Here are the charecters if you don't get it

Ceil: Mikuo

Sebastian: Kiato

May Rin: Rin

Finnian: Len

Bard: Kamui

Tanaka: Leon

Madame Red: Meiko

Elizabeth: Miku

Undertaker: Hakuo

Hanna: Megurine

Aloise: Akita

Clause: Hiyama Kiyoteru

Grell: Ted



White Servant #1:

His Servant, On A Day Off

Chapter 1: His Servant, In The Morning: Waking Of The World

In the 18th century there was a lone mansion that held a boy named Mikuo's at the age of 13 with his servant Kiato, his gardener Len, his maid Rin, his "chef" Kamui, and the original butler Leon. It was an early morning when Kiato went to go fix breakfast for his bound for life master, Kippers made from the freshest herring from the finest fish market seasoned perfectly with mild spices, served with warm milk tea sweetened with the honey from the hives that Len harvested.

"Next is to wake the Master before Rin drops something." Kiato said as he silently, almost floating on air, took long strides across the mansion passing Kamui's room. Hearing his loud snores he opened the door and closed it when he went in. Quietly walking over to the noise he covered its source and slapped him across his face with a displeasing look. Of course with the shock Kamui made a muffle scream.

"What the freak is wrong with you." Kamui said in his American accent, "Why you got to be slappin' me in the facial features!"

"Because you were being a bloody nuisance and had to be dealt with before I strangled you in your sleep if you didn't make be go deaf." Kiato said with annoyance, "Now go to the kitchen and have your serving of food."

"What is it?" asked Kamui.

"...Honey bunches and oats." Kiato sounded please that he wouldn't have to bother with him till he burned Mikuo's lunch.

"Holy Chestnuts I think I'm gonna scream to Jesus."

The sad part is that Kiato really think he will. "Just go eat your bloody bland American food." So now that Kiato's can go fetch his master he once again strides only to stop at Len's & Rin's room (yes they like sleeping in the same room) hearing a loud bang

"Damnit Rin why do you drop every freaking thing you touch." Len screamed. Kiato was so happy their door was stronger and didn't have a gap at the bottom like Kamui's room.

"I am sorry that our Damn father gave me all his Sailor clumsiness while you got all of mom's gracefulness and by the way you don't have to yell this early in the morning while we already have Kamui screaming about stupid cereal!" Rin screamed back, she loved her brother so much but sometimes he just needed to understand she has small hand seizures and there isn't any medicine because it's so rare.

Kiato sighed. "Two times in one day, all I ask is for them to just go eat there food and they'll be just fine." He left once again to come past Leon's room.


Kiato sighed relief, "Thank you, someone who isn't trying to destroy the world" He whispered.


"Son of a— why on this day does it take me an hour to just get across the mansion." Obviously Kiato was pissed. "I guess I'll open the door to see what's happening." He opens the door. "Holy- whatever is holy enough to describe this I want to know."

First the room was a mess, his dresser was upside-down, his bed was on his side (his mattress was across the room), and the door to his bathroom was of its hinges.

"Now why the freak did you do this Leon, was it one of your nightmares again." Kiato obviously knew it was but just loves to here his stories.

"Oh my god is it that obvious?" He asked.

Kiato thought: You fool of course its obvious the freaking mattress is off the bed and I can see your nasty ass toilet, which by the way you're supposed to clean! "No not really except your toilet is quite dirty, servants are supposed to have their rooms neat you know." Kiato's tone was very irritable. He knew the dream was coming and figured that the master didn't want to wake up anyway.

"Oh well yes I do know and I swear I had cleaned it last night but I must have gotten the runts from all the prunes we ate yesterday for lunch and I ran to the toilet in my sleep… Now that I think about it I did go to the bathroom in my sleep, it was seriously scary Kiato, and weird. It was just a normal time of day and Len was gardening and while Rin was being nice and cleaning my toilet. Okay I know now I didn't clean my toilet in the first place. But then Len just came in and went wild because Rin had dropped her fathers ring in the toilet and threw everything everywhere and slapped the master in the face with a dead turkey, but then you kicked Len's ass with a chicken while Rin and I just sat there eating honey bunches and oats." Leon sounded insane but his dreams always had Kiato kicking someone's ass.

"So why were you screaming please don't eat me?"

"Because that's what the turkey, chicken, and cereal were screaming." Leon said like it was obvious.

"Okay then… You can just go eat your honey bunches and oats that I have no clue how you guessed we were having today.


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