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. -*- .

White suds washed off of snow white skin. Snow white skin, ebony hair, and blood red eyes.

This was no fairy tale. No seven dwarves, no poison apple, no evil stepmother.

She scrubbed her hair. Then her body. Leg hair? Nope. Arm Hair? Not a one. Stomach hair? Nada. Face hair? Sure. Pubic hair? Check and Check.

Have you ever wondered why vampires are beautiful? If a human sees an ugly person visits a human then they call the police, but if a beautiful person is there then they invite them in. Maybe even invite them into their bed. The perfect monster.

The first vampire was Lilith. She was Adam's first wife. She refused to be lesser to men and left Eden. According to them she turned into a demon, but she really made a deal with the god of darkness and the goddess of evil. She was the first vampire. Through history there were people that wanted to be a vampire, but couldn't be. They were horrible, some of the worst people in history.

She scrubbed her hair again and again, washing the scent of her away. There were several things that carried the most scent, including hair, nails, blood, and excrement. All of those things came from inside of the body. She could eat human foods, but it just went in one end and out the other. But on an all liquid diet, that was horrible. Period blood held scent, but since it was old blood it didn't really matter much if you knew how to handle it.

And she did. She was taught by the Lord of War, the head of the armed forces. The Lord of War was the Queen after she wasn't the queen anymore. The cycle of the Queen was she was a white haired princess or prince. Then the King or Queen. Then the Lord of War. Then the Priestess. She was born with long hair, and kept it long as the ruler. Long hair symbolized your role in society. When she became the Lord of War then she or he cut their hair a bit shorter, but when they became a Priest or Priestess their hair grew longer, or at least that's what happened to the priestesses, the men shaved their heads.

When the eldest white hair died then the second eldest white haired took the thrown. And if there wasn't one then the thrown maybe went to the eldest black hair. When a ruler died before becoming Lord of War then a sibling, preferable a black hair, became the Lord of War. If a Lord of War died before becoming a person of the gods… she didn't know. It had never happened before.

The heir would inherent the thrown when they come of age or if the current ruler died.

Noticing a trend? The white hair ruled while the black hair did as told. Black hairs were temperamental, impulsive, had bad tempers, and natural killers. The white hairs were intellectual, thought things out, even tempered, and were weaker than the black haired. Or at least, that was the stereotypes of the species. The white hairs were book smart and black hair street wise.

Alex was taught from an early age. She was born to be the royal bodyguard. By day she was a straight A student, but by night she was a hunter. A monster. And they made her that way.

Everyone looked down on her. Having a first born black hair was bad luck. Having a half human black hair was bad luck. Having a white hair with a black birthmark was bad luck. And look where it got her parents. Their dead, and now she takes care of the younger ones. And she had gone missing. She didn't know who her replacement was, or if there even was one. That had happened before. She wasn't told so she didn't assume that the queen was safe if she died. It was so she would get back up.

Alex thought back to the story of the first vampire. Adam and Eve. They really existed. And so does God. But she didn't believe in Him. Not now, not ever.

And as she walked out of the bathroom clad only in a towel you might be thinking how Alex knew God exists without believing in Him. Easy, it was something that she learned from a dead goddess, something that will be explained later in the story. But the main reason that Alex doesn't believe in God was because she didn't want some guy floating on a cloud deciding her fate.

. -*- .

As Alex put on her pants she examined what the elf had done to her. Bruises lined her whole body. How he could do so much damage to her was beyond her. She had no idea how strong he really was.

She toweled her hair she thought more about the elf prince. She didn't like underestimating her opponents. That usually ended up with a hole in her somewhere. She walked out of her room with her hair rapped in a towel. A friend of hers said that you should let you hair stay damp as long as possible. She also said that heat was bad for her hair type.

And Miss Fashionista hasn't been wrong yet, she thought. Not that she would know if Katherine was wrong. Alex didn't notice that kind of thing.

Alex walked into the library, the one place that wouldn't change with Willow's emotions. The princess sat there reading a poetry book. At one time Alex had like poetry. Then she was attacked. Then she killed people. Then her parents died. Then she raised her two siblings with a grandmother that hates her.

Once in a while she'd read Edgar Allen Poe, but that was it.

Alex walked over to the bookshelf that held different color candles. She garbed purple and black ones and turned. As she turned around she heard Nuala call to her softly.

Alex looked over to where the princess sat. The book was closed on her lap.

"Is something wrong, princess?" Alex asked while sitting across from her. The scent of flowers caressed her skin as Nuala moved forward.

"I would like to talk to you." When she saw Alex's confused gaze she elaborated. "About Abraham."

Alex raised an eyebrow, while the princess blushed a golden color. Her blood pumped though her. Life almost oozed out of this elf. It seeped out of her pours and blessed whoever was next to her.

"What about Abe?" Alex asked as she pulled locks of curls of black behind her ear.

The princess bit her lip, unsure how to begin. "You are very close-" she started, but Alex interrupted her.

"We're just friends." Nuala nodded, her face a mix of relief and despair. Alex smiled as she put her thick candles into a bag. She went back to the cabinet and pulled out a thin multi-colored purple candle and a thick black one with a snake winding around it.

"What, if I may ask, are you doing with the candle?" Nuala asked standing. She set her book on a table nearby.

"I'm going to try to talk to my Goddess. Want to help?" Alex smiled when Nuala nodded. "Okay, pick a candle out of the cabinet that suits you best."

Nuala stood and went over to the cabinet and examined the candles. There were think and think ones. Ones that were solid in color, others were multi-colored. Some had things decorating them, others gave off scents. As Nuala looked over the selection she saw it. The candle that symbolized her.

Nuala drew away from the cabinet, holding a thin royal blue candle with light blue swirls. Alex smiled, and gestured for her to follow. And together the elf and vampire exited the library.

. -*- .

Nuala watched Alex set up the candles. The vampire had set them up so that they made a circle around them. It started with two purple candles in the front, and two behind them. Black and purple skipped over each other so that the candles didn't touch one with the same color.

Alex drew out and lit two matches. She handed Nuala one and started to light the candles abound them. Nuala copied her, and when they were done they lit they're candles and the incents that stood on either side of the thick black candle.

Nuala watched Alex stand there for a few minutes, letting her candle burn down.

"Okay, princess. Now, when you candle has burned down enough, right your name." Nuala watched while Alex wrote her name in a language that seemed to be made of angry slashes and beautiful curls. After they were done they both lit the candle with the snake on it. Putting their candles on either side of it Alex started to speak in a language that sounded like a mix of a siren's song and nails on a chalkboard.

As soon as Alex began speaking Nuala felt something go wrong. The earth beneath them started to shake, and the air seemed to be alive and angry. Nuala stepped away from the candle, but didn't exit the circle.

Alex felt the air in the room speed up. That wasn't normal. So she stopped chanting and opened her eyes. The snake on the candle was moving.

Holy crap. What did I do?

Alex stepped in front of the princess. It was her fault that she was in this situation, so Alex would protect her. Besides, how much harm could a snake made out of wax cause?

. -*- .

Abe could feel something wrong. And it wasn't just the burning sensation that was happening between his shoulder blades. The whole house seemed angry. Very, very angry.

Aj, what did you do? Abe walked briskly out of the library, to find Nuada running past him. Abe caught up with him, his own panic and worry matching Nuada's. They stopped outside a black door. Without hesitation Nuada threw open the door and ran in with Abe following.

The girls stood on the very edge of a circle made out of candles. A large black snake stood before them, ready to strike. Nuada rushed forward when Abe stopped him.

"You can't enter the circle. Who knows what will happen?" Abe yelled over the wind.

Nuada turned his rage on Abe. It was enough for him to forget the burning on his back. "What would you have me do?"

"I don't know," Abe yelled back. Neither of them had a weapon. The snake was obviously supernatural, but Abe had no idea what to do. The wind was making it hard to see. Both of them rushed forward when they saw the snake move to strike. The wind became more powerful, causing their eyes to water. The burning on Abe's back turned white hot. Though the wind they heard two sounds.

A snake's hiss and Nuala's screams.

. -*- .

Willow felt a burning on her forehead. She went over to the mirror, and winced. Ever since she brought the Royal Elves back to life she had made sure that she hid her marking and gills. Unlike Abe and Alex they would know what they were.

She felt her great grandmother's anger move the environment around her. This was the first time she had felt her grandmother's attention in a while. She had given up after her Mer children had died. Willow wasn't good enough for her grandmother's attention.

But whatever had happened had made her so angry had brought her out of her non-caring coma. Something that made the earth quake and the air became neck breaking.

Alex, what did you do?

. -*- .

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