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"I can't believe they're actually doing this to me." Jack complained, standing on a stand while a dark skinned woman took the measurements for his leg. His attention wasn't on her though. It was on the Welshman sitting on a stool against the far wall, his attention down at the PDA in his hands. "Ianto! Are you listening to me?"

The man's head lifted and Jack saw amused blue eyes looking back at him. His mind blanked for a moment when a smirk pulled at those pouty lips. Damn, the man was gorgeous. "Of course I am sir. You've been complaining about the same thing for about an hour now." Ianto said, dropping his attention back down to the device in his hands.

Jack pouted but grinned when the woman working on him giggled. "Find something funny sweetheart?" he asked, his own amusement slipping into his voice.

Lisa Hallet glanced up at him before dropping her gaze. "No sir." She said, a small smile on her face as she finished measuring the length of his leg. She wrote down the measurement on her little clipboard before stepping back. "All done."

"Great!" Jack exclaimed, jumping off the small stand he was on. "Come on Ianto. Let's get out of here." He started towards the door, more than ready to leave, knowing that his assistant will be following him.

Sure enough, when he paused by the door, the Welshman was already holding up his thick blue-grey great coat. He slipped it on and stood still as slim fingers smoothed the collar down flat. He smiled lightly, pleased by the hint of a smile that he got in return.

Their eyes met for a moment and Jack had the strongest urge to just lean over and kiss him. He knew it would be completely inappropriate though, so he held himself back as he turned towards the door. He headed out into the crisp Cardiff air and started towards the car, comforted by the fact that Ianto was right behind him, like always.

They were meeting with a new employee today and as much as he didn't really want too, Jack knew he couldn't be late again. His manager would tear him a new one if he was.

-TW - TW-

She couldn't believe it. She, Gwen Cooper, was getting the change to become the personal assistant to the handsome and amazing singer/actor Jack Harkness! It was like a dream come true!

She had been fantasizing about this for what felt like forever. From the moment she saw Jack during his big debut on a stage in London, she knew that they were absolutely meant to be together. Now that they were finally going to meet, she was certain that he was immediately going to feel the same. After all, every man she met wanted her, she knew that for a fact. But unfortunately for them, she had her eyes on one man. He was going to be hers, even if it was the last thing she did.

Right now she was riding in one of those fancy cars that the celebrities use all the time. She leaned back in the very comfortable seat, letting her mind drift back to when she received the wonderful news. Just thinking about it made a ball of nervous excitement flutter in her stomach.

She had entered a contest of some sorts. She couldn't remember all the exact details, just what the winner would receive. Suzie Costello had put an ad in the paper saying that she was looking for an assistant to help herself and occasionally Jack out when needed. Gwen, of course, jumped on the chance. What better way to get to the man of her dreams than to be available to him 24 / 7?

Twenty of the countless other applicants reached the final stage, which was to have a face to face interview with Suzie herself. Gwen had dressed to impress and showed up with her A-game. She was determined to get this position, so she was going to make this woman know that she was the best for the job… Even if it did mean lying a little. After the interview, she was sent home with the promise that she'll be called once they had come to decision.

When the call finally came, Gwen was stunned for a moment(even though thinking back on it now, she knew she shouldn't have been) before she became absolutely ecstatic. She thanked the person on the phone over and over again, playing the part of an extremely thankful woman (part of which she wasn't playing), tying desperately to express her gratitude. When she finally settled down enough, the voice on the other end told her a car will be by to pick her up for dinner.

That led her to where she was now. This very posh car was driving to the studio where Jack and Suzie were. She was going to meet up with them before going out to a nice dinner. After, they were going to work out her new living arrangements. After all, she had to be close by in case she was needed.

She let her thoughts drift to her already well thought out plans to Jack to fall in love with her. She was pretty confident that she wouldn't have to try too hard and there was no doubt in her mind that she would succeed. But it never did hurt to go over the details again, would it? After all, it would be just terrible if she missed a step because she wasn't paying attention.

She was so wrapped up in her thoughts that she almost didn't notice the car stopping. She blinked once as the door opened and nerves twisted in her stomach. She took a deep breath to calm the twisting in her stomach before stepping out.

This was it!

-TW – TW-

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