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Chapter Six

I went up to the deck and sat on the couch next to Malcolm. Grover walked in holding two cups of coffee.

"Oh, hey Percy. Want some coffee?" Grover asked. I shook my head and Grover sat on a chair, handing Malcolm a cup.

"I'd apologize for my meltdown, but I'm not sorry." I said.

"I'm glad you care so much," Malcolm said.

"Yeah, well, I took a little nap and had a very disturbing dream," I said. I told them my dream.

"Who's this Irin guy?" Malcolm asked.

"I don't know."

We sailed for days. I had many dreams that were very similar to the first one. Each day Irin took the kissing a step further, and every day, when he was done, Annabeth would bawl her eyes out. When we find them, Irin is going to be sorry.

About a week after we left, our boat pulled into Key West, Florida. We got off the boat.

"Where to?" Grover asked.

"I don't know… I have a good feeling about Key West though…" I answered.

"I agree," Malcolm said.

"My dreams seemed kinda caveish." I said. So we looked for caves and dark places. We weren't attacked by any monsters, which was good. We walked into a large cave about four miles from the city lines. We looked around and I saw him. My eyes narrowed with anger at the sight of Irin. I sprinted to him and within ten seconds, I had him pinned down on the ground with my sword at his throat. I knew my celestial bronze couldn't hurt him, but hopefully he didn't know that.

"Percy!" Grover said. He and Malcolm didn't know what Irin looked like, so they probably thought I just attacked a random mortal. Malcolm put the piece together though.

"Where's Annabeth?" He yelled. Irin was gaging.

"Percy," Grover said, "we'll take care of him. You go find Annabeth." I nodded. Malcolm took over my attack and I went down the dark corridors of the cave. After a few minutes, I heard a faint crying noise.

"Annabeth?" I said into the darkness. The noise stopped. I heard a faint "Percy," and ran in the direction of the sound. When I saw her, my heart dropped.

"Annabeth," I choaked out. My dreams weren't nearly as vivid as the real thing. I could see bruises and red marks where Irin had hit her.

"Percy," she almost whispered. She was in her cell and I saw a lock on the door. I looked around for a key. It was on a large hook. I unlocked the door and ran to Annabeth. She was in no shape to walk and still had the cuffs on her arms. I used Riptide and carefully cut her free. As soon as she wasn't being forced to stand, she collapsed. I caught her just before she hit the floor. She raped her arms around me. I hugged her back.

"Percy, the guy, Irin, he-he kissed me and he hit me, and his spider! His spider is horrible!" Annabeth went off rambling.

"Shh," I said stroking her hair, "I know. It's okay." I kissed her gently. I didn't know if she would want it.

"Percy," she said.


"I love you." I smiled.

"I love you, too." I kissed her again. When we pulled apart, I carried her back out to the front of the cave where Grover and Malcolm were waiting. They both hugged her, which was hard because I was holding her. I carried her back through Key West. We got some strange glances, but it didn't matter. I carried her to the boat. I never took my eyes off of her the entire ride. I carried her home.