Author's Note: Okay, this took me longer to write than I would've liked. I had a birthday and some family stuff come up (still in the midst of actually, grrr!) but alas I've got the first chapter down and am actively working on the second one. I'm thinking this will be about six chapters long. Also, I'm so happy there's a Axl/Sue livejournal now so I'll be crossposting this over at my own livejournal and at the Axl/Sue one. I hope you enjoy!

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The day Sue officially got her braces and headgear removed was also the day that Axl came to a startling revelation; Sue was actually pretty. Not hot, or drop dead gorgeous, but definitely pretty in a certain way. Sue had always been kinda cute, in Axl's nonchalant opinion, but without the clutter and distraction of her braces and headgear, her own special brand of pretty was coming through.

He didn't know what to do with this sudden realization about his sister.

It was becoming a distraction in a whole new way. Axl found himself staring at her far more often and at the most random times, leaving him barely just enough time to turn away before she noticed. He was also starting to feel guilty every day when she had to slink down on the floor of the passenger's seat when they neared the high school. The confusion he felt was almost as daunting as the strange, very un-sibling like affection he was starting to feel towards his sister.

Stupid, stupid, stupid.

This was a litany running through Axl's head.

He knew he wasn't the smartest person around but realizing you have not-so-brotherly feelings for your sister was especially stupid. He knew that but it had been getting harder to ignore the way his eyes were always drawn to Sue whenever she was in the room, or the way his stomach did these somersault-like flips when she did something he previously thought was embarrassing but now found cute, or especially the way he would stare at her lips when she spoke only to wonder how soft they were and how they would feel against his own.

Sue was adorably oblivious to any change in his behavior. So were their parents. If Brick picked up on anything, he hadn't said a word (to Axl, at least).

He felt he was he was slowly going crazy, like he was falling deeper and deeper into a hole he knew he'd never get out of.

Axl hadn't even realized he'd been dazing directly at Sue at the dinner table until he heard a loud scoff come from his left.

"Mom! Tell Axl to stop staring at me!" Sue yelled, her bottom lip jutting out in a pout, as she sent a glare in Axl's direction.

"Axl, stop staring at Sue," Frankie scolded him with very little concern.

Axl turned from Sue to his mother, eyes narrowed and lips pursed, and said, "I wasn't staring at her. I was staring at the piece of chicken stuck in her teeth."

"What?" Sue shouted, glaring first at Axl then grabbing a spoon to examine her teeth in the reflective utensil, but not really being able to see much. She then stood up, scurrying off to the bathroom to assess the damage done to her vastly improved teeth. Axl rolled his eyes, mostly in the direction of their parents.

"Axl!" Both parents shouted at their eldest son.

He just shrugged, "What? I was being nice!"

"If that's you being nice, that's depressing," Brick added, eyes going wide, then muttered one more "depressing" under his breath.

Axl scrunched his face up in aggravation and gripped his fork a little more tightly than was absolutely necessary.

"Apologize to your sister," Mike ordered Axl. The look on his face annoyingly threatening, so Axl couldn't help but attempt to take his dad seriously. Frankie nodded her head in agreement, indicating Axl needed to apologize right now.

After shoving the last bits of his dinner in his mouth, Axl stood up and made his way out of the kitchen, grumbling all the while.

Sue was still in the bathroom, staring intently into the mirror and flossing her teeth ferociously. Axl leaned against the door frame, watching her for a few seconds, before speaking.

"It's almost like you exist just to make me laugh," he said.

Sue jumped, string of floss now stuck between her teeth, and turned to him. "Axl!" she groaned.

He threw his arms up in mock surrender. She ignored him and plucked the floss from her mouth.

"Okay, so I'm supposed to apologize to you for being a good brother," he told her.

A short silence followed after. Sue turned to him again with eager eyes.

"That was me apologizing," he said.

"Axl! You have to actually say the words 'I'm sorry' otherwise it doesn't count."

"Oh, really? Are these the official rules for apologizing?"

"Axl!" This time when she screeched out his name, she also stomped her foot.

Even though it was so childish, Axl still smiled at that display with genuine feeling, despite how fleeting it was.

They stared at each other. Sue with puppy dog eyes and pout, and Axl with a small smirk.

"Fine. I'm sorry, Sue. Are we good? Awesome," he spoke quickly, the sudden urge to bolt was a bit overwhelming. He moved to leave her alone again.

Sue's face betrayed nothing about the inner workings of her brain, which Axl found odd because Sue was always so easy to read, until her lips formed into a bright smile.

"Aw, Axl!" she practically cooed, and he cringed a little.

She was still smiling at him with these huge eyes which seemed to be invisibly connected to a thread around his chest, so now every time she blinked it became difficult for him to breathe.

He coughed and turned away, said without looking at her, "Great. Whatever."

Inside the safety of his own room, he started to think that feelings were actually the real kissing disease. Once you got them, it was hard to fully get rid of them.

He felt sick to his stomach.