Pokmon a tails of pokmon

Red staired at the final battel of man and pokwmon blatoise in hand he broke into the new worl of jonto. A new journey had begun (but not a band like the first one). Flying to the forst gum on his pidgy. It was a gym liek no other it was a bird gym, but not just that but it didn't use normal pokemen instead it used a Khansgaskhan that knew fly. Red ran into the gyum. Go Blastoei he yelled as he ran. Blastoeirse ran out and shot his canon at the Khangashkna which flew up into the air and then fly down and took two turns and then headshot one hit ko. Red looked down at the dead pokemon that was dead and could noot fight so he then switched to his pidgey and said hah I win and the battle was over and Falkner gave him the badge. Red then set out to contineud his journey in the new land of johteo.

Story wil cont in chapter 2 a tail of busgs