Loki stared out into the crowd in front of him. He was going to make them bow down to him. He was higher; he was a god. Every single one of these worthless beings were going to kneel down to their new king. "You were born to be ruled. Kneel down before me."

And they did. They all kneeled. They kneeled out of fear though, not respect or worship. Not the way Loki wanted them too. Disappointment spread across the god's features. "You have no reason to fear me, mortals, I will be your god. A better one than you believe in now. Someone needs to run this planet, and that someone will be me. I will make you all brave soldiers."

Half of the crowd looked like they were about to be killed, their faces look terrified and they squirmed in their place. The other half glared. Rage burning in their eyes, anger had made its way into some of their faces and Loki wasn't sure why. Why did they fear him? Why were they angry at him? He just wanted to help them, to guide them and lead them to the right path. The path that brought happiness, even if it meant fighting in a war to win it.

"Tell me. Tell me why are you troubled, scared, and filled with rage. What have I done? Most of your lives will change for the better if you fight for me. You will be happy and free. Is that not what you want?" The demigod couldn't shake his confusion. No one spoke up to tell him what he wanted. Rage bubbled in Loki's core. No one talked or moved.

In the end he killed them. All of them. His confusion subsided and his rage put away for another day. He looked across the now empty space where people occupied only moments ago.

"Foolish mortals. You should've answered to your god, and now you've payed the price." A glimpse of sadness showed in Loki's eyes then disappeared. "I will rule you. You will fall. They always fall."