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Rei starred at the piles of boxes that littered across the grounds of the temple she now called home once again. Shifting the sleeping form of Kei against her shoulder Rei allowed a sigh to escape her lips.

The wind teased her shoulder length locks around her face as she starred at the wild grounds that had not been tended with the care they had once been used to, since this past year since her grandfather had moved.

He had refused to hand it over to someone else, and now it gave her a place of sanctuary to run back to. Tears pricked at her eyes as the memories flooded her mind.

The place felt empty without the presence of her grandfather, and it left her feeling cold. The childish laughter that seemed to haunt this place would only come from the lips of Kei now, no more late night sleepovers, no more long talk with her grandfather over a good cup of tea.

The quite and slightly overrun grounds would not become battlegrounds for fast war games with water guns and balloons. Her grandfather would never again yell out tactics, helping or hindering, making them decide which advice to follow.

Rei moved into the temple itself and layed Kei down onto the couch. He curled himself into a small ball and she brushed the dark curls away from his forehead. He shoved his fist into his mouth and pushed his bottom into the air.

Rei placed a light blanket over him and headed to the boxes. She thought about complaining to the moving company the next day for a lack of service. They could have at least put the boxes INTO the temple.

Rei heaved the first few and began the long process of unloading.


Mia moved with ease around her living room. Her brother was late to dinner once again. He seemed to be making a habit out of it. She knew that he had his mind on a few things, but it could not entirely excuse bad manners!

And he knew that his new secretary was not going to be helping things out. She was the normal air headed blonde that every working man seemed to hire as a secretary at least once.

Putting a hand on her rounded tummy she smiled. He had at least better take some time off to help her with the nursery as he promised. With Mark out of town for two months on business, Jason had decided to play big brother and help out.

Not that she minded so much, with her becoming rounder and finding it harder to find her feet, his help was appreciated. He just needed to show up for dinner on time once in a while.

Hearing the sounds of a motorcycle she grinned and placed the last glass on the table. Grinning she was rather proud of herself. She was never any good at cooking, so when she made something that turned out okay, it was quite a surprise, a pleasant one at that.

Jason walked in, his blond hair wind tossed and his blue eyes sparkling from the ride. His leather jacked was slung over his shoulder with an air of masculinity; one that no one could argue with.

" Sorry Mia. I got held up at the office, you know dodging woman with evil intentions." Jason grumbled.

" I am sure that it bothered you." Mia teased, dishing him the soup.

Jason looked at it and looked up at her in amusement. " Do I need to order take out?"

Mia stuck her hands on her hips and glared. " Do you want to deal with a highly emotional woman who is pregnant? Moods swings can get very dangerous!" Mia warned waving a wooden spoon under his nose.

" Okay!" Jason answered hiding a smile; " I give! I understand now why Mark left!"

Mia cracked the spoon over his head with a pout.

" Man what is it with my fascination with dangerous woman?" Jason grumbled rubbing his head.

Mia looked at him with a frown. " Jason, that reminds me of something."

Jason looked up and studied his sister's face. " What?" He demanded, suspicion on his face. His sister very rarely had that look on her face.

" Well, it's about your attraction of abusive women." Mia said slowly. She wondered if she was going to have to spell it out for him. It had taken her a moment when she had been told to connect the whole ordeal.

Jason cocked his golden eyebrow. " What?"

" Well, someone is moving into the temple." Mia said finally.

Jason looked at her uncomprehending. " So the old man decided to sell?" Jason shrugged and took a hesitant bite of his soup. Finding it edible he became braver and took a larger bite.

" No, that's not it." Mia said softly. " Rei's moved back."

Jason choked slightly on his soup, coughing as the liquid entered his lungs. Grabbing the napkin he hacked into to it for a few seconds before looking at his sister.

" Are you serious?" He demanded in a weak tone, his eyes wide.

Mia nodded and ran a finger though her own short blond hair. Brown eyes looked at her brothers seriously. " Yes."

Jason leaned back in his chair and his eyes hardened. " Are you going to see her?" His tone was cool.

Mia stuck her hands on her hips and glared. " Don't you go and turn into a stone on me Jason! Rei and I used to be good friends until you decided to be a idiot!"

" I decided to be a idiot!" Jason snapped.

" Yes. You're the male, so it's always your fault. Now I am going to see what I can do to help her, you can either stay out of her way or do the same." Mia said before flouncing out of the room, turning in the door she shot her brother a look of pure mischief, one that was exactly like the one he wore. " And it's your turn to do the dishes!"

Jason leaned back in his chair and sighed. Raking a hand through his hair he looked at the window, eyes unseeing.

"Rei Aurora Hino. What are you doing back in this town."


Rei leaned back into the bed that she had tracked down sheets for and pulled Kei closer. His little body was warm against her cool one. She would have to find blankets later; right now she was too tired.

She had managed to get her kitchen and living area done, having finished unpacking at least a fourth of boxes had worn her out. At least a fourth of it was done.

Allowing her body to relax she sighed as strains of memories came to her mind. Burring her head into Kei's soft locks she allowed a few tears to leak out.

Rolling over she starred out the window. She had a hard time believing it had been two years since she had seen his face. Chad.

It really did not hurt as much as it once did, and that surprised her in its simplicity. It felt more like loosing her best friend than anything. It still tore at her heart, and still caused her sleepless night, but the pain had dulled somewhat.

Rei curled up and hugged her knees. She used to sit like this as a child and imagine the many things she could have done in her life. She could imagine it so very clearly.

Sitting with the windows open had allowed her to receive a gentle breeze and allow her to listen to her grandfather patrol the grounds. Phobias and Demos would sit on his shoulder and he would talk to both.

Rei let her eyes linger on the broom that layed against the door that went into the fire room. It was old and had several cobwebs on it. It brought back many wars against the never-ending leaves.

Rei's right hand strayed to her left to play with the wedding band that was no longer there. Chad had requested that she bury it with him, and Rei had not the heart to deny him.

He had insisted that she move on with her life, and find love again. Rei allowed a cynical laugh to escape her lips. Love was such a loose thing. If you held on to tight it slipped through you fingers. And if you never grabbed on you lost it completely.

Rei looked over at the clock and sighed. Dawn was still an hour or so away. Watching Kei roll over onto his stomach, his little bottom pushed itself into the air. Rei covered him in the soft sheets and rolled out of bed.

Lying there all day was going to get her no where, and she still had a lot of packing to do. Hopefully she could get most of it done before noon, that way she could go into town and buy the supplies she was going to need.

Rei quickly changed into a loose pair of jeans and a soft sweatshirt. Grabbing a rubber band Rei yanked her dark locks into a ponytail. Slipping on her sneakers Rei began the long process of setting up her living area.

Kei woke up around 8:00 and she had fed him. He was starting to get the hang of cereal, and he was also finding it fun to toss it in every direction while he was eating it.

After setting up his playpen Rei had gotten back to work. Her arms and legs where screaming at her to stop around noon, and so was her stomach.

Grabbing her key's Rei headed to her car. After securing Kei into the car seat she headed toward a place to eat. After she had both her and Kei filled, it was time to head to the grocery store.

After she got her purse and Kei situated Rei began to long process of re-stocking her cabinets. Using her list, and sometimes not, Rei quickly found herself with a full basket. But at least this way she would not have to come back soon.

Rei turned to grab a box of white rice, and felt her stomach drop into her feet. Standing in front of her was a smiling, and pregnant, Mia Williams. Rei remembered that she had gotten married, she had received an invitation, but had been unable to go. For many reasons.

"Mia." Rei said softly with surprise.

" Rei!" Mia gushed. " It's so nice to see you again!" Mia allowed her eyes to travel over her. Rei looked good.

Rei sighed as she looked over her friend. " So when are you due?" Rei questioned.

" A few months yet. I am ready to get this thing out." Mia complained, rubbing her hand down her protruding stomach.

" It gets worse." Rei said softly. " Wait till your back starts hurting, that's when it gets fun, or when you go up a shoe size."

Mia looked at for a moment in surprise, and then her eyes went to the cart she had missed. Her eyes widened when she met a pair of dark eyes that had the same look as the mothers. Dark curls framed pale skin.

" Rei, he's adorable." Mia breathed. " How old is he?"

" Around 15 months. He had been breaking in his teeth, it makes him kinda of irritable, so don't be surprised if he ignores you." Rei told her, watching the emotions cross her friends face. She knew what the next question, was going to be, and she was not quite sure she was ready to handle it.

" Is Chad the dad?" Mia questioned, turning as if to look for him.

" Was, Mia. He died a year and a half ago." Rei said simply, blinking hard. It was easier when she just thought of his death, speaking it was completely different.

Mia turned sympathetic brown eyes on Rei. " Well I stuck my foot in it. What's his name?"

" Kei."

Mia nodded and turned back to her cart. Rei sighed a breath of relief. The sooner she got out of here, the better the chance that she would not run into her brother.

" Mia." A medium tenor rumbled behind her back, " Did you want Vegetable Beef, or just Beef soup?"

Rei slowly turned at met the shocked face of one Jason White.

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