Disclaimer: I don't own Golden girls. This is based off the eppy where Miles turns out not to be Miles but in the Witness protection program.

Dorothy groaned as she hobbled into the house.

"Dorothy my GOD what happened to you," Blanche asked.

"What happened? I had a week of hell that's what happened."

"Here," Blanche said running over to Dorothy picking her up and carrying her to the couch, "Rose can you get Dorothy some ice"

"Sure," Rose said and hurried to get it.

"Why was your week so bad," Blanche asked.

"My boyfriend broke up with me," Dorothy began, "My brother is in the hospital with liver cancer and I sprained my ankle and oh I have to move out"

"Move out? Why would you have to do that," Blanche asked alarmed.

"Well with the rent increase I can't afford to stay anymore," Dorothy said, "I was barely making ends meet before that-"

"Oh forget about that," Blanche said, "I was mad because you ruined my dress but nothing and I do mean nothing is worth losing my best friend about. Look… there's something I didn't tell you because I was embarrassed about it."

"What's that," Dorothy asked.

Blanche looked down ashamed.

"Three months ago," Blanche said, "I lost my job at the museum."

"Well Blanche that's nothing to be embarrassed about. Job cuts happen."

"Yes but I lost my job for having sex in the hammock sculpture with my boss. It was his idea and then when people found out he fired me."

"If anyone should be ashamed of that it's your boss."

"Well anyway that's why I've been so cranky lately," Blanche said, "Can we forget we had the fight"

"What fight," Dorothy asked.

"That's my girl," Blanche said.