That One Shot

I sat on the edge of the wall, reflecting the past few days. The weather mimicked my mood, as the rain poured down on all of us. I observed the area in front of me and the people in it. Fat Sam and Dandy Dan quietly talked to each other, often glancing in my direction. There was no doubt about why. To me it was plainly obvious that they found it awkward to be civil to one another but under the circumstances, and for my sake, they appeared to believe it was for the best. Dandy Dan's wife hovered around her husband waiting for the opportunity to be able to cling onto his arm and get him to leave. I knew she felt some pity towards me, but I didn't care for her feelings.

Tallulah, dressed all in black for once instead of one of her vibrant show dresses, seemed to have decided that her sarcastic comments were not needed today and tried to comfort me by smiling sympathetically from a distance. I however also did not care for her sympathy. Fizzy, having been let off a day of work, was here but at a time like this I found even he annoyed me. He gently patted me on the back telling me how much of a loss it was and how much empathy he had for me. It was a complete understatement to call what had happened a "loss". For me anyway.

I could still remember last time this happened. Well, last time my heart was broken. It was two years ago and I found myself alone and kinda depressed. It was then that I found Fat Sam's Grand Slam, and met Tallulah. She managed to comfort me in the way that she knew best. However I couldn't be comforted like that this time. I'd managed to get back on my feet quite quickly last time but it was different now. Very different. Tallulah called me the 'lone ranger' back then. I guess that's what I am again now.

A single tear rolled down my cheek. I wiped it away as I noticed Fat Sam walking over to me with Dandy Dan trailing behind. They both pretended not to notice, and awkwardly stood by me waiting for the other to say something. Sam spoke first.
"I'm sorry Bugsy. I'm so sorry."

I didn't respond but stared blankly at the two. Dandy Dan stepped forward and cleared his throat uncomfortably.
"I'm also sorry for your loss Bugsy. I wouldn't have... If I'd have known Bronx and Shoulders had tampered with my gun then..." He paused, contemplating the best words to use. I couldn't care less at what words he used. I wasn't like saying them could do any more damage.
"I've still got the rest of my gang trying to track them down... but they've just disappeared..." He glanced at Sam nervously before returning his attention to me.
"If the gang find them then I'll let you know so you can... So you can-"

I interrupted him, tired and frustrated with their frankly useless attempts at lifting my spirits.
"I don't care what you do with them Dan. The damage has already been done. Nothing we do is going to reverse it."

Dandy Dan took a sharp breath in, exhaled slowly, and then nodded.
"Whatever you wish Bugsy."

I smiled cynically at them. They both tried their best to smile back but hung their heads in shame. I gently pushed past them and strolled slowly to the stone that crushed my heart as heavily as the soil that held it up. I knelt down and solemnly stroked the petals of the flowers that had been left on the bed of earth. More tears tumbled down my cheeks as I read the inscription once again.

'Here rests Blousey Brown,

a special friend to the members of the Speakeasy,

and especially Bugsy Malone.

Tragically taken

by an accidental shot.

Rest in Peace'

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