"Visit from Princess Celestia and Princess Luna" Pinkie Pie read from the poster she had been asked to place in the window of Sugercube Corner, after Mr. and Mrs. Cake had retired from actually running the little shop, they had asked Pinkie to take over managing it.

"Wow, the Princesses are coming to Ponyville?" a small voice at Pinkie's elbow said excitedly, looking down, Pinkie saw that it was her daughter; Surprise.

"Yup, cool huh? The Mayor wants us to provide refreshments" she smiled down at the blonde.

Across town, at Carousel Boutique.

"Amethyst, can you believe it? The Princesses are coming to Ponyville" Rarity clapped excitedly

"I know mother, it's so exciting" the young colt looked up at his mother, most ponies were in their human forms today, but Amethyst hadn't quite mastered transforming into a human yet

"I'll bet Rainbow Dash is really excited, her mother and aunt are coming to visit, just in time for the Summer Sun Celebration" Rarity smiled broadly "Don't you agree darling?" she glanced over her shoulder at her husband

"I'm sure she's very excited Rarity dear" Spike smiled at his wife and son.

Meanwhile, at Fluttershy's house, the Pegasus in question was doing loop the loops in her exhilaration.

"Fluttershy, I can't believe it! I hardly ever get to see mom and Aunt Luna too! This is amazing!" she was screaming at the top of her lungs

"Rainbow Dash, keep it down; I just got Sky off to sleep" Fluttershy hissed

"Oh, sorry" Rainbow clapped her hands over her mouth

Rainbow's two children; Sunset and Gala laughed.


A few days later, all of Ponyville was gathered in the town square, anxiously awaiting the imminent arrival of the Princesses.

After some time, a small black speck appeared in the distant sky. It grew larger and larger until it could be seen to be a golden chariot pulled by six white pegasi in gold armour. On the back were two majestic alicorns; the Princesses. Unusually, there were five others present; five inky black alicorns were flanking the chariot as it flew, all dressed in deep purple armour with helmets that covered their cutie marks.

As the chariot landed the assembled ponies, all in pony form today, saw that the five alicorns were a group of four identical colts and a mare. As the Princesses stepped out of the chariot everypony bowed low to them.

"Ponies of Ponyville, we are honoured to be spending the nightmare night celebration with you all" Princess Celestia said, just then there was a cry

"Heads up!" and a grey blur crashed into one of the five black alicorns.

"Oh dear! Are you alright?" Princess Celestia asked both the ponies in concern, the Pegasus who had crash landed staggered to her hooves and shook her head

"Sorry your highness, didn't mean to cause a scene" Derpy Hooves bowed to the Princess and looked back over her shoulder "You ok there?" she asked the alicorns

"Your majesty, may I?" he asked, his voice echoing as he gestured to his helmet

"Yes my dear, you may" Princess Luna said with a nod

"Thank you My Lady, and don't worry, I've had worse" the young colt said as he removed his helmet to reveal a handsome face with a black main that had dark red streaks and a pair of enormous emerald green eyes.

Just then there was a gasp and Rarity and the others turned to see Twilight Sparkle galloping away as fast as she could

"What was that about?" Pinkie Pie asked Spike, who just shrugged.