Food comes to me through a slat at the bottom of the door. These people might think they know of me, but they were dumb enough to give me a butter knife along with my first meal. Some lowly seaman must have forgotten to remove it. It may be just for butter but now I have two knives and I'm not afraid to use them. I tuck it underneath the straw mattress carefully.

In the corner there is a bucket with a pipe dripping steadily into it. I doff my top, and drop it into the bucket. After a while it has enough water to wash my shirt. I scrub the stains until almost all of the blood has come out. I wring it out and then tuck the edges into the cracks of the bulk head. I do the same with the rest of my clothes.

Soon I am nude and waiting for enough water to drip into the bucket so that I might cleanse my body.

Suddenly I hear the cell door swing open. The jingle of keys hitting the floor propel me around . Before me stands a young man, a midshipman by the looks of him, staring at me absolutely shocked, jaw dropped.

I giggle and wrap myself in the blanket that previously covered the bed.

"Can I help you?" I ask teasingly.

"Sorry Miss. I-II didn't realize."

"Never mind that, what did you need?"

" The Captain insisted that you be brought to his cabin immediately."

"Tell 'im I'll join him for supper. Wait boy, what's your name?"

"Jason Wells ma'am."

"Jason, would you do me a favor?"

He seems a friendly lad. Perhaps he will assist me?

Jason, would you do me a favor and requisition me a tub so that I might cleanup for my meal with the Captain? It takes an awfully long time to bathe using only a bucket, you know."

"Gee Miss, I dunno…"

I come close to him and put on my most smoldering pout.

Sorry Jaimy, but a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.

Jason sighs. "I will try."

I give him a wink, "Good boy, now where are we going?" "Well I'm going to go talk to someone about getting you that tub, but you've gotta stay here." "No silly, I meant where is the ship going?" "Oh. Edo and then back to London by way of America." "I see. And just how long will this journey take?" "Perhaps few months or more Miss."

"Thank you for being so nice to me Jason. Now run along, I'm sure you have many more important things to do than chat with little 'ole me. Oh, and call me Jacky. Everyone does."

He gives a shy smile, bows, then leaves the brig.