bumblebee's whipped back and aft.

"Who...ah...would dare to do such a thing?"

"The dratted bounty hunter," Megatron growled as he started looking for cloths to dress the wounds.

Starscream snarled at the thought of someone doing such a cruel thing to someone so young, even he would never do such a thing like this to a youngling. He soon started to help Megatron gather the things he was going to need to bandage Bumblebee up.

Megatron at first looked at him suspiciously but soon accepted he meant the youngling no harm. They soon had his wounds cleaned up and then dressed. Starscream carefully tended to his dents and scrapes he'd received in the explosion while Megatron prepared a cube of Energon with a pain killer in it. When Bumblebee woke up, he'd be in pain and in need of energy so this was perfect for him.

And right on time too because the instant he placed the cube down Bumblebee whimpered and moaned in pain as he slowly started wake up.


"Shh son," Megatron said gently, stroking the yellow Mechling's forehead. "You're alright, you're safe now."

Bumblebee opened his optics, he appeared to be in a bit of a daze.

"Wh...where am I...where's...where's Shockwave?" Bumblebee whimpered as he stiffly looked around the room in search of his guardian.

"He'll be along shortly," Megatron said shortly, still angry at the Mech. "You are in the Med Bay with me and Starscream."

Bumblebee stared at him before whimpering.

"L-Lockdown attacked us."

"Shh I know son, I know and I made him pay for harming you," Mgatron hushed Bumblebee as he stroked his helm to give him some comfort.

"D-did you kill him?" Bumblebee whispered, he could barely remembered what happened after Megatron had gotten him.

"No, merely left him a reminder never to do anything like this ever again," Megatron assured him, knowing the young Autobot couldn't bear gore at the moment. Eventually, he'd toughen him up but it was too early to expect Bumblebee to change.

Bumblebee sighed softly before he nodded.

"Ok," He whispered.

Suddenly the doors to the medbay opened and Blitzwing came walking in, half carrying a very injured Shockwave.

"Shockwave," Bumblebee cried, trying to get up but Megatron firmly holding him down.

Starscream sighed and asked.

"Shall I see to Shockwave, sir?"

Megatron glared at Shockwave but thought about it a bit before he nodded.

"Yes, tend to him Starscream," Megatron replied.

"Will he be alright?" Bumblebee asked anxiously and Megatron said curtly.

"He will. Now son, you need to drink this," and held the cube of Energon to Bumblebee.

Bumblebee weakly reached up and took it before he looked curiously up at Megatron.

"What is it?" He questioned.

"Some special Energon," Megatron said gently. "It'll restore your strength and help with the pain. I'm afraid you're going to be very stiff for the next while but I will take care of you."

Bumblebee nodded before he looked down at the cube once again before he lifted it to his mouth and slowly drank it down. Immediately it filled him with warm energy and he sighed as he felt his systems buzz. It felt so good and he himself felt ten times better. He gave Megatron a smile and said.


"That's alright son," Megatron said softly.

Megatron reached up and gently stroked his head before Bumblebee laid back down and let himself slip off into recharge.

Megatron smiled slightly, his son was safe and even warming up to him a little. If only Shockwave had kept a better watch on him, then he wouldn't have been hurt. Lockdown better not show his face for a very long time or he would finish the job he started. He glared over to where Starscream was standing, carefully working on the injured spy.

Megatron growled and stomped over.

"Who gave you permission to take him outside the base Shockwave?" Megatron snarled.

" one, my lord," Shockwave groaned miserably. "He gave me his word he would not run off."

"But what made you think it would ok to take him out without my permission?" Megatron questioned.

"I...I don't know," Shockwave said shamefully. "I thought it would be okay just outside..."

"Well, it clearly wasn't," Megatron snapped. "My son could have been killed thanks to you or carried off to Primus knows where."

"I'm sorry my Lord, I was only trying to make the young Prince happy." Shockwave replied.

"He certainly looked happy coming in," Megatron said sarcastically and Shockwave ducked his head.

"It doesn't matter," Megatron continued. "I obviously can't trust you to look after him so I'm assigning him someone else. Someone who will actually look after him."

"What but my Lord..." Shockwave started to protest, not wanting to be separation from the minibot he com to care about greatly.

"I have made up my mind, end of discussion." Megatron snapped back, ending the argument.

"Yes my lord," Shockwave said sadly as Megatron stomped away.

"He might change his mind," Starscream muttered to him. "Just let him cool off a bit."

But Shockwave only shook his head.

"No, not after I let Bumblebee get in harm's way. He will never entrust the young prince with me again." Shockwave stated very sadly.

"Maybe," Starscream admitted. "But unless I'm wrong, I think the prince likes you a lot. He'll probably argue against Megatron's decision."

Shockwave was silent because while he half hoped Bumblebee would, he didn't want the young Mech to get into trouble with his adoptive Sire. Megatron wouldn't hesitate to discipline the young Autobot if he spoke out of turn.

Starscream noticed Shockwave and gone silent and chose to leave him be while he finished with his repairs.

"I will continue to protect him," Shockwave thought to himself. "Even if it must be from afar."

To be Continued

Author's note. What happens when Bumblebee finds out he can't be looked after by Shockwave anymore? Find out next time, until then.