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"Its feels like we've been searching for ever." Yaten said while tuning his guitar.

"We've just started a few month ago, you're going to have to give some time. We have no idea were she might be." Replied Seiya

"I know but every night after the show when we get no sign, no vision, no anything it's like being stabbed in the heart."

"I know what you mean." Taiki said fixing his tie, "If only Sailor Star Lover was here. She always made the best of things." He remembered how no matter how bleak it got or how rough the battle was Lover all ways looked at the bright side and always had hope."

"She would have a ball up on stage." Seiya thought out loud. He smiled when he remebered a festival back at home when Lover sang and danced on stage. Ever one there loved it. "She had amazing stage presents."

"And she was so funny, everyone wanted to be around her." The memories of Lover little pranks she pulled on them and the jokes that where so stupid you just had to fall on the ground laughing filled Yaten's head.

"But she's not here." Taiki brought everyone back to related "And she won't be coming back. We have to do this mission with her."

"Why did she have to die?" Yaten said with a tear running down his cheek.

"She died to save the princess and us." Seiya replied, "She died so that we can escape and rebuild our world."

"Do you think she was reborn?" Yaten wiped the tear away.

"Of course," said Taiki, "All scouts are reborn. Maybe someday in other life will all met again." The door opened and there manger Mr. Woe stepped in.

"Hello boys, are you ready for show tonight?"

"When aren't we." Said Seiya.

"I got the complete list of performer for the festival tomorrow." He dropped a folder on the coffee table. A Few a pictures slide out. Yaten glanced at the folder. There was picture that was partly covered by the folder and other pictures. The only person you could see on it was a young man with long brown bangs that went over his dark brown eyes. Yaten picked up the picture. There were two men on the picture but they were of no interest to Yaten. He stared at the familiar looking eyes and for a second his heart stop. 'Could it be?' thought Yaten, 'Is it even possible?'

"Mr. Woe," his voice squeaked, "Who are this guys?"

"Let me see." Mr. Woe put his glasses on and looked at the photo. "Ah, there a punk band the United States, I believe there called Blink 18something. Why so interested?"

"Are they staying at the same hotel as we are?" Yaten ignored Mr. Woe question.

"Yes all the bands are staying at the same hotel. Do you want to met them?"

"Yes." Taiki and Seiya gave Yaten a questioning glance. "I need to talk to Taiki and Seiya alone, if you don't mind Mr. Woe." He nodded and left. Yaten spun around and practically shoved the photo in their faces. "Look!" he pointed the brown hair, brown eye man. "Look!"

"What?" Seiya took the picture. He gasped and dropped it. "It can't be. Can it?" Taiki picked it up the photo.

"What are the chances…No it can't be." Yaten and Seiya looked angrily at Taiki. "There is no way that is her."

"Why not! She could have been reborn here to help us in our mission!" Yaten grabbed the photo away from him.

"Why would she be reborn as a guy?"

"Hello! Look at use Taiki! Where guys. What's making this so hard for you to believe?"

"I don't want to be disappointed!" Taiki shouted. "Every night is a disappointment and I can't handle anymore."

"We should at least meet him." Seiya said calmly "What the harm in that?" Yaten and Taiki nodded. It was time for them to go on stage. They got up there and pretended to be your everyday boy-band singing for all those screaming girls without a care in the world. They were really the exact opposite in so many ways.