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Kei sat there in the crib his large brown eyes looking out the window. Or at least the direction that the window was in, his little body upheld by the hands that clutched the chewed on rail of the crib. As he drooled on the railing he debated on the fact of whether or not he should let out one of the cries that said the world was crashing down and had his mommy coming.

Moving his head back he popped his thumb into his mouth and chewed on it instead. He decided that instead of calling for Mommy he would try out the new trick he had been perfecting.

A few moments later he was on the floor and padding to his favorite spot in the whole house. The couch. He could hide under the big fluffy pillows and hide until his mommy found him.


Rei stretched her muscles as she finished her work out to make sure that she did not end up with knots in her back and thighs later. Her late night workouts allowed her to mellow out from the day and if she had not run out of energy from chasing Kei she normally took a long bath as well. Which was where she was headed now.

Turning on the tap she sprinkled in a large amount of bath and sunk in with a sigh. Her thick hair was pinned to her hair and she allowed the hot water to remove the last bit of tenseness. All she needed now was a pair of hands that could finish the job. But she would settle for what she could.

Slipping her head under the facet she soaked it and then applied a large amount of soap and cleaned the sweat from the day off as well. A few rubs of conditioner and another quick rinse and she was out. Pulling on her bathrobe she rubbed her hair as she moved through the house. Rei turned slightly as she heard the sound of something breaking. Moving forward she froze at the sounds of her house phone going off.

Shaking her head she reached down and grabbed the wireless. "Yes."

"Nice way to answer the phone." Usagi quipped into the line.

Rei rolled her eyes. "Usa, I have been answering the phone the same way for the past 23 years."

"So?" Usagi pouted. "It's still rude."

"Was there a point to this conversation?" Rei said moving toward the part of the temple the crash had come from. It had been near Kei's room and that had her worried.

"Rei you sound preoccupied. Something wrong?"

"I just heard a noise its nothing major." Rei told her friend.

"Are you sure Rei?" Usagi questioned. "Maybe you should...."

Rei looked at the phone as Usagi was cut off mid sentence. "Usagi?" Rei chewed on her lower lip and clutched the phone as she moved through the house. The darkness in the temple seemed to be even more threatening now. Rei clutched her robe tighter and slipped down the hall on silent bare feet.


Usagi starred at the phone, her pale blue eyes were wide. Usagi racked her brain to see who lived the nearest to the Temple. Rei could have simple tripped and unhooked the phone, unlikely, or the battery on the cordless gone out, possible, but still she needed to have someone check.


Minako would be giving her a prop that was for sure. Even if Rei was okay they would see each other, and if she was not Jason was a good friend to have in a brawl. Cause if someone had broken into Rei's house there was going to be War World 3 unleashed.

Usagi dialed the number she had memorized only two days ago in case Minako had needed it.

Sometimes she surprised even herself.


Rei stepped into Kei's room and froze. Kei was not in his crib and there was someone leaning over it. Without even thinking Rei through the cordless phone that she still held in her hand and it hit the figure somewhere near the temple.

The figure slumped over the figure as Rei tried to figure out where her son was.

Rei yelped as something took her feet out from under her. Rei felt her breath leave her in a rush as she hit the floor. Rei twisted and rammed her foot outward. She felt it hit something but she was still seeing stars from her fall.

Rolling away from whoever had tackled her she crouched down and starred at the two people who where moving towards her. Rei felt behind her and reached for anything to through. Her hand grasped the end of a chair and she hurled it at the one who was between her and the door.

It hit with a thud.

Rei lunged and managed to avoid the hands of the assailant as she rushed down the hall. Rei skidded to a stop and through herself into the fire room and leaned against the wall. Her eyes narrowed as she considered the situation. Her son was missing and there where people in the house who appeared to be trying to kidnap him. Her eyes narrowed to slits.

Rei turned to go back into the hall and she rammed into a solid chest. Rei simply reacted. Grabbing whoever it was by the arm Rei did a simple flip and hurled him or her across the room.

"Jeez Rei, next time say Hi." A muffled voice groaned.

Rei's eyes widened. "Jason. What are you doing here?"

"Usagi called me. Something about you being in trouble and I being the knight in shinning armor decided to come to the rescue." Jason sarcastically. "So here I am. I did not think that I would get thrown into a wall."

Rei narrowed her eyes. "As much as I would like to argue about your tarnished armor I need to find Kei."

Jason's face sharpened. "You do not know where he is?"

Rei shook her head, suddenly aware of the bathrobe that she was in and clutched at it, her eyes wide. Then they narrowed. "The couch." Rei hissed her voice no more than a faint whisper. "He likes to hide behind the big pillows when he is scarred."

Jason raised a brow. "He can climb up them."

Rei gave him another look. "How about we worry about the how's later?"

Jason nodded. "My car is park on the north stairs. You get in the car, I will get Kei."

Rei opened her mouth to protest but Jason gave her a soft look. "I promise Rei I will not leave this house without your son."

Rei nodded slowly and climbed out the window all the time wondering how she could allow herself to trust him.

Rei ran fleet footed to the car and started the engine as silently as possible. She chewed on her lower lip as she waited for Jason to make it out of the house.

'What had Usagi been thinking calling Jason of all people...' Rei hissed to herself as she waited. No matter how much she denied it the part about him coming that bothered her most was the fact that she had been relieved when she saw him. Rei jerked up and once Jason had shut the door with a crying Kei in his arms Rei gunned it.

All those driving lessons with Haruku paid off because they had company. Rei looked over at Jason quickly. "Seat belt. And if you let go of Kei I will bury you myself."

Jason reached over and buckled himself in and tightened his hold on Kei. "See this is the thanks I get. I rescue you and your mother threatens my life."

Rei cut a corner close and Jason winced at the squealing of tires. After what seemed an eternity he watched her slow down and sigh.

"My place."

Rei turned in her seat. Her knuckles were white and had probably left impression and her face was pale, but if looks could kill he would be dead. "Excuse me?"

Jason shook his head. " I am serious. You are not going to Mia's, you can not drive to Usagi's this late, and you are coming with me. I am not letting you go back to the temple."

"But..." Rei started.

Jason shook his head cutting her off. "Rei very few people know where my apartment is. Even you don't, so either you let me tell you where it is or you drive us there, or I drive us there. Those are the two options."

Rei opened her mouth but closed it again. She really had no intention of traipsing around in her bathrobe. "Fine."

Jason smiled slightly and softly told her how to get his apartment, and Rei intending to keep her word, allowed the car to roll forward.


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