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A New Beginning

Chapter 1: The Normal Life

It's been almost a month since the four mermaids were summoned to the mermaid world, and granted the right to keep their tails, and only their boyfriends know about it. They have been going about their business as usual.

Rikki took over as partner and manager of the café, and Emma and Ash both started working there again. Bella and Emma found a cute little apartment with three bedrooms, a small kitchen, and a decent sized living room. The two had decided that their babies could share a room since they wouldn't be living together forever, probably just until the end of their college years. Cleo and Lewis had found a small little cottage right by the beach, it has four bedrooms, a medium sized kitchen, and a comfortable living room. Ash had gotten the apartment right above Bella and Emma's only smaller. Will, of course, still had his boat shack. Rikki and Zane had gotten a three flat. The upstairs had four bedrooms: the master with a jucuzi sized bath, the bottom floor had a large kitchen, living room, and an office with a side room that had all sorts of games, and in their basement, which had no windows, contained an inground pool, that is 10 feet deep, 10 feet wide, and 20 feet long.

Rikki was in shock when they first went through it; Harrison and Terry, but mostly Harrison, had donated money towards the house that overlooked the ocean because they wanted the best for their grandchild. The house was located just 10 minutes down the road from Cleo and Lewis's home, and Emma and Bella's apartment was in the middle, and a little in land.

Rikki's POV

All of us are starting college tomorrow, and each of us girls have our doctor's appointments today. I already had my appointment, I found out that I am about two and a half months pregnant. Zane and I have just finished moving into our new place. Now that the moon pool is active again, I told the girls that we can do full moons in our basement.

I am meeting the girls at the café soon, so I should get going. I was on my way to the café, I see Charlotte. I know she's not a threat anymore, but I can't help, but wonder what could have been different. What if she was our friend instead of our enemy or if she never went after Lewis or even if she never got suspicious of us? Would it have worked out? Like could five mermaids work if we were all friends first?

I kind of feel bad for her, she lost her tail twice now, and tough she doesn't remember I can't help, but wonder how that would feel?

Thinking about how different things are now is strange. Like even with Denmen floating around, we have no worries. I'm so glad that Miriam, and Sophie don't know about us being mermaids. I can't believe they are so jealous they would lock us up. Well, here I am. There's Emma and Bella, I wonder Cleo is.

"Hey, girls, where's Cleo?" I say.

"What? You're not happy with just us?" Bella say laughing.

"Oh, you know I love you guys, I just wanted to know where Cleo was," I say. I then take a seat next to Bella, just as Cleo walks in.

"Hey girls," Cleo says as she sits next to Emma.

"Hey, so how was the doctors?" Emma asks.

"Well, I am about 6 weeks pregnant," Cleo says.

"I am only one week more pregnant then you, Cleo, about 7 weeks," Bella says.

"I am 10 weeks along, or 2 and half months," I say.

"I am only just above you in the time line, only closer to 3 months, which is almost the end of the first trimester," Emma says.

"Wow, seems like you guys were in sync with each other, and started it all," Cleo says.

"I guess , at least there will be about a month before there will be two babies in our apartment," Emma says.

"That's good, so college starts tomorrow, what are you guys studying?" I ask.

"Marine biology is an obvious one for me, but I'm also going to do dolphin training. Lewis is going to be a scientist, but I think we all knew that. What about you, Rikki?" Cleo asks.

"Well, naturally business studies for both me and Zane, but I also want to do some writing, maybe even true crime," I say.

"You want to be a writer?" Emma asks.

"Well, yah, I like writing and after those criminals kept me locked upon my birthday, I feel like their stories need to be read," I say.

"Wow, that's cool," Bella says.

"So, what do you want to be , Bella," Emma asks.

"Obviously, I want to sing, but I'm thinking that maybe I should teach music to the young kids, I'm not sure yet. Will, however, doesn't have a clue on what he wants to do," Bella says.

"Well, he can take the basics until he finds his destination. What about you, Emma?" I ask.

"I'm not sure. I like business, which is Ash's study, but I would love to educate young minds. I just do know in what?" Emma says.

"What about English/ writing, and is Ash going to have his own stable or what?" I ask.

"I don't know, I'm thinking we can have an gallery with all sorts or art, and then he could have his stable too. Like I'll own an art studio, and he'll own a stable," Emma says.

"So, like business studies, and English maybe?" Cleo asks.

"Maybe, so anyways," Emma says.

"Everything is so weird now, like with knowing what Charlotteand them really wanted to do to us," I say.

"I know it makes you wonder," Bella says.

"Oh, speaking of, Lewis has all of Denmen's research, and he's planning on getting Max's research again to compare the two. Do you guys want to learn more about us?" Cleo asks.

"Yes, I'd love to learn more," I say.

"First though I have to go to work, so meet at Mako at 6?" Cleo asks.

We all agreed, and then Emma and I went to work, while Cleo left for the marine park. I wonder what we will learn from all that research.