He finds a patch of shadow far off on the side of the steps that lead into the pro-bending stadium and sinks down. He made it this far, but suddenly his legs are weak again and he needs to sit down now. Around him there is chaos; people are searching the crowd for their friends and loved ones, running up and down the steps of the arena to make sure it is fully evacuated, evaluating the damage… the damage. A bitter smile twists onto his lips and he notices the flakes of snow that have begun to fall, clinging to his hair, his clothing…

Extending a hand Tahno reaches, feeling for the flakes. They do nothing more than land all chilly on his skin before melting away. His fingers curl back in, his hands balling up so hard that his nails dig crescents into the flesh of his palms, a feeling colder than ice spreading inside of him.


He can't even go back to his family; what good would he be in the swamp when he's lost the ability to so much as twitch a vine? Years of work to be somebody and now he's even less than backwater.


His head whips around sharply and his eyes fall on the battered Fireferret earthbender, Bolin. He feels a tension coiling in his shoulders as the boy approaches and notices that Mako is watching his brother from a small distance away.

"What do you want?" Tahno answers coolly, pale eyes narrowed. We're not friends.

For a moment the earthbender looks uncertain before crouching down and putting a hand on Tahno's shoulder. He seems to be trying to find the right words because no, they aren't friends and Tahno has been finding a very rich enjoyment in antagonizing his team since that night at Narook's. When he finally does speak though, there's a genuine and sad note in his voice that catches Tahno off-guard.

"I never would have… I'm sorry, Tahno." We tried.

Lips pressing together in a thin line, Tahno's glare doesn't soften. Bolin hedges a little and starts to get up.


"Make sure she gets him." Tahno says finally to the earthbender's retreating back. He looks back and nods.

"She will." Bolin smiles a little and makes a sort of unspecific half gesture. "Hey, stick around, maybe she'll let you throw in a punch."

It won't fix what's been done but in spite of himself; in spite of everything, Tahno's lips curl upwards.

"I just might take you up on that."