Chapter 17: Naming and Time Flying

Thursday May 5th, 2011

At the doctor's office

Rikki's POV

Zane was supposed to come with me to find out the genders of the babies, but he got stuck at school, so I wait on my own wondering what they are.

"Rikki Chadwick."

I smile and get up. I follow the nurse to the room where she checks all the basic things like weight and temperature. Then she tells me to lie down, and wait for the doctor. It takes a few minutes before the doctor comes in.

She warns me that she's about to put the gel on my stomach before she does it. I work on my concentration, when she tells me, "Okay, I can see what they are now. You see how this one has something the other one doesn't? That means that that one is a boy and this one is a girl."

"That's great," I say letting go of my concentration resulting in my tail and the tails of my twins.

"So, you are all set to go, and congratulations."

I dry myself off, and start to head home. A boy and a girl. What am I going to name them? I wonder what Emma's going to name her twins. She should be at the café, I'll go there.

At the café

Emma's POV

I came here after class because Ash is working, and I'm supposed to give him some names to choose from. Also, Bella wanted me to hear some songs that she's been working on for Cleo's wedding.

I don't think that she really wants me to listen to her songs as much as keeping an eye on me. Even after Melanie explained her story, Bella was wary. She told me that anyone with an imagination could have come with that story. That maybe she's told the lie so much, she actually believes it.

That resulted in a screaming match that did neither of us any good. She finally relented, and just said that she worries about me and that this girl is just strange. I'm not sure what she means, but I just wish they'd get along.

As for Nate, I haven't looked at him the same way again. Kind of like I looked at Ash when he told me he wasn't going to be a father. Maybe that's why I relate so well to Melanie so well.

Rikki just walked in, looking thoughtful, I didn't she was supposed to work today. She's looking around, and before she finds whatever she's looking for, Ash walks up to her. Sense the band is taking a break, I can hear every word.

"Is everything alright? I didn't think you were supposed to come in today," Ash says.

"Yah, everything is fine. I just knew Emma would be here, and I wanted to talk to her about maybe names."

"Oh good, she's right over there," he says pointing in my direction.

Rikki thanks him, and walks over to me.

"Hey Emma," she says.

"What's up, Rikki," I ask.

"Not much, I just found out that I'm having a girl and a boy. And I was wondering if you could give me ideas on names," Rikki says.

"Shouldn't you talk to Zane about that?"

"Well yah, but I wanted to get some ideas," Rikki says.

"Uh well, I'm not having any boys so I only have a list of girl names."

"That's alright."

"Okay well, I was going to name one of them Lily because it's a pretty name," I say thinking that Ash could always name the other one if he doesn't live the name Lily.

"That's a pretty name. I thought about naming them after somebody, but I honestly don't know," she replies.

"Well, Ash's new girlfriend named her son after his father, even though his father abandoned them because she's a mermaid like us," I say.

"Ash has a new girlfriend? And you're okay with that?"

"Oh yah, I forgot I haven't told you. Yes, I've talked to her and Ash, and I'm okay. Some things are just meant to happen," I say although sometimes I'm not exactly okay with it.

"Wow, that's very mature of you. So, she has a son? Who's the father? Do we know him? How long have you known?"

"Uh, I found out a few days ago, yes, his name is Nathan, and Nate is his father."

"Guess it's a good thing Nate never found out about us then, otherwise who knows what would happen," she says.

"Yup, anyways, I'm not sure you want to name your son Zane. Or your daughter Rikki," I say.

"Well, I was thinking more of naming them after one of you, but I wouldn't want there to be confusion in any way or for any of you to feel weird or unhappy about is," she says.

"Hmmm….I see what you mean. I never even considered naming them after someone," I say truthfully.

"So, you said Lily for sure, what about Rose? Like having both be a type of flower," Rikki says.

"Huh, like a theme? Wait, I thought you wanted me to help you?"

"I do, but it helps to pretend to help you. Like if I could think of names for yours, I could think of a name for mine," she says.

"Alright then. Umm….Melody or something else that would fit a mermaid," I say jokingly.

"The names don't have to fit a mermaid," she says.

"I know, I was joking. But seriously, I was supposed to have a list of names for Ash, but I don't, which is totally not like me," I say.

"Then why didn't you?"

"I don't know, I figured that something will just come to me."

"Okay what about Isabelle? Or is that too close to Bella? Or Ashley? Or Jasmine?" She offers.

"Hmmm…..I don't know. I mean Lily and Jasmine? I guess Isabelle might work, but we should ask Bella first," I say.

"Do you really think she'd care?" I ask.

"She might."

"What about Victoria? Hannah? Gianna?" I ask.

"Hmm…those are interesting names. Like I could see myself naming my kids that. What about boy names?"

"I don't need boy names," I say.

"But I do," Rikki says.

"You do?" a voice asks.

We both look up to see Zane.

"Yes, I do need boy names," Rikki answers.

"So, we're having boys," Zane asks looked excited.

"No, we are having one boy and one girl," she says.

"That's fantastic!"

"Wow, you're really excited," I say wishing Ash would be that way.

"Yah, I am. So, what were you girls talking about?" Zane asks.

"Names for our kids," Rikki answers.

"That's cool. Guess you girls are getting excited about it," Zane says.

"Maybe," I say. "Rikki seems more excited than I do."


The rest of the conversation remained on baby names, and eventually Ash and Bella joined us. Before we knew it, it was late into the night, and the baby talk had to stop for now. Maybe as we get closer, we can talk some more about the names.

One week later

Thursday May 12th, 2011

At the soon to be McCartney's house

Cleo's POV

Kelly and Kim are coming over to help me finish all the decorations for my reception. Last week we all went out to celebrate me getting married, but of course we couldn't do anything outrageous. Kelly and I also need to be prepared and talk about tomorrow.

She's 50/50 on whether or not to jump in the moon pool. I've told her some stories about my few years as a mermaid, and she agreed to reconsider. She admits that she loves being a mermaid now that dad still loves her, and Sam and Kim are giving her a chance.

I think that Kim actually being accepting is what will stop her from jumping in. It's only been just over a week, and they've been practically inseperable. You'd almost think that they were the twins. Kim told us that being mermaids is what makes us us, and that giving it away will be like giving away a part of ourselves.

I, on the other hand, know what I'm going to do. Rikki, Bella and Emma are all going to come over to talk about it tonight, but first, the wedding.

As we sit making the decorations, Kim gives Kelly a look, and all of the sudden I find myself soaked to the bone, and glaring at Kelly and Kim. I see that Kelly got up in time to not get wet so I grab my water and throw it on her, and Kim. I know that Kim won't change obviously, but nobody likes being wet.

"Really? This is when you choose to get me back?" I ask.

"Of course, and besides you think this is the only time for you to get it?"

"Well, maybe," I say.

"You're funny, how many times did you send water flying up at me?" Kim asks.

"I don't know," I mumble.

"A lot, so that means I have to get you back a lot," Kim replies.

"Guess I'm in trouble with you," I say.

It's amazing how much closer Kim and I have gotten since she found out.

Maybe Kelly coming into our lives is a good thing. After drying off we get back to work until we've finished. Even though my wedding is in two days, Emma says I'm not as freaked out as she would be.

Suddenly, we've realized how late it's gotten, and Kim has to go home to do homework. Since we still have some time before I'm going to meet with girls, I offer to go for a swim.

Kelly actually smiles at this, and we get up to go. I smile, too. I want her to know that being afraid to love what we are isn't necessary. She admitted to me that she wanted to believe that she hated it. She's told herself that she hates it so much that she actually believes it. She knows that a part of her fights hating it, but she would just think about being abandoned to hate it again.

Over the time since our family found out, I have been telling her about my feelings on being a mermaid. I'm not always happy about it, and I definitely didn't start out happy about it. We've gone swimming and talked about how hard it was to hide, and how it made me feel to lie all the time.

She was so lucky to live with other mermaids even if it was because the family didn't want her. As we swim, bother of us smiling, I realize the truth of my situation. If I gave it up until after the baby comes, and then get it back I'll have to hide it from him or her. Do you I really want to have to worry about that? I don't know.

Kelly and I head for the moon pool, she has gotten used to going there because I usually head there out of habit. We swim in together and see a black tail, and a slightly smaller gold tail.

We stop, wondering who this could possibly be, and whether or not to show ourselves to some unknown mermaids. We head up to the top of the water, thus being able to breathe and see while still hiding. We soon see that it isn't two mermaids, but a mermaid and a merman, although the merman looks like a baby almost.

Kelly gives me a strange look as the mermaid says, "I won't stop you from coming in."

I look to Kelly, nod, and we swim in.

"How did you know?" I ask.

"I could feel your eyes on me," the mermaid says.

"Oh sorry. You just surprised us, that's all," I say.

"That's alright. You're Cleo right?" she asks.

"Yes, how did you know?" I ask.

"I'm friends with Emma, and I'm dating Ash. My name is Melanie, and this is my son, Nathan," Melanie says.

"Hi Nathan," I say kindly.

"I brought him here because I heard that the moon will take our powers away and I wanted to see what he thought about this, and such," Melanie says.

"How old is he?"

"Just over two. I know he doesn't really know what this will mean, but I wanted to make sure he likes this or doesn't like this before I change our lives," Melanie says.

Then Kelly speaks, "That reminds me, I never told anyone else just you. Should I tell the others?"

"Do you think they'll go for it?" I ask.

"Probably not," Kelly says.

"But still, they deserve the choice," I say.

"Okay, I'll go tell them. Nice to meet you. Bye," Kelly says.

Kelly leaves and I finally decide to ask the question I've been waiting to ask.

"Why is your tail black?"

"I was depressed while I was pregnant."

"I'm so sorry, is there any way to change it?" I ask.

"If I got pregnant again, and I was happy it would go to my favorite color," she says.

"Okay, well it was nice meeting you, and I wish you and Nathan luck with your decision," I say before taking my leave and heading home where the girls and I plan to meet.

A half-hour later

Rikki's POV

As I walk or waddle more like to Cleo and Lewis's house, I realize that I never actually told Bella and Cleo that I found out the genders of my twins. Bella had joined me and Emma talking about the names, but I never actually told her, and I haven't spoken to Cleo.

I knock on the door even though she's expecting me and the other girls. I hear Lewis yell that he's coming.

The door swings open to reveal Lewis as he welcomes me in. we walk into the living room, and I see Bella and Emma have arrived and places themselves on opposite sides of the room.

"I'm here," I say.

"Bout time," Emma says.

"Sorry, you know I like to be late," I say.

Emma goes to complain some more when Bella cuts her off, "Does it matter? She's here now."

Emma just looks angry in response.

"Anyways, so I've come up with my decision, do you all have yours?" Cleo asks.

We all say yes before she admits her decision.

"I've thought about this a lot. Lewis and Kelly even weighed in quite a bit, but I eventually came up with the only answer for me. I'm not going to do it," she finishes.

"I never even considered it," Bella says.

"I did, but only for a few minutes, long enough to realize that if I got pregnant again I would still have my baby be a mermaid or merman and then my twins would be left out, and that would just make the twins feel left out this making them want to force it on themselves. So, I won't be doing it either," I say.

"I have also decided not to do it," Emma says.

"Okay, so we all decided not to do it," I say.

"So, what do we do now?" Bella asks.

"Well, we have to make sure that we don't accidentally end up at the moon pool," Emma says.

"Yes, no matter what we can't let anyone drive us to the moon pool to give up our powers," Cleo says.

"Well, we don't have anyone that would want us to lose our powers this time around, do we?" Emma asks.

"I don't think so. I mean Denman and Charlotte are in the slammer, and Sophie doesn't know about us yet. All she knows is that Charlotte knows something that will get rid of all of us especially me and Bella, but she never actually told Sophie what it was. So, she couldn't possibly know how to use this moon against us," I say.

"Although if we really think about it, if something did happen, it would only be for just a month. We could last a month without it, can't we?" Emma asks.

"I'm honestly not even sure that I could. I can't remember a time that I was normal," Bella says.

"Anyways, what should we do to prepare for it?" Cleo asks.

"What if we just hang out at my house? We could stay the night there and get ready for the wedding in the morning," I say.

"Sounds great. Besides it's tradition to have Lewis and I spend the night away from each other the day before our wedding," Cleo says smiling up at Lewis.

"Sounds like the perfect plan," Bella says.

"So we will meet at my place just before the moon rises," I say.

We all agree and leave.

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