Art is eternal…

Or so I thought.

For I lay dying here,

In a lifeless, puppet body.

Will anyone miss me?

No, wait. Will Deidara miss me?

He'd better not blow himself up.

Stupid brat, art is eternal not fleeting.

I hope he will miss me though.

What's this feeling I'm getting?

I feel a pain when I think about Deidara,

I shouldn't be able to feel. I really must be dying.

Do I really like Deidara?

Do I love him?

Oh well. Whatever happened in the past,

It's too late now.

For I am dying.

Good bye world.

Thought no one will miss me.

Good bye Deidara.

-I do not own Sasori, Deidara or Naruto. All rights belong to Masashi Kishimoto-