The Destiny Rewriter


A webbed hand shot out and grabbed a fossil that was nearby. Underwater the hand looked graceful, if a bit clumsy. The figure stopped as something flashed through its eye. Its mind eye. The humanoid started to swim back to shore, if a bit lazy. When it finally got to shore it walked across the sand and looked at a drawing book that lay nearby. On it was two pictures: one of a happy, and odd, family. The other was the apocalypse. The thing tilted its head curiously. Not that it took the apocalypse seriously. It never took anything seriously. But if it had to choose it would probably be the happy family. That looked a lot better for the world.

"Who is the one to change this?" it asked to the book. The book erased the two pictures and one came up. It new who it was instantly. What person, even one trapped in a parallel detention like her, didn't know who the great Hellboy is? The girl read the text at the bottom of the page. Then she snorted and gathered up her things to leave. "Destiny. One can change destiny." Then she stopped and scratched her head. "Or was that fate? I can never remember."

Chapter One

Hellboy watched his friend stare out into the sunset. It had been eight months since the princess died and Abe was still miserable. Not that Hellboy thought that he'd get over it quick. He expected this. Hellboy knew this is probably how he'd act if Liz would ever die. Well, sort of.

He walked out onto the porch and stared into the distance with his friend. When they quit the B.P.R.D. they moved to a house that was huge and came off of the side of a mountain a bit. It was a bit dangerous, but there was a fence around the cliff so that people don't fall off it. It took Johann Krauss two months to convince them that it would be safe enough for the time being. In the end they only rented the place because they couldn't find another place on such short time.

Abe didn't care where they lived. He never talked, never ate, and he never slept. He only stared of into space. Once or twice Hellboy had to make Abe do his whole water-breathy thing on threat of death. Otherwise he would have dried out. Nobody but Liz wanted to be around him, and that was only because he never asked her every five minutes if she was okay or if the babies were coming. Johann did this. Hellboy asked her every twelve seconds.

Hellboy decided to try to get Abe to talk. Not that he expected him to. At first he did it all the time. He even answered himself with words that he knew Abe would use. But after a while he didn't do it very often. He still tried. Hellboy refused to give up on his friend.

"Hey, Abe. How are you doin'?" Hellboy asked. The only sign that Abe's hearing was fine was that he stopped staring of into space and looked down, with his head slightly angled toward Hellboy. Hellboy felt a twinge of happiness fill him. Maybe Abe was finality listening. Maybe Abe would forget about the princess and go back to being good ol' Abe. Maybe they would be one big happy family, without ever having to fight another monster ever again. Maybe pigs would fly.

"Have you been breathing water recently?" Hellboy asked with the tone of a teacher scolding a student who had eaten paste. When Abe shook his head and brushed his gills with his hand and Hellboy felt extremely excited. Maybe this would be the day. When Abe put his hand back down on the rail and started to stare off into space again Hellboy felt his excitement turn into anger. Who was he to ignore them? They had been looking out for Abe since the princess died. And what did he do? He acted like a deaf-mute around them. This was just...pathetic. So he told him so.

Abe's head wiped around to stare at his "friend" who had just called him pathetic. Hellboy pointed his stone hand at Abe and narrowed his eyes. "You've been lounging around here for eight fricken' months. Stop wallowing in your fricken' self-pity, and be a man!"

For the first time in months Abe spoke. "You would be acting the same way if Liz died."

"No I wouldn't. I would kick the butt of who did it then..." Hellboy stopped talking. He had no idea what he'd do next. Abe stood there waiting for Hellboy to finish his sentence. When he didn't Abe walked off the porch and started to walk toward the woods.

Hellboy had had enough. He pulled his gun and amid it for Abe's back. Anger flared under his skin, begging for him to pull the trigger. Then he stared at his hand in horror. Abe was his friend. Friends don't kill each other. Friends don't ignore each other either. But he put his gun down and picked up a small stone. Hellboy through the stone hard, but not too hard, at the back of Abe's head. He placed a hand on the spot where the stone hit and turned toward Hellboy.

"Don't come back until your you again." Abe said nothing, turned and kept on walking. Hellboy turned and walked back into the house. With a cocky step in his stride Hellboy thought to himself: What have I done?

Abe walked through the woods trying to figure out what just happened. He had just been thinking about her when Red showed up and stated that he was pathetic. Abe placed his hand where his heart once was. He had no idea of what he was going through. Yes, Liz did die once, but she didn't stay that way. Hellboy brought her back to life.

When Abe found his way to a lake with a willow tree next to it he leaned ageist to a tree. Not even paying attention to the fact that he didn't know where he was. The only thing that he paid attention to was the gaping hole in his chest. Nuala. She was the only thing that mattered in his world. Then he noticed a small girl not too far from. Abe knew who it was instantly, but the girl didn't give him a chance to respond. She reached out and pushed him into the tree. Abe braced himself for impact, but it never came. He sank through it as though it wasn't there. The last thing he saw was the girl waving good-bye.

Liz was worried. Abe had been missing hours now. Even Red was getting worried. Liz was sitting on the couch watching the T.V. Red always said that the best thing about this place was the T.V. Krauss like the view, and the culture. Abe would like the library if he ever got sane enough to look at it. Liz liked all her friends, and family being together in one place. She also enjoyed the fact that she didn't have to worry when H.B. went out like she did in the past. Liz looked out the window. It would be dark soon. If they didn't get back soon Abe would be spending the night outside. She tried to get up. It didn't work. Liz sighed and lay down. If they didn't get back soon she would be sleeping on the couch. No, she thought as she rubbed her belly, they would be sleeping on the couch. Liz hoped that Red wasn't too hard on Abe. They were all tired of walking on eggshells around him. She wished that the princess had not been an idiot and killed herself. I mean, she knew that Abe loved her, and maybe she loved him back.

Abe never though that he would find anyone that loved him. He thought that because he thought he was ugly he would never get a family. He doesn't know how beautiful he is. Not only on the outside, but on the inside. He was one of the most caring, sensitive, loving people that she knew. At the B.P.R.D whenever someone had a problem they'd go to Abe. For everything. Manning even went to Abe sometimes. Because of his empathic and telepathic abilities he was very conscious of the way that people felt and how they reacted to stuff. She watched the door. After a few minutes it opened and Hellboy and Johann came in.

"Did you find him?" When Hellboy shook his head Liz frowned worriedly.

"Ve should keep looking" Johann said behind Hellboy, "Ozerwize he vill be sleeping outzide tonight."

"Where could he be?" Hellboy asked to nobody. Hellboy walked outside the door and called with all his might. "ABE!" He waited for a few moments before calling again. And again. And again. When he stopped he was heartbroken. It was his fault that Abe went away. If only he hadn't tried... No. He doesn't regret trying to help Abe. But he regrets driving him away. Hellboy walked in side and sat down next to Liz. She put her hands around him and hugged him. Hellboy put his hand around her and hugged her back. "It's okay, HB. You can look again tomorrow." But Hellboy stood up and shook his head. "No. I will keep looking."

"So vill I," Johann asked from behind him.

"I'll help too," Liz said from down on the couch, as she tried to stand up.

Hellboy helped her up. "Liz, maybe it would be better if-" he was cut off by Liz looking at him in a way only Liz can do to make him swallow his words. Behind Hellboy Johann came to his rescue. "Liz, maybe it would be best if-" Johann was, too, interrupted by Liz.

"Fat chance I'm staying here," she said as she grabbed her jacket and walked out the door. The men looked at each other and walked after Liz.

When Abe opened his eyes he saw the sky. He laid there for a few moments, then sat up and looked around. To his left was a forest and to his right was an enormous house. The largest he had ever seen, and right at the top a tower. The kind you see in fairy tales about princesses that need to be rescued. Princess. He tried to stop that train of thought, and looked right in front of him. In front of him was a lake, a very large lake. Abe ran his hand over his gills. He was really dry. But as he walked toward the lake he stopped. There was something dark about this lake. Something evil. So he walked away.

Should I go to the house or walk into the forest? He thought to himself. The house is very large and I could probably hid in it if need be. His thought process was cut off by a loud roar of thunder. After two seconds it began down pouring, not only rain, but hail and snow. This was also accepted by a blast of cold air. Abe would have enjoyed the rain if it wasn't for the cold that came with it. The blast of cold air sent shivers down his spine and he ran for the house. He was about launch himself into the door, trying to get it open, but suddenly it just opened. Next thing Abe knew he was in a huge kitchen, sprawled over a large counter. The room was huge and had at least five counter tops, three refrigerators, seven microwaves, and lots of bottles of everything from normal things like brown sugar to strange things like worm's wart. When he looked up and saw who had opened the door, he was surprised to say the least. In front of him was a friend of his, whom he hadn't seen for years, and a teenage girl.

His friend that stood in fount of him had both help and hindered the B.P.R.D. before. Alexandria Josefina Victorsin of Vampire. The first time they had meet was years ago when Alex was 12. One of her vampire friend, Damon, attacked her. Hellboy had been called when the two of them had disrupted a senator's TV signal when the two of them crashed through her house. After the incident both of them had disappeared. Alexandria showed up later when her sister was born, not ever giving a clue to where she had been. Latter she and the B.P.R.D. meet on wrong terms again when she attacks the White House just to see how far she would get. She actually got into the Oval Office before Hellboy got to her. By that time she was shaking hand with the President, and she got him to sign the back of her shirt. The next time was when she was 20. She helped them track down a rouge vampire not loyal to the Crown. She was a white haired vampire named Xiomara. They track her down, but she got away. After that Alex went back to being the Queen's bodyguard.

What is she doing here? Abe thought. Aj would never leave her younger sister voluntarily. He next looked at the teenage girl. She was about 5 foot 5, with wide-ish hips and broad-ish shoulders. But the girl was obviously a magical creature. Her skin was pale, with sapphire marking starting at the parting of her hair, and going down the sides of her face, down her neck, and gills, over her shoulders and down her arms and legs, both of which are webbed, and meet at her middle finger on her on her hands, and on her feet it simple went down the sides. Her eyes are the same color of the marking on her skin. Sapphire. Her lips cupids bow, full and a dark rose color. She was looking at him with concern on her face. Alex looked at Abe with surprise, and relief.

"Willow! Quick, go grab a blanket!" Alex yelled at the girl. The girl, Willow, ran over to the door and simply ran through it.

"Abe?" Alex asked quietly. "Is that you?"

"Yes, it's me," he answered. "Where are we? Who is that girl? How did you get here?" Abe asked.

Alexandria smiled at the fish man. "One question at a time, gosh. First; we are in a pocket dimension created by a great-grandmother to protect her grandchild. Willow, the girl, is the grandchild." Alex inched her head. "Also I have no idea how I got here. One day I was walking through the woods, the next thing I knew I was here and I didn't know how to get back." She shook her head sadly. "So far we've haven't found out of here. Only in."

When Abe was listening he found what use to be his heart sink. They were trapped here, and now he was too. If only Emily hadn't pushed him through the willow tree. Wait a minute...

"You said the girl's name is Willow?" Abe asked his friend.

Alex scratched her head. "Yeah, why?"

Abe looked up at the vampire. "Because your little sister pushed me through a willow tree, next thing I know I'm here."

Alex's head whipped up. "You saw Emily? Why didn't you tell me? Was she okay?" Alex asked quickly.

"Yes, I saw her. But only for a few seconds. She somehow pushed me through a tree, then waved good bye," Abe said as Alex looked at him with wide eyes. "She looked fine," he said as an afterthought.

"Why would she push you through a tree?" Alex wondered out loud.

Abe shrugged. "She must have wanted me here for some reason."

Just then Willow ran through dragging three big quilts; a big blue one, a pink and white one, and a purple one.

"What took you so long?" Alex asked. Willow pulled the quilts around Abe one at a time and when she was done Abe had swelled to the size of Hellboy.

"I was giving you guys' time to talk. Friends who hadn't got to see each other for a time need time to talk," Willow said with a simply. Her eyes drooped and she fell back and sat on her bum. "I'm tired," she said and she got up and walked sleepily towards the door. But before she got to the door, she disappeared in a puff of smoke.

"I guess that means that I get to show you where your room is," Alex said with a smile. She grabbed Abe's arm and out the kitchen, out the dining room, into the main hallway, up the stairs, in to a hallway and lead to the 4th room on the right.

"Just how big is this house?" Abe asked.

"Bigger in the inside then it looks on the outside. The bad part is that the house changes with Willow's emotions and thoughts, and the only thing that stays in one place is the library. The rest of the house is basically based on that area where the library is located. It's smaller than this most days, but not by much," Alexandria explained as she led Abe into the room. "Night Abe," she said and she left. Abe went to the bed, climbed into it, and fell into a dreamless sleep.

Damon watched Xiomara walk into the room. She was, of course, naked. Lying next to him was a young beautiful girl who he had drained the blood from for his mate's bath. As he watched her approach the bath she gave him a look. A look that made his blood turns to fire. A look that let him know exactly what kind of thoughts she was having. Xiomara got in the bath, and for a few minute simple washed herself in the blood. Damon watched in hunger. Her white hair was stained red as she got out. When she got out the blood that she was wearing turned into a dress. The top was wide enough that it went across her shoulders, only just showing her breasts. The dress hugged her body, showing off every curve of her body, until it reached her knees. At that point it flowed out smoothly. Along with the dress came blood red gloves. Damon wasted no time. He walked over, grabbed her, and pounced on her in the bed. He pushed his lips agents hers and he reached down to the hem of the blood dress, and started to pull up. Then a voice interrupted them.

"Isn't this nice?" Damon jumped of the bed and turned around. In front of him was an old looking monk. Damon jumped up and grabbed a sword nearby. He pointed the weapon at the bald man. "Who are you? How did you get here? Why are you here?" The vampire yelled at the monk. The monk took a few steps forward.

"My name is Rasputin. And I have a proposition for you."

Damon narrowed his eyes at the dead man. "What kind of proposition?"

Rasputin smiled. "The kind that helps you get revenge on a certain princess, and a demon that gave you a certain humiliation."

Damon lowered the sword a little with a smile. Revenge... It had a nice ring. Xiomara saw what her husband thinking, but she didn't think it was a good idea. "Damon, perhaps this is not-" She stopped when her husband spun and hit her across the face. She fell of the bed with a small whimper. She should have known better then to have made a comment.

Damon turned back to the dead monk. "What did you have in mind?" he asked with a smile. Rasputin told him. They both had forgotten about Xiomara. She heard the whole thing, but she didn't like. What was she going to do? There was nothing she could do. She was a woman, and women didn't go against her husband's opinion. Still, she didn't like it