"The Start Of Something Sinister"

A/N: Because this story is very long, please do not read it all in one sitting or in one day. Your eyes will probably need downtime so take care of your body first/don't rush yourselves.

Also please read in order. The story builds on itself using the past, so skipping ahead will confuse you/doing so serves no positive purpose.

This story is intended for *MATURE audiences ages 17 and up. The plot contains a high amount of profanity, sexual themes, drug use, and several illegal factors. You have been cautioned.

Chapter 1: The Dream

A dream can make a person insane. A simple imagination can tear the solid ground at one's feet...even make one's grip on reality become loose and unstable. Unfortunately, that is what happened to Len Kagamine, a boy who let his dreams get the better of him, a boy who never wanted to wake up…

There were shoulders, slim shivering shoulders with the slight hint of pink on each of them.

There was flaxen hair, the laugh of someone who was obviously beautiful, and the smell of flower petals on a warm summer evening.

Len gazed up from his sprawled-out position on the grass to stare at this faceless creature before him.

She was so familiar, yet so distant. He couldn't put his finger on it, but in his heart he knew what it was.

Like music to his ears, the mysterious girl's ghostly-sweet voice commenced to echo itself against the grassy backdrop blending effortlessly into to the temperate air.

"Lennn~ come over heeere!" the unknown girl stated excitedly, "Loook- it's a ladybug!"

He smiled at her sudden discovery and skipped blissfully towards her.

"Where did you find it?" Len questioned whilst grinning at her blurred face for an answer.

"…On my ankle! Eeek! It's crawling up! Take it off Len!" the fragile girl squealed, enjoying the presence of her new company.

He looked at her ankles, so peachy and youthful, not a blemish in sight…and then he saw the lady bug, climbing from her delicate ankles to the top side of her calves.

He paused.

"Why are you shivering? Are you cold?" Len asked.

Her obscured features seemed to smile as she said, "No…it's because you're here..."

At this comment Len immediately turned away unable to meet her fuzzy faceless gaze.

His cheeks seemed to burn with the heat of the summer sun beating down on them, and they remained this way for a while, sitting next to each other unable to make eye-contact.

"Ah! Len it's on my thigh now. Um…if you don't mind, can you um, take it off for me please?" she whispered shyly.

He looked at the mysterious girl's thigh at her command and instantly regretted it.

This was just too much for an adolescent in the midst of his teenage years to handle, and so…Len's heart began to palpitate harder, his cerulean pupils dilated, and his palms grew sweaty. He braced himself for contact with her flesh by sharply inhaling the air, closing his eyes tightly before reaching for her tender leg.

She jolted at his touch and in an instant the bug was gone.

"Thank you." she exclaimed softly (brushing her golden hair behind her ears).

And with this flick of her wrist her white dress strap that was the only thing holding her clothing up...fell down her shoulder, revealing a thin wing-like collar bone.

Len's eyes darted instinctively to this newly revealed part of her body, and through this action came further awkward silences that was broken by her suddenly stating, "How come you never say my name?"

This simple question was disturbing enough to wake Len from his slumber.

He jolted himself awake as a result of being startled by her odd question.-And although Len's reverie had just ended, he still recalled his inability to answer his dream girl, and how she trembled not because of the wind or the ladybug on her ankle, but because of his presence.

But the thing that haunted him the most about this dream was that no matter how many times he's had it, no matter what small details change, one aspect never does…

...her face is always a complete and total blur

"Fucking shit, I've had enough of this!" Len whined as he ruffled his blonde hair hoping it would calm him down, "Why can't I ever see her face?!"

He proceeded to sigh wearily, rolling himself out of bed all the while muttering, "Ughhhh...this is going to annoy the crap outta' me for the rest of the damn day…"

"What's going to bother you for the rest of the day?" Rin inquired (poking her head through the crack between his bedroom door and the wall).

"Nothing.-Why're you in my room anyways?" he proclaimed angrily, throwing a pillow at her face (which she promptly dodged).

"No reason in particular." his sister announced crossing her arms defensively against her chest as she declared, "Mom just told me to wake you up so we can all eat breakfast together."

"Whatever. Just get out. I'm going to change already." Len mumbled rubbing his stomach tiredly.

Due to his sulky attitude, Rin frowned at him and exclaimed, "Well hurry up! I don't want us to be late for school again."

She then left his room in a fury, slamming the door behind her going on to make her temper clear by stomping all the way down the stairs (something Len found extremely maddening).

So as he changed, Len gritted his teeth while shouting, "Why oh why must I have a twin sister that's as aggravating as hell?!"

Once he finished dressing, Len ran downstairs and sat with a loud thump at the dinner table (throwing his bag on top of his sister's orange satchel with a smirk), thus making Rin respond to his rude gesture with an annoyed glare.

"Hmm, it looks like someone didn't have a good night's sleep." his mother announced as she set a plate of bacon and eggs in front of Len, "Did you have a bad dream honey?"

"Not really…" Len remarked (bashing his sunny-side-up eggs with his fork).

To her brother's half-assed comment Rin gave a triumphantly sly grin before she taunted, "It's a bad dream Mom, he said quote: 'it's going to annoy the crap outta' me for the rest of the day!'"

"Rin, don't provoke your brother." their father said throwing her his icy sharp blue gaze as a warning.

"Do well at school!" their mother called to them from their front doorstep as the twins left for the train.

"Bye bye!" Rin smiled, giving her mother a gentle wave back.

"Common." Len mumbled scornfully, "Walk faster. You don't want to be late again right?"

"Man, what is with you today?!" Rin said hopping in front of him while avoiding the cracks on the sidewalk, "You're being a real jerk you know that?"

She then grinned at him and stated, "I'm going to go ahead since you're being a real downer at the moment. I don't want my day to be ruined by a certain blond-haired individual, if you get my drift."

Rin then abruptly proceeded to dash towards the train station six blocks down the street.

"YOU IDIOT!" her brother screamed as he sprinted to catch up with her, "We're supposed to go to school together! You're a girl remember?!-And there could be pedophiles on the train!"

Rin was fast…but Len was faster (plus he was in track so catching up wasn't hard for him).

Once he caught up, Rin beamed at him walking backwards to meet his stare as she proclaimed, "Looks like Mr. Moody was worried about me!"

She then persisted to tilt her head gently to the side as a tiny grin grazed the cherry edges of her lips.

Slightly embarrassed, Len explained as his face grew hotter, "I-I'm not worried. It's just that if something were to happen to you, Mom and Dad would kill me…"

Rin pouted at his reasons for why he protected her and sighed, "Whatever you say Len."

The train ride felt abnormally long to Len Kagamine this particular morning. It only made it worse that Miku (one of Rin's best friends) had been there chatting with his sister the whole time (not even once inviting him into their conversation). It made him feel like a loner despite sitting right in between them.

As they got off the train Rin declared jokingly (throwing her orange satchel over her shoulder), "Okay then, see you later Len! Oh, and improve your attitude or you'll never get a girlfriend with that gloomy look on your face!"

At this statement Miku clarified (putting a hand under her chin thoughtfully), "Actually I think you're wrong Rin. Len's gloominess can be attractive to some girls. It's like ooh, he's so mysterious and stoic. I want to see what he looks like when he smiles…"

"Ewe…I don't think that's attractive in a guy at all." Rin said pretending to gag by hovering her index finger just outside of her mouth.

"Of course you don't." Miku announced, flicking her long turquoise hair behind her as she went on to say, "Because that type is your twin brother.-However despite your disgust Rin, the rest of the female population sees him as pretty cute. I mean, his face is really feminine but still has those square features that a man has. He has a rare combination of both."

Rin flashed Miku a revolted look before asking, "If you like Len so much, then why don't YOU go out with him?"

After all, Rin thought, It would be good for Len to finally get a girlfriend and stop moping around the house

"Well I probably would've but he's just too damn short for me. Plus I already have someone I like. Kaito remember? He's so fricken' dreamy I could just melt like ice cream on a hot sidewalk!" Miku sighed placing her hands on each cheek whilst gawking dreamily into the distance.

Regardless of Len's handsomeness or not, Rin couldn't understand why her other half never seemed to have an interest in the opposite gender.

He was always brooding…especially in regards to girls who found interest in him, though she never knew as to why.

She couldn't deny Len's popularity with the girls at school (perhaps being even one of the favorites). What she couldn't decide was when he started to become so detached from her…always avoiding her being whenever she came near, constantly saying that, "It's always going to be on my mind".

What is always going to be on his mind?, Rin wondered.

Surely he didn't have a girlfriend without telling anyone, especially his only sibling…? Siblings are supposedto be able to confide in each other, but not for the twins it seemed…

Why can't he trust me?, Rin questioned sadly, We used to be inseparable, attached at the very hip, of the exact same soul…!

Pondering these thoughts only made her more depressed.

Everyone else seemed to have a splendid relationship with their family even if they might fight sometimes like when Gumi and Gumo tease each other openly at school, or when Mikuo pulls Miku's long hair when she's courting Kaito.

They all appeared to be happy even though they have occasional bickering. However with Rin and Len it was like having two socks of a pair that always seemed to evade each other when doing laundry: a couple with the partner forever lost or missing…

"-Rin! Riiiiiin!" someone stated breaking Rin from her trance.

She awoke from her daydreams about sibling problems to find all her friends staring at her with clear amusement in their eyes, each one with their face dangerously close.

Finally awake, Rin blushed as she questioned while fixing her disheveled flaxen hair, "Oh my god! Was I snoring or something you guys?"

To answer her question Luka announced (as she brushed her pink bangs to the side), "Well…not exactly. I'm pretty sure people don't sleep with their eyes open. We all thought you had gone into a comatose state! We even tugged at your hair and pinched you, but it was like you couldn't even see us!"

"…Really? That is so weird. I was just thinking is all..." Rin responded back.

"Thinking about what?" Gumi asked lifting her orange tinted glasses to squint at Rin.

Gumi was always the one to ask questions to see if she could help in some way.

Rin smiled at Gumi then explained, "Oh you know, just regular things like when is it going to rain, or what the new episode of Smallville is going to be about...or if my brother hates me…"

"You think your brother hates you?" Miku repeated, then continued to proclaim as she twirled her blue-green hair, "But I thought you guys were…you know, in good terms with each other."

Luka nodded as she declared, "Yeah, I thought so too. You guys are twins so you should already have a bond or something right? And even if you don't I'm sure he doesn't hate you or anything. Len's just going through some bizarre teenage-angst phase. We all go through it at least once in our lives."

And with her friend's support Rin stated as she grinned, "Thanks guys, you're probably right. I'm looking into it too much I suppose…"

Still, even though Rin appeared to be happy as she said this, the curvature of her smile only seemed to indicate sadness…

Meanwhile during lunch at the boys table that same day...

"Dude you've gotta' be kidding me! Miku hasn't put out yet? Man if I were you I'd be going crazy right about now. I'm glad me and Luka fuck whenever we feel like it." Gakupo proclaimed, talking a bite out of his tempura roll.

"Shut up Gakupo." Kaito stated, placing his hands together while resting them beneath his chin, "It isn't that simple. Miku is different. She's not like other girls I've dated before. I…I don't know...there's just something different between her and me."

A moment passed and then Kaito proclaimed (whilst a red tint spread itself against his cheeks), "Fucking shit. I think I'm in love with her."

There was silence at the table then a sudden deluge of laughter and snickering. The boys smacked Kaito's shoulders playfully and nudged him in his seat harassing him for his declaration of love.

"Mr. Sensitive I see. What did she do?-Suck your cock until you decided that she was the one?" Kiyoteru said sarcastically placing a Pocky Stick into his mouth in a forward and backward motion.

All the boys laughed except for Kaito and Mikuo.

"Hey you four-eyed asshole! That's MY little sister you're talking about!" Mikuo announced angrily as he scowled at Kiyoteru, "So shut your mouth before I do it for you!"

Gumo then cut in declaring coolly, "Hey now guys…calm down. Kiyoteru doesn't really mean it. *Ahem* now pushing that aside, congratulations Kaito on falling in love! A feat not many people even go through. Now, if only I can get a cute girlfriend…"

The olive-haired kid always knew how to disperse the beginnings of a full on brawl, a trait he shared with his little sister Gumi.

Out of nowhere Len finally decided to join in and proclaimed, "I don't know why you guys are getting so worked up about these girls. They're just people like us. They are no different from anyone else."

"That's easy for you to say Len, all the girls like you! They think you're cute." Gumo responded, then persisted to imitate some girls from class mocking, "Oh my gaaawd Len is just sooo f-ing hott you guyyys." He even stood up and made his hand dangle while he talked and extended his words to sound like a sleazy Valley Girl.

Speaking about girls made Mikuo suddenly remember the festival coming up so he declared, "Oh! That reminds me. You guys all know the Blue Moon Festival is just around the corner right? I can't wait to see all the bangin' chicks from school all done up in their kimonos! Should we wear yukatas this year or just wear regular clothes?"

Gakupo nodded his head then closed his eyes imagining Luka's thrilled face while affirming, "Well I'm definitely wearing my all black one. I want Luka to think, 'holy shit Kamui looks cool'."

Still resting his face behind his hands Kaito muttered, "I'm probably going to wear mine too. I think Miku wants us to be matching, which sounds lame I know, but maybe it will make her like me more. Who knows right? Perhaps wearing similar kimonos will get her in the mood or something."

Kaito then rubbed the back of his neck while his blue bangs covered his self-conscious lowered eyes. When no one else replied back, there was a second red flush of blood that was becoming more and more apparent as it started to take over the rest of his body.

All of a sudden Gakupo jeered slapping Kaito hard on the back causing him to choke, "So you're a man after all you sly dog! You had this up your sleeve the whole time didn't you?"

Mikuo didn't like hearing this so he asserted matter-of-factly, "I'll only say this once Kaito. If you hurt her or make her cry, we aren't going to be friends anymore. Other than that, I have no problem with your relationship with my kid sister Miku…"

Meagerly to this statement Kaito smiled and nodded 'thanks'.

"-Hey Len? You've been awful quiet." Gumo stated with a kind and curious tone in his voice before asking, "If one of us was dating your little sister Rin…would you care?"

"No…not really. It's none of my business anyway who she dates or whatever. I really couldn't care less." Len replied in a monotone voice looking at his food.

His azure eyes appeared to be thinking about something the boys weren't talking about.

At his response Mikuo frowned then said, "You say that now Len but one day when you least expect it…it'll happen. And then you'll start to worry. Then you'll wonder why you're worrying, and then get angry about why you care. The thing is you care because you love her. It's kinda' your job to worry about the guy she's dating you know?"

"No Mikuo, I really don't know what you mean. But I can see why YOU might. It's just not on MY top list of things to worry about, that's all." the sulky blond replied.

The group was silent until Kiyoteru abruptly declared (while looking thoughtfully at Len), "Well you three should be thankful you have little sisters. I am an only child. My days as a kid were pretty boring."

"Hey look Gumo. Here comes a sister now." Mikuo cheerfully stated then pointed to the short green-haired girl coming closer.

Gumi was clasping her stomach and her emerald eyes were red in the areas that should've been white.

When she finally got to their table she garbled weakly, "Ugh…Gumo, can you take me to the nurse's office? I don't feel so good. I think I ate something with peanuts in it."

"Ah crap! Err guys, it looks like I gotta' go- can one of you tell homeroom teacher next period I had to take my sister to the nurse's office because she was sick? Thanks!" Gumo announced panting as he got his backpack, stuffed his half eaten lunch in it, and ran grabbing Gumi's wrist darting for the nurses' office down the hallway.

"…Like I said." Kiyoteru claimed, holding peeled oranges in one hand and with his other gesturing at where Gumi and Gumo had run off to, "It must be fun to have someone who needs you, even if it is for annoying things like that."

Kaito could only grin before suggesting, "Well if you want someone to need you, get a girlfriend Kiyoteru! Girls always want their boyfriends to do stuff for them." He then went on to explain blushing some more, "Sometimes Miku just wants me there, for no reason at all. It's kind of fun. Uh…I mean, when things get spontaneous."

"Gross man…I can't believe you think my sister is cute. Blegggghh…." Mikuo declared sticking out his tongue while squinting one of his eyes.

The rest of the evening was uneventful for both the boys and girls, and like any other school day, it ended with the sun beginning to set on the beach horizon with a new tint of violet alluding to the upcoming summer just a few days away.

The last bell rang signaling the end of school and a flurry of adolescents exited the iron gates all talking about the Blue Moon Festival that was to take place that Saturday.

Len promptly waited for Rin at the institution's entrance so that they could take the train home together. As he watched his sister skip joyfully towards him with a cheerful smile on her face, he noticed something about her he had never seen before...

Under the light of the setting sun, her sapphire eyes appeared amethyst, and her peachy skin seemed to be emitting a glow that floated all around her.

He must've been gaping with his mouth open because Rin suddenly stopped smiling and said with frightened eyes, "Is there something on me Len?"

She began to pat her pleated skirt and knee high socks, brushing off what she thought to be an insect on her somewhere.

Len watched her frantically look herself over searching for this imaginary insect, and quite frankly he couldn't help but laugh.

He had forgotten how childish Rin was, how carefree, how beautiful….

It was a laugh Rin hadn't heard since they were little so she immediately stopped her search and stated in a quiet voice, "I wish I heard you laugh more like that Len."

Her eyes looked full of tenderness, and she smiled almost sadly at him. Her arched brows made her look like she was about to cry.

Len turned away from her and said, "I only laugh if I really want to, not just because everyone else does it all the time and I'm supposed to follow their actions to fit in."

She continued to look at Len affectionately, hoping to break past the wall he had built around him, but he didn't return her gaze and instead asked rather apathetically, "Common. Let's go before we miss the train again."

He then turned his back towards her and walked out of the school yard.

Rin strolled silently behind him, observing her older twin brother. She watched the broadness of his shoulders shift lightly as he moved, the nape of his neck that was so much longer and thicker now than her own, his short golden ponytail, which appeared to be growing, and his arms that were once identical to hers were now lengthy and covered in a lean muscle.

She stopped walking and just stared at his figure getting farther and farther away.-The figure that was unable to notice that the light sound of footsteps behind him had disappeared.

Why did we become so different? When did you start to look so much like a man Len? I still look like I did two years ago, but you're changing faster than I am. Will I be left behind in this aspect as well?, Rin wondered solemnly.

It was only when Len got to the train station and was about to swipe his card when he became aware that Rin wasn't trailing behind him like she usually did.

Immediate panic and fear flooded his veins as adrenaline kicked in. His breathing became unsteady and his hands started to tremble. He felt like someone had knocked the wind right out of his lungs when he realized something bad might've happened to her (even though she was right behind him a while ago.)

Shit! Shit! SHIT! I should've known something was wrong! She was looking at me like she was going to cry, like something wasn't right! FUCKING SHIT!, Len thought crossly at himself biting his lower lip enough to make it bleed.

Where could she have gone?!

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*bangin': When a female is really attractive.

*chicks: A slang term for girl.

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