A/N: This is something that I've had in my head since I saw the movie a while ago. It is based off of my favorite fable, Juno and the Peacock. I wrote it at four am because I couldn't sleep. So... Yeah, um... Review if you get the chance, please?

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters mentioned, the fable on which this was based, or anything I'm forgetting to mention.

One day in Hell, The Magician sat, looking at the other carnies. Fun, sexy Wick and her Woe-Maidens, charismatic Scorpion, the seductive Painted Doll… It seemed unfair that everyone else should have such talents while he thought himself so ordinary.

"It just ain't fair, Harry. How come Lucifer gave them those gifts, and I'm stuck with /magic/?" Magician asked his pet, Harry The Hare. Harry twitched his nose in response.

"You're right, buddy! Lucifer gives gifts, and I've been loyal. If I ask, he'll give me charisma like Scorpion." And off he went. He knocked gently on one of the poles on Lucifer's tent.

"Enter." Lucifer called from inside.

Magician took a breath and entered.

"Hello, Magician." Lucifer said, seeming as if he were expecting someone else.

"Hello Master. I was just, erm…" he felt the courage drain out nearly all the way, but continued. "I was just wondering why you gave everyone else such amazing gifts, while I'm stuck with magic- the thing I was so good at on the surface."

Lucifer sighed as if he were a parent taking to a child who wanted the moon. "My son, you all have your gifts. Wick and her Woe-maidens have child-like mischief. Scorpion has charisma and aim, Painted; Golden voice and seduction, Twin; luck and transformation, Fool; illusion, and you; Magic. Many would consider your gift the most amazing." He was gentle with his words. His carnies were like children to him.

Magician nodded, knowing that he was stuck with his magic.

Lucifer looked at him, and, sensing his dismay, said "Magician, Do not strive for something that was not given to you. You will not achieve it."

"Yes, Master." Magician said, taking his leave.