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By: Tauria

What is my name again? I don't remember… I remember faces… I remember how to battle… but what is my name? What were their names? What… What were we called again?

"I will defeat you boy…" his voice rang through the plain of existence I had submitted myself too, and I frowned.

"You will never defeat me!" I called out, but we both knew our strength was weakening. We both knew that our battle would be over soon. Would the others even be around?

I remembered faces… Eyes… Eyes that haunted me when he almost struck the death blow…

Pink eyes, three different pairs of black eyes, blue eyes, green-gold eyes… None of them were human eyes, though. Except a pair of green ones, but for some reason they didn't even look human to me. I remembered fighting against evil… And somehow he always made his way into my memories. Except he was different… and then the same… and I didn't know what to make of it.

I dodged yet another one of his black energy spheres, but it wasn't as powerful as it once had been. I couldn't remember how long we had been doing this eternal dance. It seemed like years, but for all I know it could have been only minutes.

I panted, as I stood completely still watching him, waiting for an opening. He would eventually give me one… Even the living dead could not stay still forever… He moved, about to strike, but I was faster. I blew him across the room, and I allowed myself a quick smile.

He got back up again, and the smile faded. Once again we began our eternal fight. It was a curse… Who had caused it again?

Oh yeah.


Even after all this time, hers was the one name I could remember. He had killed her, and she had come back, desperate for revenge. She blamed me too, though I can distinctly remember telling her to not to save him. He would kill her. But she hadn't listened, and he had killed her. And she had cursed us to fight until one of us finally died. Sometimes I hoped it would be me. Most of the time I wished it was him.

We both panted for breath. Did he even breathe? I wondered. Oh well. Yet again, I tried to remember a past that eluded me. I remembered colors… Yellow, green, black, silver, red, blue, pink… They were first and foremost in my remembrance. But I could remember other colors and shades too. However, I could only grasp them for mere seconds before I forgot again.

This was so frustrating… For now I was forever doomed to stare at purple and black… With empty eyes, and a long staff that forever made me dodge before I died. I hated this. I wanted to go home… Wherever home was, that is. I couldn't even remember where I lived. I couldn't remember anything but her and him… and I wanted to remember! Who was I? Why did I have all these powers? Who were those strange creatures I couldn't remember?

Why couldn't I remember? Was I forever trapped here? Would I never get out? I lunged in pure desperation. I wanted out I wanted to remember why I was here… I wanted to remember who these people were… I wanted to remember why thinking about them gave me strength, and to my shock, I had finally one. He was impaled at the end of my lightening bolt.

It was finally over.

I was free.

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