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Bumblebee came awake with his groan, his body felt very sore, especially his aft. He grimaced and whimpered as sharp pains started to shoot through his body as the numbness of sleep ebbed away.

"Ow, ow, ow," he yelped softly, tears coming to his optics as he curled up in pain.

"Wha...what happened? Why do I hurt so..." Bumblebee started to ask himself but memory of his scary in counter with Lockdown came rushing back.

"Oh Primus," he gasped, grabbing his aft as he remembered being harshly whipped. Only to yelp out loud because his sudden movement caused even more pain to shoot through him.

"Bee?" came a voice and he looked up to see Megatron hurrying over to him.

Poor Bumblebee gasped and tried to wiggle away from the approaching giant, fearing he was going to be beaten more for going outside with Shockwave without permission.

"I-I'm sorry," he gasped out, trying to move but feeling far too stiff to do so. "I didn't mean to disobey, I'm sorry."

"Shh, it's alright," Megatron said soothingly, grabbing his son and lifting him up against his shoulder.

Megatron carefully cradled him there as he patted and stroked his back comfortingly.

"I'm not mad my little one. I'm not mad and you're not going to be punished." Megatron whispered softly and comfortingly.

"Really?" Bumblebee whispered, he couldn't bear to be punished again.

"No, of course not little one," Megatron told him. "Lockdown hurt you enough already and I know it wasn't your fault. Shockwave should have known better than to go outside without letting me know."

Bee's eyes widened and sited to lean back to look at Megatron but the pain in his aft was too much was he was forced to stay where he was.

"But...but he was just doing it to make me happy." Bumblebee said, trying to protect Shockwave.

"He still should not have taken you out like that," growled Megatron. "and thanks to his incompetence, you were badly hurt. It's lucky I arrived in time to stop Lockdown doing worse to you."

He patted his son's back and said.

"Do you need Energon? Or something to help ease the pain?"

Bee whimpered and sniffles softly.

"Can I have some energon?" He asked.

"Of course," Megatron said gently, carrying his son over to a table where he'd already laid out some different Energon. One of them had some painkillers in it and he offered it to his son. It didn't taste brilliant so he also had some sweet Energon to help Bumblebee take his medicine.

Very gently Megaton moved Bee to the croak of his arm and picked up one of the cubes and offered it to Bumblebee to started drinking.

He wrinkled his nose, it didn't taste great.

"If you can drink this all down, you can have some sweet Energon," Megatron promised him with a wide smile.

Bee looked up at Megatron and whined as he looked back down at the medicated emerging before he tilted his head back and started to drink it down as fast as he could.

"Not too fast," Megatron warned him, taking the cube away. "You'll get air trapped in your tanks."

"But it tastes horrible," Bumblebee said with a pout.

"Take it slower," Megatron commanded.

"But..." Bee whined but a stern look from Megatron hushed him.

Bumblebee sighed in defeat and let Megatron start feeding him again more slowly this time.

He almost gagged, this was horrible but Megatron might not give him any sweet Energon. And after this horrible stuff, he'd need it.

"That's a good boy," Megatron said approvingly as Bumblebee finally finished. "Now you can have this."

And he offered the sweet Energon to his relieved son.

Quickly and very eagerly Bumblebee took the cube and started to sip on it, letting the sweetness coat his mouth and wash away the horrible taste.

"Mmmm," he said in satisfaction as Megatron laughed.

"What...what happened to Lockdown?" he asked thickly as he swallowed another delicious mouthful.

"I took care of him," Megatron said silkily and as Bumblebee stared at him with wide optics, added. "He isn't dead, he just won't forget the lesson I taught him."

Bee sighed in relief. He hated to hear or see mechs die. Too many of them were during enough. This war needed to end.

"Dad?" he said as he paused between drinking. "Why is there a war? I never really understood it?"

Megatron raised an optic brow and asked. "You don't know what you've been fighting for?"

Bumblebee shook his head.

"All I know is I fighting to keep others free and keep everyone safe." Bee replied.

"Well, I'm fighting to restore my Decepticons rightful place on Cybertron," Megatron told him. "It is our home just like the Autobots but we are denied it and forced to wander the galaxy. We may have set up colonies but we still desire our home."

Bee blinked in confusion.

"Real...really?" Bumblebee whispered curiously.

"Yes," Megatron said softly. "And even when we inhabited Cybertron, we were generally treated as second class citizens, expected to do the meanest of tasks and scorned for wanting more. In the end, we tried to rebel against this injustice and were driven from our home."

Bumblebee frowned.

"Buys that's not fair." The minibot shouted in protest.

"No, it's not," Megatron said softly. "And if I had my way, I'd end it."

Bumblebee looked at him, biting his lip.

"If you got back Cybertron," he said slowly. "What would happen to the Autobots there?"

Megatron blinked and looked away from his adoptive son.

"I...I don't know. I guess it will mostly depend on how the Autobots...welcome us." The Con leader replied.

"You wouldn't hurt them?" Bumblebee said earnestly. "Not all Autobots are bad, the boss bot isn't and Ratchet and Bulkhead aren't. And Prowl isn't even interesting in fighting, he just really likes this planet."

Megatron chuckled and hushed Bee.

"Like I've said before little one it will all depend in how we are greeted and welcomed."

"I think a lot of bots are scared of you," Bumblebee mumbled. "They think you want to do bad things to them."

Megatron shrugged.

"I have a bad reputation that I don't think will ever change no matter what I do," He replied.

"Maybe...if bots knew what the Decepticons are really like, they wouldn't be so scared," Bumblebee suggested. "We aren't told much about Decepticons, just that you're the enemy and want to conquer Cybertron."

"Typical Autobots," Megatron snorted.

"I wish there was a way little one because I would be exploding it right now if there was," He added.

Bumblebee nodded, he wished there was a way as well.

" couldn't talk to them?" he suggested softly. "Tell them you just want to come home and you don't want to kill everyone."

Megatron sighed and looked down sadly.

"I wish it was that easy Bumblebee. I wish greatly that it was," The Decepticon leader whispered.

"I'm sorry," Bumblebee said softly, reaching up and cuddle his adoptive Sire. "I miss Cybetron too."

Megatron smiled at how kind his little one was and wrapped his arms more around him.

"Someday we will get to see Cybratron again and we will live once again in peace," Megatron cowed.

"I'd like that," bumblebee said with a smile. "Especially if it's with you."

Megatron smiled, so very pleased to hear that Bumblebee now accepted and wanted to be with him.

"I'm very happy to hear you say that son. Perhaps if we keep hoping, it will come true," he said softly.

Bumblebee nodded as he mumbled. "I'll do anything to make it true."

Megatron smiled and nuzzled Bumblebee.

"And I will too son," He replied proudly.

Bumblebee smiled before looking a little shy. Seeing this, Megatron asked.

"Is there something you need Bee?"

"Could...could I have a warm bath?" he asked softly.

Megatron blinked before he smiled and nodded.

"Alright," He replied before he carefully picked up his still recovering son and carried him to his private washroom.

Transferring his son to one arm, he reached for a tap and started filling up the tub with warm water. Bumblebee snuggled into him, his aft was still hurting and he needed something to soothe it.

Megatron glanced down at Bumblebee before he reached up into his medical cabinet and found a bottle of special bathing oil that soaked into aching and sore plantings to sooth them.

"what's that?" Bumblebee asked curiously.

"It will help with the stiffness," Megatron told him.

"Um okay," Bee replied and watched Megatron pour some of the oil into the water and stirred the waters some to mix it in.

Once that was done, carefully Megatron lowered Bumblebee down into the tub.

"Ahh," Bumblebe gasped as his sore aft connected with the warm water before sighing as he went in further. It felt so good and soothing, making him glad he'd asked for this. He'd felt a bit of a baby but Megatron seemed willing to indulge him so he'd gone for it. But he was sure he'd never had such a luxurious bath before.

Megatron smiled down at his son and cupped a hand full of water before slowly pouring it over Bee's helm.

"You like that?" Megatron asked with a smile.

"It's great," bumblebee said with a happy sigh. "You're a great dad."

Megatron's spark hummed warmly as those words passed Bumblebee's lips. It made him feel so happy and complete. Slowly the larger mech leaned down and lovingly kissed Bee's helm.

"And you are a very wonderful son." Megatron replied.

Bumblebee smiled back at him, feeling happier than he had in so long. He never thought he'd get adopted but now he had been and it couldn't be better. Even though he was currently separated from his friends, at least they knew he was still an Autobot and he in turn knew they still wanted him.

Bumblebee sighed in content as he leaned up against the side of the tub, crossing his arms on top of the edge and resting his helm on his crossed arms. Off lining his optics as he relaxed and enjoyed the rest of his bath.

Megatron chuckled at how happy his little son looked, clearly no one had spoiled him before. Not that he was planning to spoil him so much that he became a brat but surely every creator enjoyed giving their children treats. Bumblebee needed something like this to recover from Lockdown's abuse and if he enjoyed his bath, then it was all for the better.

Half an hour later Bee started to whine as he realized the water had started to go cold. He didn't want to get out so soon. He wanted to stay in all day.

Megatron too noticed the temperature change and reached into the water to pull out the plug to let the water drain out.

"Awww," Bumblebee whined as he watched the water drain away.

"You've been in for long enough," Megatron said firmly. "Now stand up and I'll dry you off."

Bumblebee whined again in disappointment and protest but did as his dad told him to. Megatron pulled a giant towel that is made for his large frame and wrapped the large towel around Bee and picked him up and out of the tub.

"There we go," he said as he rubbed the smaller Mech down. "Don't you feel better after that?"

Bumblebee thought about it for a moment before nodding, he did feel better. His aft didn't hurt nearly so much, it was just aching slightly now. However, he still didn't feel like doing a lot of activity.

Megatron smiled back and then led Bee back to his quarters and towards the door.

"Come along Bumblebee. Now that you're better you can accompany me to the throne room," Megatron said which made Bumblebee moan in disappointment but didn't voice any protest.

"What do you do there?" he asked with a slight sigh.

"I oversee my soldiers duties and give them new orders if necessary," Megatron said. "My men know I'm free to approach when I'm in the Throne Room. I also watch our security tapes there, that's how I found you little bee."

"Oh," Bumblebee replied as he followed Megatron down the long halls to where he was wanting to go.

"Do you uh...spy on us a lot?" Bumblebee asked. "I mean, on Optimus and the others?"

Megatron smirked.

"Maybe I do," He sneered.

Bumblebee pouted and asked. "How much have you been watching us?"

"Quite a bit," Megatron replied.

Bumblebee's eyes widened.

"What?!" The minibot shouted in protest.

"You were my enemy before," megatron pointed out as bumblebee exclaimed.

"Yeah but that was private!"

Megatron chuckled as he stopped and turned to face Bee.

"Oh come now it's not like I've seen anything...private," Megatron said with a teasing smirk, looking Bumblebee directly in the optic.

"I hope you haven't," bumblebee said earnestly. "Hey, did any of the other cons ever watch?"

Megatron shook his head.

"No, strictly only my optics have seen," The Con leader reassured.

"Good," bumblebee sighed. "Uh, were you going to watch them now?"

Megatron tapped his chin and thought.

"Hmm I don't know, maybe," Megatron replied playfully.

"Aww, come on, I wanna see them," Bumblebee begged.

Megatron chuckled and shrugged.

"Maybe if you're still good," Megatron replied with a smiled and turned to continue leading them to the throne room.

"I am good," Bumblebee mumbled as they entered and headed over to Megatron's throne. Megatron took hold of him and lifted him up, setting him on his lap.

Bumblebee whined softly at being treated like a sparkling again but didn't voice his protest.

Megatron smiled in triumph and patted his head.

"That's a good boy," he purred.

Bee pouted, humphed, and crossed his arms but still didn't say a word.

"Don't you want to ask me anything else?" Megatron asked and Bumblebee shook his head.

"Um no," Bumblebee said, a bit worried if he asked something he wasn't suppose to he would be punished again.

And right now he couldn't take against aft whooping.

"I uh, can't think of anything I mean," he said quickly.

"Hmm, why don't I tell you a bit more about being a Decepticon?" he suggested.

"Um okay," Bee replied and made himself a bit more comfortable on Megatron's lap and waited for his dad to start.

"We've always been a nation of warriors," Megatron began. "You'll have noticed how solidly built most Decepticons are."

Bumblebee nodded, he had.

"Well, we also posses the flyer code," Megatron added. "I believe there are only rare instances of Autobots being fliers."

Bumblebee nodded.

"Yeah but those few are always judged on where their loyalty lies." Bee replied, frowning as he thought back on a couple bots he's seen this happen to.

Megatron nodded, he was aware of that.

"It wasn't always that way," he told his son. "There used to be a lot more Autobot fliers."

Bee's eyes widened at this.

"What, really?" He shouted in shock.

"Oh yes," Megatron said with a nod. "There were shuttles, Seekers and jets all over Cybertron at one point."

"Wow." Bee whispered.

Megatron chuckled softly and nodded.

"Yes and there were ever a few minibot seekers too. They were actual called hornets for their small size, speed, and their stinging attacks." Megatron added.

"Really?" Bumblebee gasped, now he was really excited. Imagine being a hornet, able to zip about the place, zapping down enemies."

Megatron chuckled and nodded.

"Yep, Shockwave had even saved one, one time. Its wings had been damaged and he was hanging onto the side of his building, flinging to it for dear life but his strength was weakening."

"Wow," Bumblebee said in amazement. "How did he save him?"

"He managed to reach down from a window and pull him up," Megatron told him.

"Really?" Bumblebee gasped.

Megatron nodded.

"Who was that hornet?" Bumblebee asked eagerly.

"His name was Firefly." Megatron answered.

"And if you want to know more you will have to ask Shockwave." Megatron added, knowing how Shockwave was about the subject.

"Would he be okay with me asking?" Bumblebee asked.

Megatron shrugged.

"He may open enough for you since you are a minibot," Megatron answered.

"He likes Minibots?" Bumblebee questioned.

"He feels protective of them," Megatron replied. "He has saved a number of them over the cycles and now is fond of Minibots in general."

Bumblebee blushed.

"He...he does?" He whispered.

Megatron chuckled and nodded.

"Yes, he loves them. If he could he would already have a Minibot mate but he fears he will never get the chance since all the mini it's are Atuobots and fear him for his size and reputation."

Bumblebee nodded.

"That's a shame, he's really nice," he mumbled.

Megatron smiled at this and petted his sons helm.

"Yes but you have to realise Autobots don't know this. Remember how scared you were when I even mentioned him?" Megatron pointed out.

Bumblebee nodded, that was true.

"But I was wrong," he said softly. "I just needed a chance to get to know him...and you."

Megatron smiled and wrapped his arm around his wonderful son.

"I wish ever bot was like you my son." Megatron wished.

"Thanks," Bumblebee said with a blush.

"B-but I think there are other Autobots who'd get on with the Decepticons, if they were given a chance," Bumblebee said hopefully.

Megatron sighed.

"Maybe," Megatron replied.

As much as he wanted to believe and hope for such things he knew it wasn't possible. Not with all the lies and false truth they had fed. Bumblebee saw that Megatron didn't look very convinced and he drooped slightly. Deciding to change the subject, he asked.

"Will you let me speak to Shockwave sometimes...about the hornet?"

Megatron smiled and nodded.

"I believe I will give him that chance." Megatron replied.

"Thanks," Bumblebee said, hugging him. "It wasn't his fault that Lockdown turned up."

"Yes but you shouldn't have taken you outside," Megatron growled softly, still very upset about the ordeal that day.

"But that was my idea, I'm used to going outside," Bumblebee pleaded. "We both made a mistake; he did his best to protect me. I made Lockdown mad to distract him, that's why he whipped me."

"It was still Shockwaves fault. He should have declined the idea of letting you leave the safety of the base," Megatron hissed.

"He won't do it again," Bumblebee wheedled. "Please don't ban me from seeing him."

Megatron looked down at Bumblebee and instantly regretted it. Bee was looking at him with his big blue optics which were shining from unshed tears as he started pleadingly up at his dad.

Megatron grimaced, how could he resist such a face.

"Alright," he finally grumbled. "You may see him but he's not to take you anywhere without my permission."

Bumblebee smiled huge and he wrapped his arms around Megatron's neck to hug him tightly.

"Oh thank you." Bee cried before he hoped down from Megatron's lap and ran down the hall to go find his care taker.

"Bee...forget it," Megatron mumbled, about to call his son back but he'd gone far too fast. Perhaps he'd made a mistake agreeing but his son had looked so tearful that he hadn't been able to resist.

Megatron sighed and just leaned back into his throne to relax, pulling up different security camera feeds to watch.

Some of them were of the Autobots in their base and he focused on them. All of them looked rather gloomy, that Ninja bot was hiding in a tree while that large one was sadly sitting on a crate. The Medic was tinkering with a piece of machinery, looking extremely grumpy. Meanwhile Prime was sitting at a view screen, slouched with misery as he watched some footage.

With a start, Megatron realised it was footage of Bumblebee racing and playing with that little organic female. Apparently, the Autobots were really missing their Minibot.

"Oh Bumblebee," Optimus sighed softly as he leaned back in his chair, covering his face with his servo to try to keep himself from breakdown or letting his emotions get the better of him.

Megatron frowned, if his son saw his friends like this, he would not be happy. But Megatron was not prepared to let his son go back to them, he was far too vulnerable. But perhaps a face to face video call might make everyone happy.

Back with Bumblebee he was still wondering the halls trying to find Shockwave. he turned a corner and nearly leaked himself when he nearly ran into the larger Con he had ever know, Lugnut.

"Oops, sorry," he apologised, looking up a little nervously at the larger bot.

"My Prince, where are you going?" Lugnut boomed in his large voice.

"I uh...was looking for Shockwave. have...have you seen him?" Bumblebee asked.

"I believe he is in the Rec Room young Prince," Lugnut replied before adding. "Does our lord know you are looking for him?"

"Yeah, he gave me permission to see him," Bumblebee said with a nod.

Lugnut nodded and then pointed down one of the different halls.

"The rec room is down that hall," he informed Bumblebee.

"Thanks," Bumblebee said gratefully before charging off again, leaving a slightly bemused Lugnut behind.

He found the rec room and burst into it, calling.


Shockwave was sitting at a lone table in a far off corner, sipping on a cube of emerging and reading when he heard his name.

The one optic mech looked up and gasped when he saw it was the young prince.

"Bumblebee, what are you doing here? Your site forbids me from seeing you!" He questioned.

"Not anymore," Bumblebee said happily, running over and climbing into his lap. "He said I could see you, as long as we don't leave the base."

"Of...of course," Shockwave stammered, still amazed by all of this. "I won't fail you again my prince."

"You didn't fail me before," Bumblebee said firmly. "It wasn't your fault but my dad's still mad."

"I still should have protected you better. I allowed myself to be beaten which left you vulnerable to attack and you were harmed greatly." Shockwave said shamefully and hung his head.

"That was my fault," Bumblebee said softly. "I provoked him to protect you."

"Never do that again," Shockwave instructed him, holding him close. "I almost died when I saw him hurting you and I could not bear so see such a thing happen again."

"I'll try not to," Bumblebee promised.

Shockwave smiled.

"Good, now then what does the young prince wish to do now he is out from under father's protective wing again?' The large mech asked.

"Can you tell me about a Hornet you saved?" Bumblebee asked eagerly as Shockwave stared in shock at him.

"How do you know about that?" he demanded.

"My dad told me," Bumblebee said as Shockwave murmured. "Of course."

"Well, will you tell me?" he asked.

Shockwave sighed before he glanced around the Rec Room and looked back down at Bumblebee.

"Let's go to my quarters. I don't want anyone walking in or over hearing this." Shockwave said.

"Okay," Bumblebee said with a nod, getting off his lap and following Shockwave.

"How much did he tell you?" Shockwave asked softly as they walked.

"Well, he was telling me about Autobot fliers," Bumblebee explained.

"Oh and he told you that there were minibot fliers called Hornets?" Shockwave questioned further.

"Yeah that sounds amazing. I wish I could have been one of them." Bumblebee chirped happily.

Shockwave smiled and said. "I'm sure you'd have been a very good hornet."

Bumblebee nodded as he said.

"I love racing, imagine being able to zip about in the sky, in any direction. It would be so cool."

Shockwave chuckled and nodded in agreement until finally they reached his private quarters.

"Here we are," he said, allowing Bumblebee to enter.

"Whoa," Bumblebee gasped as he saw loads of holos of different Minibots.

Slowly Bumblebee entered, walking around to look at each and every hologram. There were so many minibots. Soon he turned around and looked at Shockwave.

"Did...did you meet all of them?" Bumblebee asked, gesturing his hand out at all the holos.

"Yes," Shockwave said with a nod. "Does it...bother you?"

"Are they all friends of yours or just ones you've met or seen?" Bumblebee asked curiously, not answering.

Shockwave sighed and shook his head.

"No, maybe a small few may see me as a friend, half I have seen or have met but the rest...I found out about by looking up records of every minibot on cybertron," Shockwave answered.

"You did?" Bumblebee said in utter amazement. "But why?"

"It's a long story," Shockwave said ruefully.

"Um oh...ok." Bumblebee replied before he started to look around and turned back to Shockwave.

" you have one if me?" He questioned shyly.

"I do as it so happens," shockwave said with a nod, reaching for a holo and showing bumblebee.

"Cool," Bumblebee said.

Bumblebee reached to hold the pad and started to read the information at the bottom.

BUMBLEBEE: A young minibot. Born in the slums but was abandoned in a low class orphanage. Never adopted so once became of age went to become a elite guard but was booted out before he could finish.

Bumblebee pouted before brightening up.

"You can change this now, I have been adopted," he said proudly.

Shockwave smirked and chuckled before he nodded to took the pad back which Bee happy gave.

The larger mech type on the pad some and erased some before he handed it back to Bumblebee to read over.

"Now adopted by lord Megatron making him a decepticon prince," bumblebee now read out.

"Much better," shockwave stated.

Bee us he'd and smiled.

"Yeah," He agreed.

"Who are your favourite minibots?" Bumblebee asked curiously.

Shockwave tapped his chin as he thought about this before he walked over to some holos and started to search through them.

"Here is one I'm fond of," he said, showing bee a picture of a dark blue minibot, "He cultivates crystals and turns them into goodies."

"Wow." Bumblebee whispered in aw as he looked at the holo before Shockwave pulled it away and turned to dig again and pull out another.

"And here is another." He said, showing Bee a holo of a minibot what almost look like he was smaller than a minibot, like he was still a youngling but what Bee really noticed were the wings that were folded on the bots back.

"Is that a hornet?" He exclaimed.

Shockwave nodded.

"Yes. This is Firefly. The Hornet Megatron told you about," Shockwave answered.

"He looks awesome," bee said. "Can he really fly?"

"Of course he can fly. he wouldn't be a hornet if he couldn't." Shockwave chuckled and let Bumblebee take the pad to look at the holo better.

Firefly was a dark green with bright neon green designs. He had a pair of blades on the outside of his arms, perfect for attacks when flying by fast and cutting your enemy at the same time. His helm a slick back with a neon green crest. And his wings...his wings looked amazing but looked deadly as well. They were wings but were sharpened into blade wings.

"Wow," bumblebee sighed, no way anyone would have called him bumbler with a body like that.

"What can you tell me about him?" He asked eagerly.

Shockwave smiled at bumblebee before taking the holo to look at.

"A lot," He answered, staring at the holo dreamingly.

As bumblebee looked at him, Shockwave said.

"He's one of the fastest hornets there are and he's also very deadly in the air. Larger bots have a very hard time catching him, he simply flies rings round them."

Bumblebee chuckled at the image of the hornet teasing mechs as he zipped through the air.

"How did you meet him?" Bumblebee asked.

"I met him on the battle field. He had me pinned, unable to defend myself as he kept up his attack," Shockwave said.

"Whoa, really?" Bumblebee said in amazement. "So what happened, I thought dad said you repaired him?"

"I did," shockwave agreed. "An explosion caught him off guard and he was blasted off a building."

"Wow. Did he...appreciate your help?" Bee asked curiously.

"At first no," shockwave admitted. "He's a very proud not but eventually he was grateful. I simply couldn't bear to see a wonderful model like him go to waste."

"Oh?" Bumblebee questioned curiously and Shockwave chuckled with a nod.

"Yes. He was a very impressive Hornet and very...beautiful," Shockwave said, breathing out the last bit.

"Oh," bumblebee said before asking. "Did you try to court him?"

"Maybe." Shockwaves replied.

Bumblebee snickered and covering his mouth to try and keep himself quiet but Shockwave heard him. But Shockwave didn't become angry he just shook his head at Bee's childishness before he added.

"He accepted."

"WHAT!?" Bumblebee helped in shock as shockwave smirked.

"Are you kidding?" Bumblebee demanded.

If he could Bumblebee would have seen Shockwave smiling back at him but since the larger mech didn't have a mouth.

But that didn't stop him.

"Yes. He did and...we bonded after Megatron's consent."

Bumblebee gaped in shock, shockwave was bonded to a hornet? He just couldn't believe it.

"So...where is he now?" He finally managed to ask.

"He is safe. Located on a remote planet until I send word to him. He fought me but...I didn't want him to be part of the war any longer." Shockwave answered.

"He must miss you a lot!" Bee said, feeling sorry for the other not.

"I miss him," shockwave said softly.

Bumblebee stepped closer to Shockwave and reached up to place a comforting hand over the large mechs arm.

"I'm sorry," he said simply. "I hope you can be with him soon."

"I hope so too," the larger mech said simply, giving bee's hand a squeeze.

Shockwave sighed deeply before he cleared his throat.

"As long as he's safe ism happy." He stated before he walked over to his holo collection and started shifting through them again until he found one that he knew would interest Bumblebee.

"Have you heard of the Elit Guard Hot Shot?" He questioned.

"Uh, yeah I think so," bee said, a little uncertain although the name did sound familiar.

Shockwave smiled and held up a holo.

Bumblebee's optics literally bugged out as he looked at the holo he was shown.

The holo was of a yellow and red mech minibot that looked very familiar but was missing the famous fire cannons would have had his wrists.

"Hot Shot wasn't always the mech he is today. He use to be a minibot...until he was seriously injured. The medics were forced to transfer his spake to another model." Shockwave explained.

"I don't believe it," gasped bumblebee. "He really used to be a minibot?"

"Yes," Shockwave said.

"Primus," Bumblebee breathed.

He wouldn't have believed it if he wasn't looking at a holo of minibot Hot Shot.

"That's amazing," he declared before asking. "Have you met him?"

"Under my Longarm disguise," Shockwave answered.

Bumblebee nodded, that made sense. Shockwave had probably met loads of minibots in disguise; it was a good way to do it.

"What was he like?" He questioned.

"He was as you would say very hot headed, thinking he could take on anyone and anything. And really hated being called small." Shockwave said with a smirk at the memory of him in his disguise teasing the young minibot when he'd find him down in the dumps.

Bumblebee pouted, he hated being called small as the implication always was he couldn't handle himself.

"I bet he did," he said aloud as Shockwave nodded.

"He will still happily challenge anyone who calls him that," he mused. "But I'd like to think he's a little less hot-headed since we've become friends he knows how I'd feel if anything happened to him."

Bumblebee smiled.

"That's good," He said and looked down at the holo again.

"I'd love to meet some of them someday," Bumblebee declared, they sounded so interesting.

"I'm sure you will," Shockwave said kindly. "I think my mate would like you a lot."

"Really?" Bumblebee asked with shining optics.

Shockwave chuckled with a nod.

"Yes he would."

"And he would happily race you," he added.

"Really?" Bumblebee exclaimed. "That's awesome, no one ever wants to race me. The boss is always too busy, Bulkhead isn't built for it, Ratchet thinks it's a waste of time and Prowl isn't interested."

He thought and then asked. "Could I race anyone here?"

Shockwave tapped his chin in thought and was about to sassily tell him no but then remembered something.

"Maybe your father while he's in flight. You can race his shadow," Shockwave suggested.

"Dad?" Bumblebee said in astonishment. "He likes to race?"

"He's not adverse to it," Shockwave admitted. "And he would probably be more likely to allow you to do so if it were with him. You'd be able to show him your skills; he would happily develop them more if you're good."

"I am," Bumblebee said, puffing his chest out.

Shockwave smirked and nodded as he reached up to pat Bee's head.

"Yes you are. You're the second fastest minibot I've met," Shockwave praised.

Bumblebee smiled, feeling very proud. He was now feeling quite excited and wanted to ask his dad if they could race sometime.

"Can I go and talk to my dad?" he asked. "Do you think he'll be busy?"

"Never too busy for you, young one," Shockwave told him.

Bumblebee chuckled but before he turned to go find his dad again he wrapped his arms as best he could around Shockwave, hugging him thanks.

Shockwave was taken by surprise by the hug.

"Thanks," Bumblebee said quietly. "I'm really sorry I got you in trouble, I really like hanging out with you. I can see why the Hornet would want to be your mate."

And with that, he released the surprised spy and took off.

Shockwave blinked on slight confusion but then smiled and lightly touched the part of where Bumblebee was just hugging, feeling the little bit of warmth that Bee left behind.

"You are something special, Bumblebee," he said quietly. "I hope Megatron realises just how lucky he is."

Author's note. What does Megatron say to Bumblebee's request? Find out next time, until then.