Jason returns a half an hour later with a large laundry tub and some crude soap. Its not much but I always feel so much better after a good bath no matter where I am.

The water's frigid, even though the ship is anchored below the equator. Down here in the brig its gotta be 90-ish degrees. Still I shriek as I lower myself into the icy bath.

Jason comes running to the door of my cell.

"Miss! Are you alright?" he asks breathlessly.

I shiver happily. "I'm fine, but don't look at me. I ain't decent."

He snorts at the irony, but turns around all the same.

"The captain has requested that you come sooner than dinner. He wants you in his cabin. Like now."

I sigh. "Well I'm nothing if not naval. Let me get the towel."

I wrap myself up and then gesture to Jason to lead me to the Captain. "Lead on McDuff," I joke.

"Aren't you going to dress?!" "No. The captain wants to see me." "I don't think he would mind waiting until you were dressed!" "No, we must do EXACTLY the Captain commands. Go on!"

Jason sighs and is about to show me up the stairs when he stops.

"Cuffs! You can't walk with these chains. No. No. Need cuffs."

He looses the slim chain that attaches me to the cell. And then I slip my ankle out of the chain and then he locks my wrists behind my back. I relish the few seconds of freedom. He looks at me with pity and sympathy.

"I'm really sorry about this, Miss."
"I know how it is. One must do as one is told."