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Note:Setting post Janus List, Pre Trust Metric. Slash Colby / David. What if you at once stand before the fact, that the man you love is a traitor? And what if your colleagues have no idea that you're in a relationship and you have to deal with the fact that you know things about him you can't tell anybody else?

Disclaimer:I´m not making money with this, have no rights to Numb3rs. Similarities to persons living or dead are purely coincidental and unintentional. Before each chapter, there is an explicit warning on any content, such as self-endangerment, etc. Big Thanks to Jolinar for Beta! :)

Warning:Slash (m / m), memory is located post "The OG" .English isn't my native language so please be gentle.

Ingredients: David Colby, a razor, lots of shaving fog and a talk about habits


It was still so early that not even the sun ventured through the open window. The sky was covered with dark rain clouds and David was grateful for that. He lay on his bed, staring at the ceiling and breathed deeply.

When he closed his eyes he could imagine hearing the sound of the shower and the radio from the kitchen. Colby was an early riser. Someone who was wide awake and got up immediately. Always on the move and so full of energy that David sometimes found it difficult to keep up with him. But Colby had never been bothered, that he was awake earlier than his boyfriend. On the contrary. He'd admitte donce that he enjoyed the early morning hours alone over a book or while jogging.

A bitter smile appeared on David's face as he remembered all the mornings they'd stood together in front of the mirror in the bathroom to shave.

David had found it fascinating. Colby had tended to shave in the shower rather than in front of the mirror until a few weeks after they'd strated living together. Then, Colby had started shaving next to him.

While David had already set the shaver and moved it now over his cheek down to the chin, Colby didn't seem to be quite so sure. Finally, he also sat on the blade and a moment later, he cursed out loud. David looked at him in the mirror and saw the thin red trail of blood goozing from the cut that snaked down through the foam to his chin.

"Well, you're not very talented with a razor blade," David joked, earning himself an angry look from green eyes.

"Haha." Colby pressed his towel to the cut and then fell silent.

David lowered his razor and turned his head to look directly at Colby.

"You usually shave in the shower without looking and can't shave in front of a mirror?" David stifled a laugh as Colby rolled his eyes. The blonde turned on the faucet and washed the shaving cream from his face.

He mumbled something that David didn't understand, but it sounded suspiciously like a curse. Then he straightened up and leaned backward against the sink. He watched David, who was carefully finishing his shave. They were silent for a while, until Colby apparently had had enough and sighed.

"I'm just not clear with this mirror-inverted. I've never been good at that. That is why I prefer to shave blind," he mumbled and David laughed again.

"No kidding?" He asked, amused, and laughed again when Colby blushed and looked away.

"Okay. Wait I have an idea," David said, moved the razor one last time over his own cheek before he washed the rest of the foam from his face and dried it. Then he took Colby's shoulder and directed him to the toilet lid.

"Close your eyes and relax," David said softly, took the shaving cream and sprayed a good amount into his palm. Colby looked at him suspiciously, but closed his eyes as requested.

David's eyes grew softer, more loving, as he distributed the foam on Colby's cheeks.

"You're beautiful," David whispered, kissing him on the tip of the nose and enjoyed the smile that appeared on Colby's face. Then he sat down the razor and shaved Colby with great care and tenderness. For nearly ten minutes, he was busy with that before he held a towel in warm water and washed away the remains of the foam.

He leaned forward and kissed Colby on the corner of his mouth. Then he slipped a hand to Colby's neck, pulled him gently closer and deepened the kiss. Colby moaned softly and opened his mouth, sinking into the gentle game of their tongues. As they parted from each other, they both had small white foam remains in their faces and broke into collective laughter, before the ringing of their phones ended the playful mood before it could really settle.

Since that morning, it was routine for David to shave himself first and then Colby. A ritual that they used when they had time. Sometimes, Colby helped to shave David's head and they had spent a few hours to remove the foam back from the bathroom walls later. He could still hear their liberated laugh when they'd chased each other around the house with the spray.

Even a stupid little morning ritual like that had been turned into something to look forward to because of Colby.