"No!" "Jacky, wake up! Jacky!" "Jaimy?" "Yes, it's me." "Oh, Jaimy it was terrible!" "Yes, I know, but twas just a dream."

I bury my head in his chest, taking in his warm, sweet smell. I am lying on the foretop of the Lorelei Lee where we are floating off the coast of Jamaica. At four in the afternoon I had snuck off to the foretop for a little 'reminiscing' of times. The water was calm and clear and the wind had slowed to a soft breeze. It was really no wonder I had dozed off.

My dream was not the usual awful reoccurring dream I always had. Not Le Fievre the pirate, who almost hung me all those years ago. No, this time it was Amy. She stood on the gangplank, looking angry, pointing her finger, yelling. " Amy," I says, "Amy, why are ye' so mad at me?" She doesn't respond. Then out of nowhere all the people I've ever met are there. They're holding torches and pitch-forks and they march towards me chanting, "PUSS! PUSS! PUSS! PUSS!" over and over.

Then I woke up.

I looked at Jaimy. His eyes are filled with concern. I grimace knowing that his look is filled with pity not love, wishing that it was. Ever since we were reunited Jaimy is always worried about me. He treats me like a glass flower that has to be protected and guarded. It isn't like I don't enjoy the attention. I certainly do. I just miss the adventures and the sword-fighting and the not so Mistress Primm appropriate kisses from a certain Mr. Fletcher himself. Perhaps I can change that though.

I stand, brush myself off, then with wink to Jaimy, I slide off the foretop and down the ratlines. I land on the deck after what feels like a second. Let no one ever say that Jacky Faber was ever slowed on the lines. I'm the fastest in the seven seas. I swear!

A few seconds later Jaimy thumps on to the deck behind me. I feel the rascal's hands beginning to slip around my waist.

"Not yet my dear boy," I whisper in his ear, "wouldn't want someone to see us now would we? One might think you haven't any decorum." I laugh lightly.

Jaimy was born and raised all upright and gentlemanly. I, on the other hand grew up as an orphan on the Cheapside, England streets, where we stole and lived under bridges to survive.

We can't all grow up wealthy, now can we?

Well, Jaimy has standards and so do I but he seems to forget them when he gets excited so I have to lead him in the right direction.

Boys I swear...

I dodge him and jump down the hatch. On my way down to my cabin, I pop my head into the galley, where my dutiful friend, father figure and confidant, Higgins helps to prepare tonight grub as cook has influenza and can't be let around food for a while. Bloody shame...

"HULLO HIGGINS!" I squeal gleefully.

He starts, and drops the ceramic salt shaker from India on the floor, where it shatters into a million tiny little pieces.

"Jacky!" he exclaimes.

"Sorry!" I yell while I run down the stairs toward my cabin. I fly through the door, leaving it ajar for Jaimy who is a few steps behind me. He walks in a shuts the door with a slam. Then, he turns to me.

I don't let him say a thing. I stop him mid-word with a kiss. He's surprised but he doesn't pull back. His hands go back to my waist, where they pull me in closer. He breaks away and begins to pepper my neck with kisses. I draw him back into another kiss, hoping that finally we won't be interrupted.

But alas it isn't so.