A/N: Although I hadn't intended to write more Malec, the boys insisted. This is once again for my friend, kimberlycullen10, who has been supplying me with countless pictures of the City of Bones cast and helping to feed my obsession with these two. This story takes place during Magnus and Alec's vacation while they were in India – which is after the events of chapter 1. The postcards mentioned in the story are some that Cassie Clare posted on her website, if you'd like to read them.

I am still working on other stories and fully plan to finish the things I have started. I know it has been awhile, but it is in the works. This was a fun little interlude to deal with a bout of writer's block. Thank you for reading!

The overwhelming scent of flowers tickled Alec's nose as he left the elevator and walked down the opulent hallway toward his room. He flipped over one of the postcards that had been waiting for him at the front desk and read Isabelle's message, shaking his head at her apology for being overzealous.

"At least she knows she was being crazy," he muttered. He flipped the card back over and moved to the second, his eyes automatically flitting to the bottom to see who it was from. "Simon?"

Bizarre, he thought, reaching out to open his door. He paused with his hand on the knob, rereading the message twice. Throwing back his head in laughter, he pushed his way into the room and glanced around, looking for Magnus. He was still laughing when he caught sight of him on the balcony, and Magnus turned to look at him with a wry smile. "Drinking already, Alexander?"

Alec shook his head, unable to stop the wide smile from spreading on his face as he walked straight to Magnus and kissed him hard. With a content sigh, Magnus wrapped his arms low around Alec's waist and pulled him closer.

"No, postcards." Alec held the two missives in question to the side, unwilling to leave Magnus's embrace. When Magnus raised an eyebrow, Alec kissed him once more, snickering against his lips. "Isabelle is making Simon wear an orange tux to our wedding."

It wasn't until Magnus pulled back slightly and said, "Our wedding?" in an amused tone that Alec realized what he'd said.

"Damn," he muttered under his breath, shaking his head as he backed away. "No, that's not what I mean. I mean, it is, but it's... it's not... I didn't..."

"And here I thought it was customary to propose first," Magnus said dryly. His gold-green cat eyes were dancing with amusement and burning with something Alec couldn't name.

Alec cursed Isabelle's ridiculousness silently before trying to explain. "No. Isabelle was just being stupid and thought since Clary's mom is marrying–"

Alec's voice broke off with a muffled moan as Magnus yanked him close and kissed him deeply. The warlock's hands trailed down, cupping Alec's ass and molding their bodies together. Alec lost himself in the sensations, in the suppleness of Magnus's lips and the faint hint of mango from the lassi they'd had on the way in. All thoughts of Isabelle and Simon fled as Alec's hands roamed into Magnus's coat, seeking the smoldering heat of his boyfriend's flesh.

Magnus lifted his head, ending the kiss and leaving Alec feeling weak and disoriented, as if he were soaring through the streaked clouds high overhead. "I knew what you were talking about," he murmured, kissing Alec's jaw. "I read the postcards, too. You are just too adorable when you're flustered."

"Ass," Alec grumbled, to which Magnus gave a beaming smile.

"It is rather nice, isn't it?"

Alec rolled his eyes and cleared his throat, disentangling himself from Magnus's arms. "Isabelle sent another postcard, too. She said she's sorry she got a little out of hand with that whole wedding thing, and to make it up to us, she's going to redecorate your loft."

Instead of having the calming effect he'd expected, his words made Magnus's eyes fly wide. Quicker than Alec could follow, he'd stormed into the hotel room and headed straight for the desk against the wall. There, he grabbed the pad of paper and a pen, scrawling furiously.

"What are you doing?" Alec called, following him into the room.

"Reminding your sister," Magnus muttered, his pen never slowing, "that she has a key to my apartment to feed the Chairman – and for no other purpose."

By the time Alec reached him, Magnus had lifted the message and it was just disappearing from between his fingers in a burst of blue flame. He turned his eyes to Alec and added, "I swear by your Angel, if she touches my loft..."

He let the threat trail off, and Alec laughed. "Yes, it would be terrible for Izzy to make your loft over the top."

He glanced at Magnus pointedly, giving him a fond smile as he took in the warlock's outfit. They had been in India for a few days and had spent the morning exploring New Delhi. Magnus, as always, had adopted local traditions and taken them to the extreme. His cream-colored coat fell to below his knees and was covered in red and gold embroidery that matched the intricate buttons. His head was covered in some sort of elaborate turban. Deviating from India, he seemed to have drawn inspiration from Cleopatra in the way he'd outlined his eyes in gold, stretching the already feline corners to his temples.

"It is not my fault, Alexander," Magnus sniffed, "that you have no culture. I have been trying to instill you with some, but it seems lost on Nephilim. Perhaps you are allergic."

"You know," Alec said, unruffled by Magnus's jab, "we didn't see anyone dressed like you out there. Not one."

"Of course not," Magnus said matter-of-factly as he moved to look at himself in the mirror. "Where's the fun in looking like someone else? Besides, it is also not my fault that some people forget their own traditions."

Alec shook his head with a smile as he walked to stand behind Magnus. He slipped his arms around the warlock's waist and pulled him closer, resting his chin on Magnus's shoulder. For a moment, he looked at the two of them in the mirror, feeling a familiar sense of wonder that Magnus wanted to be with him – or seemed to, anyway. They were nothing alike. The warlock, with his outlandish clothing and haughty manner, was as different from the plain, staid Shadowhunter as a fish from a bird, but they worked. Somehow, they worked. At least, he hoped they did.

Sensing the melancholy direction his thoughts were taking, Alec distracted himself by teasing Magnus. "Like this," he said. "How many other hats like this did you see?"

As expected, Magnus's eyes flashed, and he reached up, straightening the turban. "This is not a hat," he said stiffly. "It's a Mysore Peta, worn by the famed kings of Mysore. Though I suppose you can be forgiven for not knowing about them, since they were rather before your time. Still, you should make an effort to learn history."

"Why should I do that..." Alec said with a wicked smile borne from a surge of mischief, "when I have you? You were there, right – for all of it?"

"You are an incorrigible whelp," Magnus said with a sigh, returning his attention to his reflection.

Alec hid his smile in the crook of Magnus's neck as he kissed the salty skin just above his Nehru collar. "And you have only yourself to blame for that," he whispered before taking Magnus's earlobe between his teeth.

With an appreciative groan, Magnus lowered his hands and reached back, gripping Alec's hips. "I'll have to thank myself sometime."

Alec chuckled, sliding his hands up to tug at the buttons on Magnus's coat. They came apart easily, and Magnus turned in his arms. Alec reached up, pulling the turban off the warlock's head, and he laughed outright when gold rained down on them both. Magnus gave his head a shake with a brilliant smile, sending more glitter flying. "Do you have gold everywhere?" Alec asked.

Magnus bit his bottom lip and reached out to take the turban before tossing it onto the dresser. "You know, I can't remember. I guess you'd better check." He pulled Alec close with a predatory gleam in his eyes. "Thoroughly."

Standing as they were, Alec could feel the evidence of Magnus's desire against his hip, and he worked to stifle a whimper as the feeling fanned the flames of his own arousal. Their lips met as Magnus spun their bodies around and drove Alec backward so that he bumped into the dresser. He felt a thrill at the realization that Magnus had him pinned, and then the warlock was kissing along Alec's jaw, whispering words that Alec couldn't understand. He let his head loll back as he relished the sensation of Magnus's lips grazing the tender skin of his throat, and he saw a subtle flash of blue against the darkness behind his eyelids as the buttons on his shirt fell away, dropping to the ground.

"Oops," Magnus said, and Alec opened his eyes to find the warlock watching him with a playful smirk.

"I thought you liked that shirt," was Alec's only response as he reached up to slide his hand along Magnus's neck, pulling him close to kiss him fully.

"I do," Magnus answered breathlessly between passes of his lips against Alec's, "and I like it even better off."

To suit his words, the shirt joined the buttons on the floor, even though Alec's arms were still tangled with his lover's. It took him a moment to realize that he was no longer feeling the bulk of Magnus's coat beneath his arms, though he didn't even bother to wonder where it had gone. His hands roamed the warlock's body greedily, and he leaned back slightly, his eyes feasting as well. Magnus had a piercing today, a thick ring through his nipple that Alec had never seen before. At the sight of silver piercing the warlock's darkened flesh, Alec inhaled sharply and ran his fingertips across it experimentally.

Magnus shuddered and drew a sharp breath, reaching up to brush Alec's hair from his forehead. He tucked it behind the Shadowhunter's ear as he said softly, "You approve?"

Alec raised his eyes, letting Magnus see the fire raging within before he nodded and ducked his head. The metal was cool and rigid to his tongue, the skin around it burning and soft by comparison. Alec licked and sucked, pulling Magnus's nipple between his lips and teasing it with his tongue. Magnus yanked his hair firmly, seeming both to pull him closer and push him away at once.

When Alec straightened again, Magnus was watching him through hooded lids, his lips parted as his chest rose and fell rapidly. After a breathless kiss, Alec murmured against his lips, "When did you get that?"

Magnus gave a half-smile. "About two minutes ago. I wanted to see your reaction."

Alec laced their fingers together and wrapped his arms around Magnus, trapping his hands behind his back. "I'm sure you can tell, but I definitely approve."

"So keep, then?" Magnus asked lightly, though the way he swallowed and the fluttering of his pulse beneath his jaw betrayed his enthusiasm.

"Definitely keep," Alec answered huskily. His lips roamed every inch of bare skin he could reach, peppering the warlock's shoulders and neck, scattering heat along his chest. Magnus struggled, turning this way and that as he tried to escape.

"That's it!" Magnus roared as he broke free with a sudden burst of strength. When he met Alec's gaze, his eyes were wild, his chest heaving, and Alec felt a thrill of anticipation. "You, Mr. Lightwood, have teased me enough."

"Oh really?" Alec smirked, sitting back against the dresser and resting his hands beside his hips.

"You think I'm joking," Magnus said, "but you know nothing of what you've awakened."

Alec tried – but failed – to keep the laughter from his tone as he said, "And what is that?"

Magnus narrowed his eyes, a glare somewhat ruined by the glittering cosmetics on his face. "The wrath of a very frustrated High Warlock of Brooklyn. I won't go easy on you."

"I'm terrified," Alec said wryly, enjoying the sense of power he felt at making Magnus lose control.

Magnus's face darkened. "You will be," he promised before flinging one arm out toward the bed. "You have until the count of three to take off your clothes and be in that bed."

"Or what?" Alec said, crossing his arms over his chest.

In answer, Magnus closed the distance between them and kissed Alec thoroughly – a mixture of lips and tongues and pressure and suction that left Alec glad he was already sitting. "Or else..." Magnus whispered, nipping Alec's bottom lip as he reached down to rub his palm against the front of the Shadowhunter's pants, "I'll spend the evening catching up on 90s sitcoms while you find some way to entertain yourself."

"You wouldn't," Alec breathed, trying to focus beyond the delicious pressure of Magnus's hand against his aching cock through the layer of denim.

"Oh, I would," Magnus answered with a smirk. He stepped back, wrapping one arm around his bare waist while he lifted the other hand to examine his nails. "One," he said calmly.

Alec stood his ground, intent on calling the warlock's bluff.

Magnus raised an eyebrow and muttered under his breath, "Or maybe I'll go out for a manicure. There has to be somewhere decent. Two."

"Magnus." Alec hated the whine in his voice – and hated even more that he could feel himself caving in. He so often felt at a disadvantage with Magnus that he seized on any little bit of control, but part of him – a growing part – wanted to give in, just give himself to Magnus and let the warlock have his way with him.

"Alec," Magnus answered, letting the silence swallow up his name for so long that Alec thought that was all he would say. A beat later, he added, "Why must you deny us what we both want?"

It wasn't the matter-of-fact tone or the logic of the statement that was Alec's undoing – it was the sharp edge of need hidden just beneath the surface of Magnus's words. Alec kept his eyes on his lover as he stalked to the bed, slipping his belt through the buckle along the way. As he passed by, he dropped the belt at Magnus's feet, and he felt the warlock's eyes feasting on every inch of skin that was exposed as he let his pants fall to the floor.

Standing beside the bed, he stretched luxuriously and then climbed forward slowly, struggling to make it seem as though he had not a care in the world. His heart hammered in his chest, beating time to the racing of his mind as his natural insecurity warred with his need to taunt Magnus.

A barely audible curse in an unknown language fell from Magnus's lips as Alec lowered himself onto the bed face first, one knee bent to the side and his arms stretched over his head. As his cheek met the cool, soft sheet, Alec sighed quietly, smiling and biting his bottom lip as he closed his eyes. A rustle of cloth was his only warning before Magnus's nude body settled over him, pressing him into the mattress.

"You think to tease me still?" Magnus murmured, kissing Alec's neck. Before he could respond, Magnus silenced him by working his way down Alec's spine, leaving scattered kisses and licks in his wake. Alec rocked his hips into the bed, squirming with anticipation at the thought of feeling Magnus tight around him. Since their weekend in Spain, they'd made love at every opportunity, but Alec's desire had far from abated – if anything, it had grown stronger. Magnus joked about his being an eighteen-year-old Shadowhunter with stamina runes, but to Alec's delight, he seemed just as insatiable.

The feeling of sharp teeth at the top of his thigh brought him out of his thoughts with a yelp. Magnus soothed the sting with a kiss and then smacked him lightly on the ass. "Roll over," he commanded in that sultry, confident voice Alec found impossible to resist.

As soon as Alec was on his back, Magnus was there, his body sprawled across Alec's as he intertwined their fingers and raised their hands over their heads, resting on the mound of pillows. Their kisses were hungry and lingering, each reclaiming the other's lips when one tried to pull away. Alec's hands fisted in frustration as he longed to touch Magnus, to let his hands roam the warlock's body and tangle in his hair.

Magnus shifted, spreading his knees to either side of Alec's hips, and Alec turned his head, crying out as he felt Magnus's hard length against his own. He gave an impatient tug, trying to free his hands, and he felt Magnus's laughter vibrate through his chest. "Oh no, little Nephilim... you are mine." He shifted so that he was sitting on Alec, looking down at him with triumph in his eyes. "All mine."

As if to prove his point, he let go of Alec's hands with a subtle flash of blue sparks. When Alec tried to move them, he found them stuck firmly in place as if held by invisible bonds. Magnus often used magic in some form or other, no matter what he was doing – it seemed second nature to him – but he had never done anything like this.

Alec found himself impossibly more excited. He tested his bonds, his elbows lifting off the mattress before falling back again. Magnus leaned down, kissing him with a lecherous grin. "You are stuck there until I let you go... if I let you go." Then his eyes met Alec's, scanning his face as if to check for some sign of hesitation. Finding none, he nearly purred as he set to work, covering Alec in kisses that just grazed every place he wanted without giving any sort of relief. Kisses on his face just touched the corner of his mouth, but Magnus was too quick for Alec to catch him, disappearing down to tease the edge of his nipple, his hand dipping lower to touch the trail of hair leading from Alec's navel before slipping away to knead his thigh.

"Please," Alec groaned, shifting his hips in encouragement as Magnus passed over them again.

"Not nearly good enough," Magnus answered airily.

Alec lifted his head, and one of the pillows moved smoothly beneath it, propping him up so he could watch Magnus's gold-laced head as the warlock worked. When Alec lifted his feet, intending to wrap his legs around his lover, they were snapped back to the bed where they were immobilized much like his arms. Alec whimpered, licking his lips as he pleaded breathlessly.

"Better," Magnus murmured, shifting his eyes to meet Alec's gaze. He rewarded the Shadowhunter with a mischievous smile and a warm tongue that licked from Alec's knee all the way up his inner thigh. He stopped just before he got to that place of aching want and blew gently, the cool air making Alec's cock twitch. Alec thrashed wildly, his bonds holding fast, but Magnus stilled him with a look and a single word.


Alec clenched his jaw, his breath coming in quick pants as he worked to do what Magnus demanded. He saw this finally for what it was – the payback Magnus had promised in Spain. Their time together had been so explosive and shared that he'd thought Magnus had forgotten, but he should have known better. The warlock had been simply biding his time – which meant that Alec was in for pure blissful torture that would likely drive him mad.

Exhaling heavily, Alec tried to focus on anything other than what Magnus was doing – or, rather, not doing. Sprawled as he was with his head propped up, though, he could see everything. He studied his own body, lean and lightly muscled and covered with countless scars and marks. Magnus took a special delight in those, trailing his fingers and tongue along the thick black curves. As he licked his way up the Precision rune traced across Alec's ribs, he paused to glance up. "I wonder if this is like a prayer wheel." At Alec's blank look, Magnus shook his head and chuckled. "Worshipping at the altar of the Nephilim…"

Rather than giving Alec time to respond, Magnus ducked down low, licking a slick line from the base of Alec's cock to its tip. Alec cursed, calling out a helpless plea.

"You want this?" Magnus asked, his eyes darkening. He kept his gaze on Alec's as his tongue encircled Alec's sensitive flesh, making the Shadowhunter squirm.

"Oh please oh please oh–" Alec's voice broke off into a moan as his cock was enveloped in the wet heat of Magnus's mouth. He felt an unusual hardness, something smooth and round that it took him a moment to place. He groaned loudly, his knees spreading as his hips drove up at the realization that Magnus had added another piercing. As Magnus's head bobbed, Alec felt the steel ball stutter against his skin in the most delicious way. He shuddered, his blunt nails digging into his palms as he called out Magnus's name, begging for more.

Magnus hummed, sending vibrations throughout Alec's body as he grasped the Shadowhunter's hips with both hands and lowered his head, taking Alec deeply. Alec's eyes fluttered, unable to stay either open or closed. Images flashed before him – Magnus's glittering black hair, his purple fingernails kneading Alec's thighs, the sight of Alec's shaft disappearing between the warlock's lips, the beauty of his hollowed cheeks. Alec couldn't tell what was real and what was imagination, and it didn't matter because Magnus seemed intent on making his fantasies pale by comparison to this reality.

Alec felt a warm hand graze his inner thigh and opened his eyes to find Magnus shifting to his knees. Alec was mesmerized by the sight of his back arched, his hips in the air as his head was lowered to Alec's body. The curve of his spine drew Alec's gaze, and he watched helplessly as Magnus worked.

"Can I touch you?" he asked, his voice raspy with need. "Please, Magnus? Please..."

At that, Magnus looked up through his lashes, the golden green of his eyes darkened by lust as he let Alec slip from his lips. His hand replaced his mouth, and he licked his swollen lower lip as he studied his lover. "You may," he said with a wicked little smile as Alec felt the bindings holding him in place disappear.

Alec reached down, dragging the warlock up his body and wrapping his arms around him. They kissed hungrily as Alec's legs wrapped around Magnus's hips, forcing their heated bodies together. When Alec tried to roll them to the side, though, Magnus reached out, bracing his hand against the mattress to stop them.

"You're mine," he growled.

"I am," Alec freely admitted, kissing Magnus again before pulling back slightly to look into his eyes. "So let me show you."

Magnus's eyes blazed as he smiled before ducking his head. "I plan to," he whispered, his breath tickling Alec's ear and raising goose bumps on his skin. Magnus kissed Alec's neck and lowered himself, shifting his body so that his hips settled between Alec's spread legs. Alec inhaled sharply as he felt Magnus's hardened length brushing against the sensitive skin just between his thighs.

The meaning behind Magnus's words struck Alec abruptly, and he moaned with longing, spreading his palms over the warlock's broad back. His hands roamed, skimming over heated flesh, squeezing taut muscle. The mood in the room changed as their lips met again. Passionate whimpers and whispers filled the air as they kissed and caressed, their bodies drawing ever closer together. Their hips rocked in time, and Magnus's fingers tangled in Alec's hair as he tilted the Shadowhunter's head back to scatter burning kisses down his throat.

They parted only long enough for Magnus to fill his palm with slick warmth that he used to drive Alec to distraction. As his fingers teased and probed, a sudden sharp sting gave way to a dull ache that grew into a debilitating need. Alec reached up, his hand cupping Magnus's cheek as he urged the warlock to look at him. When their eyes met, he murmured, "I'm ready."

In answer, Magnus pressed a smiling kiss against Alec's lips and lifted the Shadowhunter's legs. Alec's heart raced as he glanced down, watching as Magnus guided himself forward. He felt a flutter of fear just before their bodies were joined, but the physical burn lasted only a moment, morphing into a fire that threatened to consume him. He took Magnus's head between his hands and pulled the warlock hard against him, kissing him madly. Magnus hesitated only a moment, as if afraid of hurting him, and then he surrendered, giving himself entirely to Alec.

Their bodies moved together, falling into step as easily as they had while strolling along outside the Taj Mahal. The room pressed in on Alec, filling his senses with flowers and fading afternoon light and soft sheets that were etched into his memory with each thrust of Magnus's hips. He vibrated with energy, humming to the melody of their bodies meeting again and again. Magnus grunted and his lips parted as his forehead rested against Alec's. His eyes were closed in concentration, and Alec found himself fascinated by his closeness. They had been this close before, of course, but it was different somehow – inviting Magnus in, as if he were part of Alec's very soul. Unable to resist, Alec ran his fingers through Magnus's shimmering hair, and his eyes sprang open, burning into Alec's before with the heat of something momentous left unspoken. He kissed Alec instead, his lips lingering as if they could impart the secret in silence.

Magnus murmured, "Do you trust me?" and Alec nodded, unable to find his voice.

Magnus gave a fleeting smile before his forehead wrinkled as he moaned softly. He pulled away briefly, leaving Alec feeling hollow. Then he was back, and Alec's ankles were somehow on Magnus's shoulders. Alec stared in blank confusion for a brief second, disoriented by the sight of his feet beside Magnus's ears, and then his lover pressed into him again, and he groaned loudly. Magnus touched a place deep inside of him that he hadn't known existed, and he felt his world shake under the gentle caress.

"What... how–?" Alec mumbled before being silenced by a kiss. He felt Magnus's body sliding against his, the warlock's hips circling and thrusting, never breaking contact. Alec wrapped his arms tightly around his lover, struggling to hold on to something solid, something to keep him from spiraling out of control and ending this new bliss far too early.

Magnus slid his arms beneath Alec and gripped his shoulders, holding him just as tightly as he kissed and whispered to him. Alec's fingers tangled in Magnus's hair, and he deepened the kiss, trying to tell him without words just how good it all felt – the physical, the spiritual, the emotional – all the countless ways Alec had come alive since he first saw Magnus at his loft not so long ago.

Their hold on this sheltered moment together grew tenuous as sweat slid down their bodies. Grunts replaced their whispered moans, and Alec felt a familiar tightening throughout his body. His feet flexed as he struggled to hold it at bay, and his hands curled into fists. Magnus's head hung down, his lips only inches away from Alec's ear as he panted and murmured. Broken words reached Alec, praise and pleading and desire all mixed together.

"Can't... dear god, you're... so, so good... please..."

Magnus's voice was hoarse and weak, and each thrust of his hips brought a faint sting of his stubble brushing against Alec's cheek. It made it all more real somehow, that hint of pain heightening the pleasure. When Magnus began moving in earnest, his carefully measured rhythm falling into frenzy, Alec's body tensed, chasing that same release.

Magnus pulled back suddenly, a shudder running through his body as he shifted to his heels with his eyes closed. A moment later, his eyes opened, the afternoon light glinting off them and making them seem more golden. He held out his hand to Alec, who took it without hesitation. Magnus guided him up to his knees, and they kissed as they knelt in the middle of the bed. Then Magnus's hands were on Alec's hips, and he urged him to turn around.

Alec complied, his calves settling on either side of Magnus's as the warlock slid his hands around Alec's waist, pressing his chest to the Shadowhunter's back. Their skin was overheated and slick and somehow very real, and Alec let his head fall back on Magnus's shoulder as his fingers tangled in the hair at the nape of Magnus's neck.

Magnus whispered something, the words lost in a kiss that conveyed his meaning as their lips moved languidly. Alec could feel Magnus pressing against his back, and he broke the kiss with a moan, leaning forward to press his hands into the mattress. Magnus's hands brushed Alec's chest as they slid away, tracing the curve of his spine before wrapping around his hips. He groaned appreciatively before claiming Alec once more.

With each thrust of his hips, he pulled Alec back so that their bodies met in a collision of sound and sensation that nearly took Alec's breath away. It was like nothing he'd ever known before, despite the times he and Magnus had known each other intimately. The rocking of their bodies jarred him, and he bit his bottom lip to keep his teeth from chattering. He lifted his head, and Magnus's hand slid beneath his chin, his fingers caressing the soft skin of Alec's throat.

"You are exquisite," Magnus muttered in a voice made hoarse from exertion and emotion.

Alec flushed with both pleasure and embarrassment as he let his head fall forward. Magnus's fingers glided around his chin and tangled in Alec's hair, tugging lightly to pull Alec's head up once more.

Magnus leaned over him, bracing himself with his arms just beside Alec's shoulders. Alec felt enclosed, completely consumed by Magnus, and he relished the thrill it gave him. He felt warm lips along his neck and shoulder, the sting of a bite as Magnus grunted. One of Magnus's arms wrapped around Alec's chest and then drifted down, tickling him as it brushed along his side. The faint burst of laughter was stifled by a gasp as Magnus's fingers closed around Alec's stiff shaft.

Alec whimpered as Magnus's hand began to stroke in time with his hips, urging the Shadowhunter toward that delicious release. Alec's head hung down, his hair skimming the pillow as he watched Magnus at work. It was too much, the sight of his cock disappearing and reappearing in Magnus's fist combined with the overwhelming feeling of the warlock's body moving against his. Alec called out, his toes curling and his elbows buckling as his body quivered. Magnus's hand sped and then slowed, coaxing Alec through it all.

When Alec took a shuddering breath, Magnus shifted up, both hands grasping his lover's hips. Alec felt each movement throughout his body, his nerve endings crying out in that neverwhere between euphoria and torment. Magnus's fingertips dug into his skin as the warlock lost all control, his hips slamming into Alec again and again before his entire body stiffened, and he growled wordlessly. Alec felt Magnus's hands flutter against his skin before his lover thrust into him slowly with a satisfied moan. His hands released their grip only to caress Alec's hips, rosy and sore from their lovemaking.

As Magnus pulled away, he fell to the bed at Alec's side, his arms stretched over his head. Alec turned to look and found the warlock smiling up at him with a hint of disbelief in his eyes. Something else lurked there, too. Gratitude? Alec wondered, though he couldn't imagine why.

Unsure what to say, Alec flashed Magnus a smile and kissed him softly before his own fatigue brought him down to the mattress as well. Magnus muttered, "Why are you way over there?" as he reached out, gathering the Shadowhunter in his arms and crushing him against his chest. Alec's hair fell across his eyes, and he shook his head, trying to move it out of the way as he settled with his cheek against Magnus's sternum.

With a soft smile, Magnus brushed the hair away from Alec's forehead, his thumb tracing his lover's eyebrow. "That was..."

Alec's eyes widened at Magnus's uncharacteristic fumbling for words. "Awesome?" he supplied.

Magnus laughed and nodded. "Most definitely. But I was going to say unexpected."

Alec looked at him skeptically. "How exactly was that unexpected?"

Magnus chuckled, his eyes drifting closed as he shook his head. "I just mean that we've never played those... roles before."

"Oh," Alec said, feeling his cheeks heat. He shrugged and reached up, lightly tracing idle patterns on Magnus's chest with his fingertips. "I wasn't sure if you wanted to."

At that, Magnus cupped his cheek and tilted his head so that Alec met his eye. "I want everything with you," he said simply.

Alec smiled without answering and burrowed a little closer, unable to explain what he was feeling. Magnus seemed content to let the conversation lie as well, and he closed his eyes as he inhaled deeply before exhaling audibly. "How do you feel?" he asked, and Alec took a moment to think.

"Sore," he answered honestly as he stared at the ceiling. Then he turned his eyes to Magnus, only to find the warlock studying him with a worried frown.

"Do you need an iratze?" Magnus asked, starting to sit up. "I'm sure your stele is around here some–"

Alec laughed and rolled over the warlock, pinning him to the bed as he shifted so that his knees straddled Magnus's waist. "No. It's a good sore," he promised.

It wasn't until he leaned down to kiss him that Magnus relaxed, smiling against Alec's lips as he ran his hands up the Shadowhunter's back so they came to rest on his shoulder blades. He deepened the kissed, humming softly when he finally pulled away. "Good," he said. "I was worried I hurt you."

Alec shook his head and arched his back before stretching out beside Magnus. He could feel an ache in places he had never really known existed, but it all just served to make him feel alive. They lay there for long minutes, wrapped up in each other, until Magnus cleared his throat. "It's still early," he said. "Did you want to go out tonight? We could catch a Bollywood movie or go dancing... or I heard there's this place where you pay this woman fifteen dollars and seven chicken feet to–" He trailed off when Alec, unsure he wanted to know what a woman would do for fifteen dollars and chicken feet, laughed and silenced him with a hand across his lips. Magnus kissed his palm and then moved his hand out of the way. "What do you want to do then?"

"Well... like you said, it's early," Alec said. Magnus raised an eyebrow, and Alec felt his cheeks heat. He spoke to the pillow to Magnus's right as he added, "I was just wondering if you wanted to stay in and maybe see what other umm... unexpected things we might be able to do."

Magnus's eyes gleamed as he murmured, "Oh, you are in for an unexpected night, my little Nephilim."