My life used to be somewhat normal. Although my dad was dead, I still had my mom. We look exactly alike; midnight black hair, icy blue eyes, you get the picture. Even though our personalities clashed on different occasions, we made it work. And even though I'm 14, (which I think at this age I can do stuff myself) Mrs. Elbe, my next door neighbor would always bring dinner over when my mom worked late. Little did I know that Mrs. Elbe was only working to destroy my family.

Chapter 1

I woke up, hearing sirens and people yelling. Lying in my bed, trying to just get a bit more sleep, my mom came in. "Wake up! Get pack your stuff in a back pack, then get some food to put in it." She said. "What's going on?" I asked her. "There's not time to explain! Just get the stuff and run to Sara's!" Ok then… I grabbed my back pack, and put a picture of my dad inside. It's the only thing I have to remember him by.

What's going on? I thought to myself. Instead of going to Sara's I could sneak around here. I'll go over there later. Right now, I need to find out what's happening. Walking out of the house, I was spotted by an officer. "Hey! You! Get over here!" he yelled at me. Immediately, I ran over to hide behind the garbage cans. Soon, he forgot about me, and became immersed in whatever he was doing. Before long, I saw another officer coming towards me. Oh great. Well, as revolting as it was, my only option was to hide in the garbage can. It was kind of hard to get inside, but I did it anyways. Man, it stinks in here, I thought. After about five minutes, two officers holding back my mom with handcuffs walked by me. "Why am I even being arrested?" my mom shouted. "Well, ma'am we can't really tell you until we get to the station…" one of the officers said. "TELL ME! NOW!" she screamed in his face. Wow, my mom could really scare people. "We… we… got a call from your neighbor Mrs. Elbe." "And what did she say?" my mom hissed. "Umm, that you were part of a treasonous group that uhh… threatened the United States." The officer stuttered. Could it be? All those nights she 'stayed at work late' could she have been meeting with a secret organization? But… my mom would never harm anyone. How could that group even be 'treasonous'?

A few hours later, after everyone had left, I ran over to Sara's house. I love Sara's house. It's a Victorian house, with a trellis on the side by Sara's room. I quickly clamber up the trellis, ingrained with years of practice of climbing it every night. I tap on the window, and Sara sees me. I climb in quickly after she opens it.

"Hey Sara." I say, managing my best smile.

"Allie! I was so worried! I saw all the officers at your house! What's wrong?" she asked.

"I really don't know Sara. I really don't." I reply, staring at my feet.

Sara's mom interrupts us as she comes in the room, "Allie, social services will pick you up in an hour."

Oh no. I would not-fucking-ever go into foster care. I wouldn't be bounced from house to house like my dad was. I had to leave. Besides, it's not like there was anything left for me here.

"Sara, could I borrow a sleeping bag and some food from you?" I asked her.

"Um...Sure. I don't know why you'd need it but…" she trailed off.

It hurt, but I knew I had to leave Sara in the dark. It would be easier this way. I wouldn't be bringing her into this mess. I didn't want to mess up her life too.