I lied. This is the real last chapter.

Sarah was still sputtering to herself at the imbecilic irony of the whole situation as Jareth exited the bathroom. Her thoughts quickly veered however back into the bewilderment just before he had left. 'That was the last of the soap'? 'I guess you're finished'? Did he honestly leave off the encounter in such a nonchalant manner? What had happened to 'the chance to see the Labyrinth's Champion naked'? Sarah spared another glance at the door to make sure that it was firmly shut before standing up in the giant tub, grabbing onto the edges for support. She gently wrung the water from the body of her hair.

Sarah stepped out, feet sinking into a thick bath mat. She grabbed the lone, fluffy towel neatly folded on the rack above the sink and proceeded to dry off with it.

You'd think that a 'red-blooded male' would want to drag things on more instead of leaving so abruptly, give himself a better opportunity to check out the goods. Sarah paused in the act of toweling off her hair to regard said 'goods' in the half-length bathroom mirror. She turned to the side and nodded to herself. Realizing what she was doing she sneered at her reflection.

What was disturbing to Sarah was the fact that she was disturbed by his disregard for her lack of modesty. Confound the man, she was supposed to be happy that he had not tried to pull any tricks on her in the end, not be left with this feeling of bewilderment and lacking fulfillment. She hugged the towel around herself and sighed.

Oh well, might as well get dressed again and head back home. Pity I only have dirty clothes to change into. She turned towards the corner of the room where she had stowed the folded bundle, only to find it mysteriously lacking. Further confused she looked in the other corner—still nothing.

Sarah adjusted the towel around herself, holding it in place with one hand at her chest. Her eyes widened then narrowed in consideration. Surely he wouldn't…? He would. He definitely would.

Jareth lounged back on the edge of the bed, watching the bathroom door with expectation. He was rewarded when it was wrenched open violently and a furious, dark haired woman clad only in a short towel stormed out. Jareth whistled softly at the sight of her long, shapely legs, naked up until almost the tops of her thighs. Now this was more like it.


Jareth smiled politely and gestured to the bed. "This seems to be as good a place as any."

Sarah felt a vein thudding in her temple and brandished a pointed index finger at him, the other hand still protectively clutching the towel to her chest. "You are going to give me my clothes back right now, before I do something that you seriously regret."

Jareth raised his eyebrows. "They weren't even particularly nice clothes. I could conjure something much better."

"I don't want any of your conjurations!"

"Really? I happened to have conjured that towel actually. I could dispel it, if you insi—" He raised a (gloved) hand in preparation.

"No!" Sarah cried, clinging more tightly to the towel as if he would wrest it from her. "Don't you dare! And what is this all about, anyways? I thought that you made a promise to not pull any tricks!"

"For the duration of the bath, Precious. And now the bath is over, and I aim to collect on my due for services rendered."

"You wouldn't." God, he loved the fire in her green eyes.

He got to his feet. "I'll give you a head start of thirteen seconds. One. Two—" He grinned at her widening eyes, her squeak of surprise before she turned and darted for the door, sprinting away into his castle on bare feet.

"Three. Four. Ten. Twelve. Thirteen." He grinned a feral grin, then took off through the doorway after her into the twisting corridors of the castle. Now THIS is what being Goblin King is all about.

Fin. (For realz this time)