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Cyber space dream


Crisp sound of chime echoes throughout the Cyber Space library, Oracle.

The library host, Oracle looked up from his deep piles of ' paper work ' with happy expression on his face, stood up and smiles to his Guardian, Oratorio, who is typing away furiously. " Lets take a break, I'll go and make some tea." said Oracle before he went into the kitchen and starts preparing for the afternoon tea.

" What the... " Mumbled Oratorio with confusing. Split second later the room lit up with neon green light and bits of polygons appears and pieces together like a puzzle. A girl with lovely long neon green hair and green eyes stood in front of Oratorio.

" How are you today Oratorio san." Greeted the neon green hair girl, A-E Emotion Elemental Electro Elektra, or in short, Emotion, with a deep bow.

" Ah my dear lady, of course I'm good, seeing you here will make my day even more…" Oratorio smiles and turn into " a lady's men" and went up to Emotion, ready to take her arm and suddenly piles of book appear from no where and fall onto Oratorio's head.

" What are you trying to do with Emotion san ?!\ __ / " Growled Oracle as he walks out of the kitchen with a plate of cookie and pot of tea in his hand. " I was just trying to be a gentleman….." Oratorio curses and rubbing his head as he struggles out from tons of book that nearly buried him alive. Oracle ignores him and turns to Emotion and changes into a smiley face. " Ah Emotion san, you are just in time to join us for afternoon tea. Please sit down and help yourself to the sweets."

" Well thank you Oracle san. " Emotion returns with a smile on her face and sat down on the couch in the middle of the room and sat down. " Ano…. Oracle san.. The reason I came today is because I brought something that you might want to see and choose for yourself. " Said emotion and she opens her hand and a catalogue appears in the middle of the air. She passes it to Oracle as he put the tea and cookie down on the coffee table and sat beside her. " What's that??" Asks Oratorio stood behind the couch and peep between their shoulders. " … A ring catalogue?? Oracle, what do you need a ring for? For someone who is naïve as you.." Before Oratorio could finish his sentence, Oracle glared at him as if giving him a warning. Oratorio gulp back down the rest of the sentence afraid that the " book attack " will fall upon him (literally..) again.

" Mah…. I think its time to tell you Oratorio san." Emotion smiles and took hold of Oracle's hand. Next sentence came out from her mouth gave the most shocking news that Oratorio ever heard since he started 'working' as the guardian of Oracle.

" Oracle san and I are getting marry."

To be continued……….

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Author's note: It's a strange habit of mine... always writing fanfics during pre-exam study periods. Guess its just a way of trying to get out of study @_@ oh well. Sorry for the OOCness and complete nonsense in this story (since its 1 in the morning and I'm just doing this out of boredom. And just finish watching Soccer world cup highlights. Very tired.). Also Thanks for those people who R&R my last two sucky TS stories ^^'' really appreciated.