It was about a year after the chickens had escaped from Tweedy's Farm, and everything was going pretty great. On one side of the island, Fowler was teaching some of the chicks about aviation, Babs was still knitting, but now Bunty was learning how to knit also, Nick and Fetcher were still selling junk, but now it was a lot easier to pay them. Mac was mostly taking care of her 3 chicks, but whenever she wasn't, she taught the other chicks Algebra and stuff like that. Most of the other chickens were just minding their own business, enjoying their freedom.

"Hey Babs, have you see Ginger? No one has seen her or Mr. Rhodes anywhere all morning!"

Babs held her knitting up to Bunty, which roughly showed Ginger and Rocky running towards the sunrise.

"They left at sunrise! They tried to sneak out but I saw them!"

Agnes walked up to the two and nodded.

"They tried to run past my hut, but Rocky was so busy trying to get her to kiss him, he was slowing them down!"

Bunty rolled her eyes.

"I'm guessing that they went to that cave that they won't let anyone else near…"

Babs dropped her knitting and waved her needle in the air.

"I've seen it! It's got pretty flowers in it and this huge pile of hay! And there's a camera in there! They take pictures of themselves a lot!"

Bunty and Agnes stared at her.

"Does Ginger even know?" Agnes asked.

"Nope! If she did, she would probably never talk to me again! It was awfully girly and romantic…but don't tell anyone I told you!"

Bunty laughed.

"Of course we won't tell anyone! But at least we have something to bribe her with if she gets too big for her britches!"

"Rocky! Come out, come out wherever you are!"

Ever since sunrise, Rocky and Ginger had been playing hide and go seek. It had started out with them sneaking off to their cave for some time to talk, but ended up with them cuddling, which turned into a tickle fight, which then turned into tag, which turned into hide and go seek. Ginger was now looking for Rocky, who was hiding high up in a tree.

"Heh heh she'll never find me here…"

"Found you!"

Rocky looked down and saw Ginger looking up at him with her green eyes. He pouted slightly and climbed down.

"No fair! You heard me!"

Ginger smirked and crossed her arms.

"I wouldn't have heard you if you weren't talking…"

Rocky smiled and smoothed down his 'hair'.

"So…what do you want to do now?"

Ginger shrugged and looked around, then gasped slightly as Rocky snaked his arms around her waist from behind.

"We could just go cuddle some more…"

Ginger giggled as he breathed heavily near her face, then she frowned.

"The others will be up soon…we should probably head back…Besides, I promised Mac I would watch her chicks for her."

Rocky groaned, irritated, and held her closer.

"But I don't want to… I wanna stay here Angelface…with you… This is one of the few times I get you all to myself…"

Ginger blushed at the nickname and gave him a look.

"Come on Rocky, you know we can't stay here all day. I would love to stay here with you but I'm the leader and I have to be there…just in case."

Rocky let her go and pouted.


Ginger's look softened and she kissed his cheek.

"We can come back later. Ok? You big baby…"

Rocky laughed.

"Alright… I bet I can beat you there!"

"You're on!"

"Catch me if you can, Babydoll!"

Ginger's cheeks glowed red.

"Rocky! Stop calling me that!"

"Hey Bunty! I think I see Ginger!"

Babs waved at Rocky and Ginger as they ran down the hill towards her. Suddenly, Ginger tripped and she tumbled down, dragging Rocky with her. Babs gasped and ran towards the hill with Agnes and Mac close behind her.


They watched all the couple stopped rolling at the end, stared at each other and laughed. Babs, Agnes, and Mac laughed with them.

"We thought you two were hurt!"

Rocky smiled and handed Ginger her hat.

"Nope… we're fine. Just a few scrapes."

Bunty walked over and crossed her arms. Fowler stood next to her.

"Where have you been? You two are in for a stern reprimand!"

Ginger stared at Fowler.

"We've been nowhere."

Rocky chuckled softly.

"Calm down Pops…we're back now! Cool off before you have a heart attack!"

Fowler mumbled something and turned sharply, then he marched away.

Rocky gave the other girls a look that meant "you can leave now". Bunty rolled her eyes and walked off, as Agnes followed. Babs blinked, then realized what she was supposed to do. She took off after the other two, knitting the whole way.

"Are you ok?"

Rocky looked at Ginger, who looked a bit shaken up.

"Huh? Oh yeah. I'm fine. Come on, let's go get that scrape on your forehead cleaned up."

Rocky touched his forehead and instantly pulled his hand away.


Ginger laughed and grabbed his hand, then pulled him towards their hut, not noticing that a dark figure was watching them from the shadows.

"Enjoy it while you can Rocky…I WILL get my Ginger back…you'll see.."

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