Deadly desires deleted scene!

General POV

Neferet looks at Rephaim with distain clearly written on her stunning features as she looks Aaliah's son up and down much to the mother's aggression. "Why do you keep company with this creature professor? He is clearly the work of darkness." Aaliah clenches her fists in anger her dark brown eyes lighting up with that rage you only see in a parent when someone hurts their baby.

"You don't have much room to talk on what is good and what is evil Neferet we both know what you've been up to the apst few years prior to Kalona's rise." Neferet gives a slightly unattractive snort in Aaliah's direction. "Oh please, Aaliah you don't seriously believe I'd stay to the evil side would you?" Aaliah arches a brow at her as Kalona himself walks in having ehard the two women's quarrel.

"actually I do Neferet. Besides we all know you've been screwing like an animal." Aaliah says as students start to crowd around the two angry professors. "You really want this fight squirtel?" Neferet hisses at Aaliah. "Bring it slut." Aaliah hisses back about to sock it to Neferet in the face until Kalona Graps her balled up fist holding her back.

"That's enough. Both of you. Your making a scene and all of you get back to class!" He yells at the students as they all scramble away back into their home rooms. "What started all this?" he hisses at the two outraged women as Rephaim spoke up, "Neferet insulted my apereance and well mother got angry."

"Damn Neferet how stupid are you? Don't you know never to insult a woman's child in front of her unless you want to die?"He asks in utter disbelief. "Pft~ pathetic you both consort with monsters, Freaks, Abominations and…"She doesn't get to finish as Aaliah punches her in the face. "Shut up about my son bitch." Aaliah says wiping Neferet's blood off on her jeans before going back to her class room starting up the class again with Zoey and her gang grinning at her. "Now where were we?"