Prompt: Jeff is a stripper for a bachelor party Nick is at.

(A.N:/ Jeff's stripper name is from the fic You're Too Afraid To Admit It Might Be Love which I'm kinda totally obsessed with.)

"What'll you have?" The bartender asked. He didn't look very interested in his job.

"Beer." Nick said loudly so he could be heard over the rest of the room.

The bartender nodded and returned a few minutes later with Nick's beer. "So what brings you here, sweetie? This doesn't really look like your kinda scene."

Nick nodded. "My friend Blaine's getting married tomorrow so bachelor party."

The bartender's eyes lit up. "Blaine?! I love Blainers! He practically pays my bills from all the partying he does here! Name's Trent." Trent said, extending his hand.

Nick took Trent's hand and smiled. "Nick."

"Aye Nickers!" An extremely drunk Blaine yelled from a few feet away.

"Looks like I better go." Nick said, smiling.

Trent nodded. "Right, you don't wanna miss the show anyway. Blaine's best man booked Syxe. He's the best."

Nick was going to ask Trent who Syxe was but was taken away by Blaine. "Nick! When did you get here!?" Blaine yelled.

Nick chuckled and rolled his eyes. "Hi Blaine." Blaine always had a terrible memory when he was drunk.

"C'mon guys," Thad said, grabbing Blaine by the collar. "I got us a showing with some guy who's supposed to be the best. But the thing is that we have to share it with like ten other people outside our group. I guess this Syxe chick is super hard to get." Thad said, signally the other guys to follow him.

Nick furrowed his brows in confusion. Trent said that Syxe was a boy but Thad was under the impression that Syxe was female. Either way, Nick was about to find out soon.

The group was lead into a medium sized room that already had a few people in it and made their way towards the platform with a pole attached to it that Nick assumed was meant to be a miniature stage. The group found there spots and sat down, waiting for Syxe to appear.

"Yeah! Party!" Blaine yelled, immediately being calmed down by Thad and Nick.

A few minutes later some loud music began and the door opened dramatically, and a blond guy dressed in very little walked headed in, making his way to the poll on the stage and swaying his hips seductively as he did so. He had a thick blue streak in the front of his bangs, and was wearing a large glob of back eyeliner with cheap mascara. He had a shiny gloss on his lips. He was wearing a black tank top that was ripped up at the bottom and short shorts to match.

Syxe grabbed onto the poll and spun around a few times, moving his body so that he was upside down -legs spread in the air. He moved himself back to a standing position and got off the poll, swinging his hips to the front of the stage. "So," Syxe said in a seductive voice. "Who's the lucky man?"

Nick licked his lips. Damn, how he wished he was Blaine right now.

"Me!" Blaine yelled, happily.

Syxe smirked before heading over towards Blaine, hopping off the stage, and making his way over to Blaine, sitting on Blaine's lap and playing with his bow tie. "So," Syxe whispered in Blaine's ear. "How would you like a dance?"

"I love to dance!" Blaine said, excitedly, obviously too drunk to understand what Syxe meant.

Syxe immediately caught onto just how drunk Blaine was and frowned, hopping off Blaine's lap. "I don't fuck drunk guys." He said, stomping away, in annoyance.

Syxe left, soon followed by the rest of the group.

Thad frowned in annoyance. "I can't believe I payed $300 for that." He said as the group piled out of the room. As the group left Nick caught sight of Syxe, sitting at the bar, talking to Trent.

"Hey, I'll uh…I'll meet up with you guys later, alright?" Nick said, leaving before anyone had the chance to reply. Nick made his way over to the bar, quickly, and sat down beside Syxe. "I'm Nick." Nick said, smiling at Syxe.

Syxe didn't bother looking up from his drink. "$300 for an hour of fun, $200 for sex, $150 for a blowjob and $100 for the best hand job you've ever had."

Nick's brows rose, mentally trying to remember how much money he had on him. A few moments later Nick decided against it. He didn't want to be yet another one of Syxe's customers. Right?

Nick chuckled. "Uh, no - thank you though. But I wasn't asking for sex, just wanted to introduce myself."

Syxe finally looked away from his drink, eyeing Nick up and down before smirking a little. "Tell you what, $200 for an hour of fun."

Nick smiled. "New offer, how about dinner? My treat."

Syxe's eyebrows went up slightly. "Oh?"

Nick nodded. "Yep. There's this great place called Breadstix-"

He was cut off by Syxe chuckling. "I once got food poising there." He said, crossing his legs and almost touching Nick with his stilettos.

Nick laughed. "Yeah? Okay, how about coffee then?"

"You realize you're trying to ask a hooker out on a date, right?" Syxe asked, raising his brow.

Nick shrugged. "The way I see it, I'm just asking out a beautiful guy out."

"Fine. Coffee. Here's my card, call me." Syxe said, reaching into his shorts and pulling out a card that read 'Syxe. Call me if you want to have a fun time xxx' above his phone number.

Nick frowned a little when he saw the card. "No real name?" He asked.

"It's my business card." He said, standing up. "But you can call me Jeff." He said just before walking off, swaying his hips in a way that he knew Nick wouldn't be able to look away from.