Many years ago, three little ponies made a pact.

"Let's agree, we three will be best friends forever" the middle sibling said, she was a purple unicorn with darker hair

"Uh huh" the youngest said, nodding her head, she was white with a deep red mane, she placed her hoof into the centre of the circle

"Ok, Twily" the eldest smiled, he was also white but his mane was royal blue

The three ponies placed their hooves together in the centre of the circle

"Big brother" the eldest said

"Middle sister" the purple unicorn added

"Little sister" the youngest intoned

"Best friends forever" the three said together.

"Congratulations on yours and Cadence's new foal Shining Armour!" Twilight Sparkle smiled at her older brother and hugged him

"Thanks Twily, we're really happy" Shining Armour smiled at his younger sister, but then his face fell and he sighed

"You really miss Sunrise huh?" Twilight looked on in sadness at her brother's expression

"Yeah, I really wish Midsummer Sunrise and her husband could be here with us" he wiped a tear from his eye with a hoof.

Looking around, Twilight saw her friends and their children gathered around Cadence, cooing over the little foal; Je T'aime Tolérance or Princess Tolerance for short. She couldn't help but feel depressed when she saw her son and his 'cousins' gathered around his aunt and her baby daughter. It had been eighteen years since her little sister Midsummer Sunrise had been murdered, protecting her children from Discord, her husband Shining Star had fallen that night as well and the children had survived by some amazing fluke, perhaps the stars were watching out for them.

Midsummer Sunrise had attended the School for Gifted Unicorns in Canterlot, the same as her sister had done and there she met the talented aristocrat Shining Star, heir to a long and illustrious noble family. The two had married and, a few years later she gave birth to quintuplet foals; Black Star, Red Heart, Blue Moon, White Lightning and Purple Cloud, the boys were identical in every way except for their cutie marks which were the same as their names, the daughter; Purple Cloud, had a red mane like her mother, rather than black like her father and all had their mother's deep emerald eyes.

Barely a year later, Discord had brutally killed Midsummer Sunrise and her husband and the children had been taken away to be raised by a close friend of the couple; Doctor White Hazel, and his wife Witch Hazel. Twilight had hardly seen her niece and nephews since that day and now that she was an auntie again, not to mention a mother, she found herself missing them.

Little did she know that she would be seeing them again very soon.