"Soundwave is..."

"Returned with his mightly leader Megatron!" Mirage hissed with anger.

Optimus approached Mirage, and saw the small mechs optics fill with tears of anguish and anger.

"He didn't even care!" Mirage cried, as tears fell staining the desert sand below him.

Optimus had only seen Mirage cry like this back on Cybertron, and it was also to do with his brother, but this time it was filled with a betrayed pain in the red mechs spark.

"Mirage... I'm so sorry..." Optimus sypathetically apologized placing a servo on his adopted little brothers shoulder.

"Why are you sorry, Soundwave should be the one that's sorry, he betrayed us!" Mirage kicked the sand, and continued to cry with his anger building.

"Mirage he may have betrayed the Autobots, but his betrayal only hits your spark, and I can see it has hit you deeply" Optimus sighed as Mirage shook his servo off his shoulder.

"I don't care, he made his decision clear, he wants to be with them, next time we meet I wont hesitate to offline him like I did on Cybertron, I made that mistake once and it ruined my life, I wont be making it again!" Mirage hissed with vengeance strongly in his tone.

"Mirage, you are angered and filled with devastation right now, your thoughts aren't clear at the moment, I know you are not like that" Optimus spoke graciously to the angered young scout.

"I'm going to, I don't care anymore!" Mirage shook his helm at the prime and took a few steps away from the prime.

"Mirage do not let the Decepticon you promised to put behind you, come back and corrupt your thoughts" Optimus said trying to calm Mirage.

Mirage stopped at the Primes words and sighed drooping his doorwings, letting his tears take over his emotions.

Optimus knew that he had calmed the young mech down, but had filled the scout with great sadness and sorrow, and walked over to the mentally and phisically wounded young scout.

Placing a servo on the small bots back, Optimus opened the groundbridge with a remote, and escorted the deeply sorrowed scout through the bridge, back to the base, where Ratchet and Hound had been wondering where the two had dissapeared to.

In the air, Megatron and Soundwave soared through the fiery sky, back to the energon mine that was attacked by Mirage and Soundwave.

Megatron transforming and landing infront of the mine enterance, looked around with a smirk plastured on his face.

"Where have you two been?" Ratchet asked in his usual gruff tone.

Optimus shook his helm at the medic, and gestured his helm to the devastated wounded scout.

"Mirage Primus what happened to you!?" Ratchet gasped, quickly grabbing his medical kit and rushing over to fix Mirage.

"He decided to attack a Decepticon energon mine" Optimus answered for the scout, knowing Mirage was not in the mood to speak.

"Alone, are you crazy!?" Ratchet scoffed finishing Mirage's repairs.

"I'm alone now..." Mirage mummbled, before trudging off into his room shutting his door behind him.

"What's the matter with him?" Hound asked,bconcerned for the red young mech.

"He did not go alone, he was accompanied by his brother, who betrayed him... he has returned with the Decepticons..." Optimus sadly replied to the spys question.

"No!" Both old mech gasped.

Soundwave waited patiantly for Megatron to say something, waiting for his moment to strike.

"Do you think I'm a fool!?" Megatron retracting his blade, whirling around to strike the faceless mech, who reacted and stopped the blade woth his arm.

"Do you think I wouldn't see through your betrayal, you would never betray twice!" Megatron growled, scraping his blade off Soundwave's arm, creating sparks.

Soundwave responded with kicking Megatron in the chest, causing the warlord to stumble backwards.

"You almost won in the pits in Cybertron, I will gladly refresh your memory!" Megatron snarled regaining his balance, before charging at Soundwave.


"That's going to devastate Mirage, it already has!" Ratchet spoke with concern.

"Hound could you please retrieve the energon Mirage recovered, I will send one of the twins or someone to help you" Optimus sighed opening the bridge for the mech.

"Of course Optimus, right away" Hound nodded running through the bridge.

"Why would Soundwave do such a thing to Mirage!?" Ratchet growled as Optimus walked past down the hallway.

"I would like to speak of it later Ratchet" Optimus replied knocking on Jazz's door.

"Hey Prime what's going on?" Jazz asked opening his door.

"Hound just went to retrieve the energon Mirage found, I would like you to help him" Optimus replied to the mech.

"Sure thing Optimus" Jazz replied with no questions.

"Optimus we have a call coming in, It's Megatron" Ratchet announced to Optimus, as Jazz just left through the bridge.

"State your business Megatron?" Optimus growled, answering the call.

"Oh I just thought I would thank you, for filling my spy with all of your imformation, you fools actually believed that Soundwave, my most loyal colleague would just up and turn on me because of a stupid sparkling, you're more stupid then I thought" Megatron cackled on the monitor.

"I knew it!" Prowl said from behind, making Ratchet and Optimus jump.

"Oh Soundwave so easilly manipulated you stupid Autobot's, everything an act, you always thought you could convert my Decepticons to your side Optimus, how stupid you are" Megatron continued to cackle at the Autobots.

"Well you'd be lying to yourself Megatron, what about Barricade?" Ratchet scoffed, starting an argument.

"He was just an idiot to begin with, anyway I thank you for all your imformation though, I will be seeing you all shortly" Megatron hissed ending the call.

"Lord Megatron why did you say that, when Soundwave is not here and did not share anything?" Knockout asked, following Megatron out of the communications room.

"It's all to make them squirm Knockout, the more they squirm the more they leave me to my real plans!" Megatron snickered to red mech.

"Well done my lord, good thinking" Knockout sneered continuing down the hallway with Megatron.


"Seeing us shortly, Optimus Soundwave knows where our base is, the Decepticons are more then likely on their way!" Prowl gasped to the Prime.

"Optimus another incoming call from Jazz this time" Ratchet announced interupting the officers conversation.

"I've been trying to call for 15 minutes now, Hound is down and critical!" Jazz panicked over the commlink.

"We're on our way!" Optimus gasped ending the call, as he and Ratchet quickly ran through the bridge.

"What happened!?" Ratchet kneeling beside the fallen mech, asked as he quickly brought out his medical kit.

"Soundwave happened" Jazz said pointing to the faceless mech standing only a couple feet away.

"Soundwave!?" Optimus and Jazz both retracted their weapons, and held the faceless violet energon covered mech at gunpoint.

"It's not what you think!" Soundwave responded holding out his servos.

"It's exactly what it is!" Jazz snarled taking a few steps towards the slim con.

"Jazz you got through the bridge after Hound went down shut up!" Soundwave snarled right back at the solstice.

"You saw him get stabed by me, it was by accident, I ment to hit Megatron!" Soundwave cried out in defense.

"Look Optimus...If you want to finish Megatron off... now is the time!" Soundwave hissed in pain, weakly falling to his knees infront of the two.

"What do you mean Soundwave, is this a trick!?" Optimus growled lowly, not trusting the mech at the moment.

"I didn't betray you, I was just tired of hearing Megatron, so I tried to rid of our problems, but he chased me off back here, where Hound showed and got in the way, Megatron left me here to die..." Soundwave leaking energon from various life threatening wounds, weakly replied telling the truth to the prime, as he colapsed infront of their peds.

"Soundwave!" Optimus gasped catching the faceless mech, before he could hit the desert floor.

"Optimus, Hound is gone..." Ratchet announced in a soft dissapointed tone.

"No" Optimus said closing his optics.

Just as Ratchet got back to his peds, the ground bridge opened, and a racing red mech came running through.

Mirage looked and saw Ratchet standing by Hound in a devistated tone, and looked to side, to see Optimus helping Soundwave walk over to Ratchet with Jazz, it didn't take long to clue into what was going on.

"What are you doing!" Mirage hissed retreacting his sniper, and aiming it at the faceless mech in Optimus's servos.

"Mirage I didn't betray you, and I didn't mean anything to happen to Hound" Soundwave said apologetically to his enraged brother.

"Hound... no!" Mirage gasped running over and sliding to his offline adopted fathers, lifeless shell.

"There's nothing we can do" Jazz sympathetically sighed, placing a servo on the young scouts back.

"You killed him!" Mirage snarled jumping to his peds, throwing stumbling back, as he aiming his sniper at Soundwave's hel threateningly, as tears started well up in Mirage's optics.

"No I didn't mean to, I was trying to kill Megatron honestly Mirage!" Soundwave cried out getting up to his peds after Ratchet repaired him.

"You lie!" Mirage cried out tackling his weak injured brother to the ground, holding his blade in a hostile way, threatening Soundwave.

"Mirage his telling the truth!" Optimus yelled trying to stop the red scout.

"If it were not true, I would not be this badly beaten!" Soundwave pointed out, refusing to struggle against the smaller mech.

"All you do is lie!" Mirage hissed ignoring Soundwave's words.

"Mirage, he is telling you the truth, don't regret taking away the only spark related being to you" Optimus calming but sternly spoke to the furious scout.