Until Then, I Promise…

I watch you lying awake at night,

in your bed with your eyes shut tight…

And I wonder what you're thinking about.


If I could fix this cursèd mess,

taste the sweetness of success,

I wouldn't be troubled day in, day out.


"Go to sleep," I want to say.

I know we'll always find a way.

But wait for tomorrow, when it's daylight.


I hate our dad, I miss our mother,

and I miss your smile, little brother.

I swear I'll someday make everything right.


I'll do my best to reach our goal:

complete this quest, pay the toll.


What will I give? What will it cost?

Will both of us live? Or might one be lost?


You're stronger than I could ever be,

in mind and maybe emotionally.

But I can still kick your butt when we spar.


I was wrong, the fault is mine,

and yet you forgive me; say it's fine.

I wish you could see the blessing you are.


So please don't let it get you down.

There's good reason for your renown.

And I'll trust you to know what we should do.


I'm being watched, my movements tracked.

I think you know my slumber's an act.

So I'll sleep now; I never could fool you.


I'll work and fight 'til we reach our goal:

unite my body with my soul.


How much will we give? How much will it cost?

The answer allusive, my fingers are crossed.


Until then...

I promise...


I'm looking forward to the day…

Just be patient, I'll make sure…


…we get our bodies back.


A/N: Criminal author sneaking back, having gone AWOL. Reason? Combo of end-of-school stress, bad organization skills, and a little thing called Writer's Block. I hope this poem thingy will help clear it up. But I haven't abandoned TSTC, I swear. I've just been too busy/feeling guilty to get on recently.

Otherwise...review? ¿Por favor? ^^"

Eᴅɪᴛ 5/11/12: Thank you, Immortal Fallen Radiance, for the advice.

Nᴏᴛᴇ: "Cursèd" is cursed with two syllables. But the stress isn't on the second syllable, that'd be curséd. The same thing works forblessed and blessèd