Whispering words that would sounds so foreign and distasteful in another's mouth, he closed his eyes, putting his hands on his biceps in a loose hug. He could feel the spell form over him from his head then slowly move down his slender form until it wrapped around his ankles and feet. He could smell it; that scent that taunted him every moment they were together. It was intoxicating as it swirled around him and filled his lungs. He could have sworn he would have lost himself in it.

His heart raced as his fingertips ran over the new skin that covered his now bare arms. They slowly moved over the curves of muscles then back down again. Arms so smooth, so strong... ones that only belonged to the blood of Odin.

A warm summer breeze rolled in through the open window of his bedroom just then, making his now long, thick hair dance into his face. The feel and scent of the locks were so real, he could has sworn the real thing was there standing in the room with him, holding him like he so desperately desired.

He opened his eyes then, casting them down to the floor. Slowly, he moved them up the length of the mirror, taking in his new form. There was no clothing to cover his chest, which exposed the very body that had been so beautifully sculpted in his mind. He let his fingers run slowly over the hills and canyons of his abs, suppressing a shiver. Oh how it was unfair for something so golden to forever be truly out of his reach.

Finally, his eyes moved up to his face, connecting with the beautiful crystal blue eyes there. The waves of golden locks haloed his tan face in such a gorgious way, but the visible stumble on his face made it look strong and handsome. He couldn't resist lifting a hand to run his finger tips over the face that wasn't his own, over the lips he'd never touch. It was unfair that this was the only way to be close to him, yet so far away at the same time.

"Loki!" his golden voice called from the hall, startling Loki enough to make him jump a little. He quickly dropped the form of the Thunder God and looked over at the door just in time to see the very man he had been imitating walk in with that grin that melted his insides. "Brother, come! The Warriors Three and I are having an eating contest and desire a fair judge!" he walked over to him and took his hand into his, so large and strong compared to Loki's small and thin one.

Loki looked down at his hand, knowing this would be the closest he'd ever get to having a real intimate moment with the other, but he pulled on a small smile and met those crystal blue eyes, "Of course. We cannot have a corrupt competition, can we now, Thor?" he asked.

"Of course not! But..." Thor looked behind him as though someone would be overhearing their conversation, then looked back at him, "If you do sway to my direction, I shall not frown upon it." he grinned at him and gave him a playful wink.

Loki gave him a disapproving look then turned him around and started to push him out of his room, "Out with you! Do not sway the judges!" he said, allowing himself to fall back into his place as the other's brother, and never anything more.