What If?

Tatum Riley pulled several beers out of the fridge, loading up her arms with the bottles, she didn't notice the door swing shut quietly, she did however hear the rakes and gas can fall over behind her, making her jump and spin around, pressing her back to the fridge defensively. Seeing the cat run out through the cat-flap, she sighed, calming down, she kicked the refrigerator door shut before walking towards the house door, shifting the bottles so she could hold them with one arm, she twisted the knob futilely, swearing when it wouldn't open, her head snapped to look out at the garage when the lights went out.

Pushing down her uneasiness, she started banging on the door roughly in an attempt to be heard over the party, "Hey, shitheads! Hello?!" She called out, getting no response, she swore again, muttering under her breath, she looked around for a way to get out, her eyes fell on the garage door, pressing the button to open it and put the light back on, she walked over, pausing when it stopped mid-way, she bent to duck under it only for it to close again. Confused, she turned around to see someone in a Ghostface costume standing on the steps, staring at her.

Furrowing her eyebrows, Tatum stared back at him cautiously, "Is that you, Randy?" She asked, watching as he slowly shook his head, she got a sense of foreboding deep in her stomach, pushing it aside, she scoffed, rolling her eyes, "Cute. What movie's this from? I spit on your garage?" She mocked, walking towards the costume clad figure, her uneasiness rising as she did, "Lose the outfit. If Sidney sees it, she'll flip." She told him, hoping the thought of Sidney being upset with him would cause Randy to take off the mask and end the prank… if it was even Randy. Pushing the unsettling thought away, Tatum tried to get to the door only for him to block her, shaking his head; that wasn't like Randy at all, he wouldn't have been able to go this long without lecturing her about horror movie rules and not acting like a cliché dumb blonde; tensing at the thought of this person not being Randy, she decided to keep playing along, "Oh, you want to play psycho killer?" He nodded, "Can I be the helpless victim?" Again he nodded, staring down at her, down at her, he had the height advantage and the weight advantage but she had leverage and beer bottles and maybe she could grab one of the rakes?

"Okay, let's see. No, please don't kill me, Mr. Ghostface, I want to be in the sequel." She said mockingly, trying to go by him to get to the door only to have him block her again, she tried to side-step him but he moved with her, once again blocking her, she pushed against his chest, definitely male, there was no indication of breasts, "Cut, Casper, that's a wrap." He grabbed her arm harshly, making her drop the beers on the ground and start struggling, and pulled out a knife, slicing her forearm before letting her go. Clutching her bleeding arm, she stumbled backward, falling into a lawn-chair. Tatum shot back onto her feet, adrenaline pumping through her veins, and ran over to the refrigerator, flinging open the freezer door so it would hit him in the face, sending him to the ground. She quickly ran over to the door, bloody hand to slippery to twist the doorknob so she went to press the button to open the car entrance but her attacker had picked himself up and was running at her, knife coated in her blood raised.

Running back down the stairs, she picked up an unbroken beer bottle and hurled it at his stomach before grabbing a big shard of the broken glass and throwing it at his masked face. When she went to pick up another one, he charged at her, causing her to duck and he tripped over her, flipping onto his back and hitting the wooden stairs with a breathless grunt. Standing up, Tatum went to kick her attacker in the face but he shot out a hand and grabbed her ankle, flipping her onto her back, her head slamming into the concrete floor as she hit the ground. He straddled her, wrapping a hand around her neck as he raised the hand holding the knife up in the air, bringing it down, he stabbed her in the chest before plunging the knife into her stomach. Standing up, he grabbed her by her bloody honey-blonde hair and dragged the unconscious girl behind the refrigerator, dumping her there so on the off chance anybody came into the garage they wouldn't find her. Panting, the costume clad person slinked out of the garage, wincing and sore, leaving Tatum behind to bleed out.

Sidney looked around for familiar honey-blonde hair, not spotting any, she walked over to the stairs, "Tatum, come on!" She called up, getting only a reply from a girl who was definitely not Tatum, she walked over to the door, "Do you know where she is?" Sidney asked Stu, hoping that her best friend's boyfriend would know where his girlfriend was but he just shrugged, shaking his head. As she stood near Stu at the door, someone suddenly popped up, shouting loudly, causing both of them to jump before they saw it was Billy. Placing his hands against the doorway, Billy turned his head towards Stu, raising his eyebrows, he gave his friend a significant look that caused the light haired teen to look confused.

"I was hoping I could talk to Sid alone." Billy said, giving his girlfriend pleading puppy dog eyes as his friend tried to figure out what that look had meant.

"I'll tell you what, why don't you guys go up to my parents room? You know, you guys can talk and… whatever." Stu offered with a goofy smile, clapping his hands together as he glanced between the two, hoping they would go upstairs so he could go look for his girlfriend who he was suddenly very worried about after that look from Billy. He wouldn't go back on their deal, right? Because if he did, there would be hell to pay. Letting out a grunt when Billy elbowed him, he laughed, watching as him and Sid made their way up the stairs.

"What's Leatherface doing here?" Randy asked, walking over and standing next to Stu as he also watched the girl he loved make her way up the stairs with her boyfriend who he was 99.9% sure was a freaking psycho killer.

"He came to make up." Stu said in a sing-song voice, grinning at the dejected nerd in an attempt to cover up his concern as he looked around his house, hoping to see a glimpse of his girlfriend's honey-blonde hair.

"There goes my chance with Sid. Damn it." The horror movie buff muttered, still staring after his unrequited love longingly, he turned to glare at his chuckling friend.

"As if. That's all I'm saying, as if." The light haired teen scoffed, closing the front door as he chuckled at his nerdy friends glare, "Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a girlfriend to find." Stu backed away from Randy, turning around; he walked into his living room and headed to the occupied couch, bending over, he leaned against the back of it, smiling charmingly at the two girls sitting on his sofa, "Would either of you happen to know where my lovely girlfriend is?"

"Um, I think I saw her going into the garage about fifteen minutes ago." A gorgeous blonde told him, nodding, he thanked her, bowing goofily, making the girls giggle, before walking into his kitchen. Opening the garage door, he frowned in confusion when he saw that the lights were out, if Tatum was in here, why were the lights off? Turning the lights on, Stu looked around the garage for his girlfriend, not seeing anything; he shrugged and turned to walk out when something caught his eye, causing him to pause. Walking over to the refrigerator, he bent down, scrutinizing the dark red puddle, he recognized the liquid as blood. Standing up, he went around the fridge, looking behind it, his eyes widened when he saw his unconscious girlfriend bleeding out on the floor. Falling onto his knees next to her, he placed two fingers on her neck, searching for a pulse, finding a weak one; he swept the barely alive girl into his arms, running out of the garage and into the formerly crowded living room that now only held a nodding off Randy. Lazily glancing over when Stu rushed into the room, Randy shot up from the couch when he saw the bloody Tatum, moving out of the way so Stu could lay her down on the sofa carefully, he grabbed the house phone, quickly dialing 911 as the other teenage boy started applying pressure to his girlfriend's wounds. Looking over the injuries, Stu recognized the knife work; the wounds were in almost identical places as Casey's before she was gutted which meant… Billy. Clenching his jaw in anger, Stu beckoned Randy over, placing his hands over Tatum's stab wounds before standing up.

"Stay with her, I'm going to go check upstairs." Stu told him in a faux calm tone before bending over, kissing Tatum on the forehead, "When did the police say they'll be here?"

"In about ten minutes." Randy answered, slightly unnerved by the psychotic glint in the taller teens eyes, "Do you think Billy did this?" Randy had always loved horror movies so when the murders started he had treated it like it was just another movie, like it wasn't real because it had never occurred to him that it was in fact real, that these were real people who meant something to other people, that these people were once someone's kid, someone's sibling, someone's friend. And it had never occurred to him that this was real, that these people would be missed, until he had seen Tatum, his friend, his very real friend, lying on that couch, pale as death, bleeding out from stab wounds, from very real stab wounds. But now he knew, this was not a joke or a movie, this was real. And the idea that someone he knew could be capable of this, could be capable of stabbing someone, a friend, and leaving them to die… it scared him a little.

Stu pulled the Ghostface costume out of the closet, examining it, he noticed the damp blood on it, Tatum's blood, it made his blood boil. They had had a deal, damn it! A fucking deal! He would leave Sidney for Billy to kill and Billy would leave Tatum the hell alone! That was the deal! Tatum had nothing to do with this; there was absolutely no reason to drag her into it! But Billy had, he had dragged her right into this, so now the deal was off and there would be hell to pay. Pulling on the costume, he meticulously started planning how exactly he was going to do this; he had ten minutes to finish this before the police showed up and it had to be done perfectly so that none of it could be linked back to him. Everybody always thought he was this goofy stupid guy that never paid attention to anything and that was just fine with him, actually he loved it, he loved everybody underestimating him, it gave him the best cover ever. I mean, who would suspect that he was capable of pulling off a murder massacre? Nobody, that's who. Well, there was one person who knew how smart he actually was but she was currently bleeding out on the couch.

Placing the mask on, Stu picked up the knife, the real knife not the fake one Billy was expecting, and walked over to the bedroom Billy and Sidney were using, or done using by the sounds of it, twisting the doorknob, he silently opened the door, stepping into the room to see Billy and Sidney standing close together. Creeping up behind the dark haired girl, he watched as Billy glanced up at him, not fearing for a second that he would turn on him, and he almost cackled at how gullible the stupid dumbass was. Standing behind Sidney, he quickly snuck his hand around her, stabbing her in the stomach, making her gasp in pain, looking at Billy with betrayal in her eyes as he stared at Stu in shock. Throwing her to the side roughly so that she would hit her head on the nightstand and be knocked out, Stu stabbed Billy in the stomach before the other boy could move, pulling a gun out of the costume, he shot the shorter teen in the head, his body dropping to the ground.

Pulling off the mask and stripping the costume off, Stu bunched it up, throwing it in the closet before he knelt down next to Billy's body, grabbing his limp hand, he placed the knife in it, manually closing his fingers around the handle, he stabbed himself beneath his chest, wincing when he pulled the blade out of himself, he let Billy's hand fall back down limply. Standing up, he stumbled over to Sidney, falling onto his knees next to her, he shook her shoulder until she stirred, blinking groggily as she glanced up at him, one hand going up to cup her sore head and the other hand going down to apply pressure on her bleeding stomach. She suddenly jolted up, looking around wildly, she stared at the dead body of her boyfriend who had stabbed her… or who she thought had stabbed her. Hearing the police downstairs, he started thinking over his statement as he helped Sidney up, walking out of the room, he glanced back at Billy's body, feeling satisfaction at a job well done, he smirked, cracking his jaw before heading out of the room.

Stu sat getting stitched up by an EMT, Sidney and her father also getting stitched and patched up next to him. Looking over at his house as the EMT placed a bandage over his stab wound, he saw Tatum being wheeled out on a gurney, standing up, he ran over as they loaded her into the ambulance, climbing in after the EMT's, he took her hand in his, sitting down next to her. Thanks to Dewey giving them a police escort, they made it to the hospital in a record time where Tatum was quickly rushed into surgery. After waiting in agony for an hour and a half, they were told that she would be fine although it would take a couple of months of physical therapy to heal completely.

The Woodsboro murder massacre was finally over but as a crazy man once said…

"These days there's got to be a sequel!"

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Okay, so I know Stu is usually really goofy and silly but I wanted to make him an actual killer and not just the stupid sidekick of the killer but don't worry next chapter he will be back to his usual goofy self, promise. Now in this story, Stu and Tatum are going to be the leads with Randy and Sidney as supporting characters, Sidney more than Randy. All the future killers are completely different from the movies so good luck figuring it out. For people who read this story before, you've probably noticed that I've revamped this story and completely changed the storyline, I hope no one minds. If there's anything or anybody you want to see in future chapters, review or PM me.

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