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Yu-Gi-Oh! I'm not Ordinary

Chapter One: The Beginning, In Trouble

"YUGI, HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO TELL YOU NOT TO USE YOUR MAGIC IN THE HOUSE?!" Jerome yelled from the bottom of the stairs.

"I didn't do it on purpose, Heba made me do it!" I pointed a finger at my twin brother from the top of the stairs.

"Oh sure, shake the blame onto MY back will ya!" Heba exclaimed sarcastically throwing his hands up into the air for emphasis.

I'm Yugi Momoto, I'm 13 years old and live in an old mansion, I live there with my twin brother Heba Momoto, he's the only family I have left. Nine years ago me, Heba and the people who we believed to be our parents were riding in our car, our parents were taking us somewhere to meet our grampa and two other kids our age. But as we were turning a curve a drunk driver driving a Semi truck came rumbling towards us, causing my daddy to quickly spin the car out of the way.

But he was too late, the Semi ran into our car on my side and caused us to go over the edge, the Semi just flipped over onto its side as we fell down the side of the road. We went down farther and farther before the car hit a tree and knocked us all out. When I woke up, I found the car smashed up against the tree, Heba was still unconscious. I unbuckled him and pulled him over to my side of the car where it was more comfortable (ish), I then pulled myself up to where I could see mom and dad, they both had blood running down their nose and were both unconscious. As I tried to wake them up Heba began to stir.

"Yugi, what happened, why do I hurt all over, and why is the car off the road? What is going on Yugi?" I shook my head.

"I don't know Heba, but we'd better try to wake up mommy and daddy." Heba had nodded in agreement, he crawled up behind mom's seat and tried to wake her. As I tried to wake up dad I noticed a light coming from dad's shirt pocket. I pulled it out to find his phone.

"Here we go, with this we can call for some one to help mommy and daddy, I hope so anyways." Heba looked at me and nodded, I took a breath and dialed the number mommy and daddy taught us.

*Come on, pick up someone, please help!* I was starting to freak out that I began to cry, Heba had already started to cry. We both had bottle loads of tears coming out of our eyes, as I waited for someone to pickup the phone I tried to stop the tears from coming so I could speak clearly. My heart nearly jumped out of my chest when I heard someone's voice on the other end of the line.

"Hello, what is your emergency?" I rapidly began wiping the tears from my eyes.

"P-please h-h-help us, m-my m-mommy and d-daddy are h-hurt!" I stuttered out the words.

"Yugi, could you put it on speaker." Heba asked, I nodded and pressed the speaker button just in time to hear the ladies voice on the other end.

"I'm sorry, I couldn't understand you, could you repeat that?" me and Heba started to bawl again.

"Please, you've got to help us, our mommy and daddy are hurt and we can't get out of the car their hurt in!" Heba cried into the phone.

"It's ok, I'll send over an ambulance, where is your location sweetie ?" the lady asked, noticing the pleading sound within Heba'svoice.

"W-we don't know, all we know is that we fell over the side of the road and now mommy and daddy are hurt real bad!" I cried into the phone, unable to hold my fear.

"Ok then, I'll stay on the phone with you while the police and an ambulance traces your phone signal, how old are you honey?" Heba spoke to the lady this time.

"I'm four and so is my brother Yugi, are your going to help us?" the lady spoke to us in a calming voice.

"Yes little ones, help is on the way just stay on the phone and they'll get there faster ok, just stay calm."

"Yes, we'll try, will mommy and daddy be ok lady?" I asked.

"Yes, I'm sure they'll be fine, just stay on the line and tell me when you hear a siren." as we waited for the sound that the lady had described to us, we kept checking up on mom and dad to check if they woke up. After what seemed like forever, we finally heard the sirens, we looked out of my window to see red and blue lights at the top of the road. We had to put our ears against the window to hear what they were saying.

"This was the place where the signal was coming from, they should be around here somewhere." I rolled down my window and began to shout.

"HELP, WE'RE DOWN HERE, HELP!" I don't think I ever shouted that loud, but it was worth it, even though my throat was sore after all of it.

"LOOK, THERE THEY ARE! THERE DOWN IN THE DITCH! GET THE TOW TRUCK!" another man who saw us also helped.

"MOVE, MOVE LET'S GET THOSE KIDS OUTTA THERE!" after a little while, they finally got the car onto the road again, they had to bust the doors open because the crash against the tree caused my door and Heba's door to stick shut and we didn't want to climb over mom and dad to get out.

Once they got mom and dad into the ambulance, the police gave me and Heba a ride to the hospital, me and Heba wouldn't leave the bench that was beside mom and dad's room. Three hours later the doctors came out and said that severe damage was done to their brains and they wouldn't be able to take care of us, me and Heba refused to believe it, but when the police came to take us to our new home, they had to pick us up in order to make us go. Me and Heba cried all the way to our new home and that's when we met Jerome, the police chose him because he was the closest friend of our parents, we had met him once before when our parents had to call a babysitter, Jerome just happened to be in town around then, we made friends with him fast when we met him.

So when the police opened the door, Jerome was standing in front of his small mansion, me and Heba ran to him and began to cry, the police explained to him what had happened to our mom and dad, Jerome's eyes widen and he told the police that he would take care of us. He said goodbye to the police and gave the two of us a bath and some clothes to sleep in, not too long after Ryou and his brother were sent to live with us along with Malik and Maliku. And we've been living with Jerome ever since that day. These days Jerome just makes us clean the house, but then again we never always did the chores when told, we did them, just not when Jerome asks us to, just like today.

"Heba go clean your room, Yugi you go feed the animals before they burst into the house and raid our fridge!" The two of us ran to finish our chores obediently, Heba nearly tripping on the hallway rug and me almost falling face first down the stairs.

"Hey Jerome, can I ask you a favor?" I asked while opening the container of raw meat.

"Sure, go ahead." I took a deep breath and spoke.

"I was wondering if you would help me and Heba with our magic and our animal transformations." there was a silence so I took the answer as a no.

"Sure, you two need the training anyways." just then Heba came running down the stairs.

"You mean it Jerome, your going to help us train?!" I have to admit, I was surprised myself, normally Jerome would let Lady Mara train us. Lady Mara is an old lady who lives at the top of the old hill of our town.

"Yeah, I might as well, I mean if I'm going to be teaching you two to control your magic powers, I might as well do it myself."

"Hey Jerome, where are moving to?" Heba asked putting a bag of trash in the garbage.

"It's a city called Domino City, it's a pretty neat place once you know how to get around." he said cutting up some meat for dinner.

"What are the schools like?" I asked interested in knowing about this city.

"Well, let me think, oh yeah! There's this really popular game there called Duel Monsters, I even heard that the champion lives in Domino." my eyes went wide.

"A champion... lives in Domino City. I thought that champions lived in big fancy places, why would he live in Domino?" Jerome turned towards me, giving me his big 'know it all' grin.

"Well he doesn't like living like someone he's not, well that's what he said that is, but I think that it has something to do with the fact that his only family lives in Domino City, that would be his grampa and his twin brother." I raised my eyebrow at this info.

"The champion has a twin?!" Jerome chuckled at my surprise.

"He has a title you know." Heba gave a sarcastic sigh.

"Well Jerome, you forgot to mention that he HAD a title." he just smiled.

"Well sorry, anyways he's called the 'King of Games', they say that no matter what game he plays he never loses." I grinned at this, along with Heba. The both of us were known as the best game players in the entire town, no one in the entire town could beat us. We can't even beat each other no matter what game we play, it's always a tie between the both of us.

"I hope that we get to meet him." Heba said staring off into space.

"Well Yugi." Jerome said looking at me. "You better get the wolves their meat before they bang the door down out of hunger." I let out a small 'eep' and ran towards the door that separated us from the wolves pen.

"Remember to concentrate, think about nothing except the transformation, if your mind wanders away from focus, then the transformation will revert you back into your human form." Jerome instructed as me and Heba began to focus on transforming, so far me and Heba have only been able to get halfway through the transformation, but then we just revert back to normal before we can fully transform.

"Oh my %# $$# Gods this is extremely hard!" Heba exclaimed panting.

"That's because your using up to much energy when you try to transform, it doesn't take up that much energy to do so." Heba fell backwards in exhaustion, taking deep breaths to reclaim his energy. I looked at the dark path that led farther into the woods and noticed four pairs of eyes looking at me, one pair of green, another of dark blue, one of lavender, and one of dark purple.

"Ryou, Ryuu, Malik, Maliku, what in the Dark Realms are you doing up at this hour, more or less in the woods?" Jerome and Heba looked in the direction I spoke to, and out came two pairs of twins.

The first pair of twins have white hair that goes down to the bottom of their necks, it was easy to tell the difference between them because Ryou, the older of the two, has green eyes while Ryuu has dark blue. You can also tell the difference by their personalities, Ryou is soft and always thinks he needs to look at both sides of a story, and he rarely does anything violent, but he can be mischievous. Ryuu is harder than his brother, he never bothers to look at both sides, and he's more violent than Ryou, but he does have a soft side for animals, in fact we all have a soft spot for animals. The next two are Malik and Maliku, who both have sand blond hair that goes to their earlobes, Malik has lavender eyes and Maliku has purple eyes, out of the two Malik is older than Maliku.

Their personalities aren't that much different like Ryou and Ryuu's are. They both like to cuss when a teacher or adult isn't around, they both also have mind problems, Malik will take the sharpest thing in the room and will try to cut someone's hair. Maliku will try to hit the person that made him mad with the biggest book nearby. However things like that only happen when someone makes them mad, to give people a hint on how mad we just compare them to how alpha wolves act when their pack is threatened, which is more close than people think to be honest.

"Why are you guys here, shouldn't you all be asleep?" Jerome declared as Ryou gave one of his rare grins and folded his arms across his chest.

"Doesn't that go for Yugi and Heba too?" Jerome blushed knowing that he was right.

"And no fair in getting secret training from Jerome when we have to get ours from that creepy old Lady Mara!" Malik stated, it was obvious that his mind was set on 'crazy' by his voice.

"I agree, we need training too, you guys aren't the only ones moving you know, WE exist too!" Maliku, who was also in 'crazy mode', explained loudly.

"Oh alright, but you two," he said pointing towards the sand blondes. "Must promise to stay serious, you got that?" Malik and Maliku stood straight and did a sloppy solute.

"YOU GOT IT GENERAL!" they said playfully but seriously.

"Ok then, get in your stance and concentrate on the transformation." the four quickly got into their position and began to concentrate. This went on for a few hours before Malik and Ryuu collapsed, completely drained of their energy, Maliku just pretended to try while Ryou was getting closer and closer to a full transformation like me and Heba.

Soon the sun started to rise and we all began to get a little sleepy, so Jerome had to call the wolves to carry us back home because we were more than likely to fall asleep on the way back, and Jerome wouldn't be able to carry all of us. Once we got back, our wolf friends took us up to our rooms and placed us on our beds to sleep, and everyone fell asleep soon after we got back, my wolf friend, Graypelt, stayed with me as I fell asleep, with me stroking his soft, sleek, and shiny gray fur. My eyes started to droop until I fell into a very deep sleep.

I woke up to a big, wet tongue licking my face, I tried to get away from it to get more sleep by turning over, no luck, the tongue just hit my face a few seconds after I turned over, my eyes flew open to see that the tongue belonged to Graypelt.

"Ok, ok I'm up Graypelt, what do you want?" I asked in a slightly annoyed, but playful voice.

"Yugi, Jerome wanted me to wake you because the movers are going to be here soon and he wanted to make sure that all of your things have been packed, so get up." I groaned, but got out of bed, I went into the bathroom right next to my room and took a quick shower.

When I was done, I went back to my room and got changed, I pulled on a dark blue pair of what Maliku liked to call 'gangster bottoms' and a sleeveless black velvet top that read 'Press my buttons,' on the front and it read 'And you're a dead corpse!' on the back. I also wore a black short jacket and a two belts over my pants, I pulled on a pair of Airwalk shoes and slipped on my wrist belt, I also clipped on my Egyptian pendant before I looked myself over.

"Not too bad Yugi, but do you really want to wear that outfit when we arrive in Domino City?" Graypelt asked, looking at me through the mirror.

"Yes I do Graypelt, this is my style, and I'm not going to change that just because we're moving to a new city." my wolf friend nodded in agreement.

"I know what you mean, but I'm talking about what the city will think of you, they might think that your part of a gang or something!" I laughed at my friend's face and headed downstairs.

"That may be so, but it's not like I'm going to be alone on this one." Graypelt gave me a look that read 'I am confusion'.

"Yugi, I don't see anyone else that is wearing anything that falls into the same category as your clothing." I giggled and looked into the kitchen to see that he was wrong.

"You might want to look in the kitchen Graypelt." He did so, and when his eyes met Ryou, Ryuu, Malik, and Maliku, his face showed defeat.

"I stand corrected." I laughed and sat at the table and began to gobble my breakfast down so I could finish packing.

"So, how do you feel Yugi?" Jerome asked pouring me a glass of milk.

"Well, except for the fact that I was awakened by a foul smell and a wet tongue, I feel just perfect!" I replied sarcastically before chugging down my milk.

"At least you got a decent wake up call," Ryuu said sitting down after he got his meal. "I had woken up to Stonetail's howling, or rather his barking." I laughed as Stonetail grabbed his shirt and began to tug, Ryuu had to give him his bacon in order to make him let go.

"So today is 'gangster day' for clothing huh?" Jerome asked giving us all a glance before returning to breakfast.

I looked around and saw Ryou, Malik and their twins were dressed in the same theme as I was, Ryou was wearing a navy blue shirt that said 'Look my way and you'll be my next victim!' under a dark green jacket, he was also wearing a pair of stretchable dark green and blue pants. On his feet he was wearing a simple pair of black sandals and around his neck was an Egyptian pendant almost like mine, we all have a Egyptian pendant which is just a thin piece of metal painted gold. Mine is in the shape of an upside down triangle and has an eye in the middle of it with the Egyptian hieroglyphic for pharaoh on the back , Heba's is also an upside down triangle but his has the hieroglyphic for prince.

Ryou's is a circle with a smaller triangle in the circle with five movable pieces around the sides of the ring with the hieroglyphic for robber, Ryuu's pendant is just like Ryou's but his has the hieroglyphic for thief. Malik's is a small rod that has a ball with two spikes on the top of it, and engraved on it is the eye that is on mine pendant, Heba's, Ryou' s, and Ryuu's pendants, but his has the hieroglyphic for falcon on the back of his, Maliku's looked just like Malik's, but his has the hieroglyphic for hawk on the back of his.

Ryuu was wearing a dark green sleeveless shirt that read 'I'm a weapon of mind torture!' on the front under a brown vest, he wore baggy gray pants that went loose at the knees, on his wrists he wore wrist belts like mine and on his feet he wore simple black sneakers. Malik was wearing a lavender shirt that went to his middle, and down the rest of the way was a see through black fish-lining, he wore dark green capris, and black sandals, on his arms were armbands with random Egyptian symbols.

Maliku was wearing a dark purple shirt with torn off sleeves and a sweater pocket sewn on the front of it, he wore capris identical to Malik's, but his were a dark orange, on his feet he wore worn-out sneakers that he spray painted black, and on his arms were gold colored armbands.

"You're right Jerome, it does seem to be 'gangster day' for us, now when are the mover supposed to be here?" I took a bite of my toast and drank the rest of my milk.

"They're supposed to be here around one o'clock in the afternoon, so you'd better hurry up and finish packing." I looked at the clock and nearly choked on the food I'd just swallowed, one o'clock was in one hour! I was in serious trouble, I ran upstairs and started to throw the rest of my items in the boxes that had been outside my room.

As I was clearing out the items from under my bed, I noticed a gold shine in the far back underneath my bed, I reached under my bed to grab it, but I realized that I had to move my bed in order to get to it. I grabbed one side of by bed only to see that my bed was covered in the stuff that I had recently packed, I let out a groan as I began moving the items off of my bed, I was almost done when Heba, Ryou, Ryuu, Malik, and Maliku came in.

"Yugi, what are you doing, putting the boxes on the ground makes it harder to pick them up." Malik demanded.

"I can see something under my bed, but I can't reach it, so I need to remove the items from my bed so I can move it to get to the item." I grabbed the bed post and tried to lift it up, only to have it fall back to the ground.

"Well, why didn't you say so, we would've helped you, come on guys, lets lift!" Ryuu said grabbing the bed post on the other side, Ryou and Malik took a hold of the bottom of the bed, and Mailku helped me lift on my side.

"One... two... and three, LIFT!" As soon as those words left Malik's mouth, the bed was moved with no problem, I looked over the bed and saw a golden box.

"What the... hell." I said as I pulled the box out from under the bed.

"What's in it Yugi? Look, look." I opened the box and inside were small pieces that looked like puzzle pieces.

"It looks like a puzzle." I said as Ryou took a piece out, followed by the others.

"If this is a puzzle, then I'm Mary who had a little lamb!" Maliku exclaimed as he looked over the piece in his hand.

"Yeah, and if your Mary, then I'm Lady Gaga!"Ryou exclaimed while smacking Maliku's head.

"Hey guys, enough," Heba silenced, then he turned to me. "Yugi, did you notice that one of the puzzle pieces has the same eye that is on our pendants?" I looked in the box and sure enough, there was a puzzle piece with the Eye of Horus on it, I just shrugged.

"Must be a coincidence, what I'm wondering is how this got under my bed, and why do I feel as if I should solve it?" I said, but mostly to myself, I looked up and saw Ryou and Malik exchange a look that said that they knew something that they weren't telling me. "Is something wrong you two, you look as if half of your soul was eaten." They looked at me and left the room and came back a little while later, both holding a small package wrapped in cloth. Well Ryou's was small, but Malik's was long.

"Yugi, when we were cleaning our rooms we also found something that is identical to our pendants." Ryou and Malik unwrapped the two items and I nearly choked at the sight, in the middle of both cloths were two items that were identical to the pendants that Ryou and Malik wore, only they were 3D and much bigger. I looked inside my golden box and was about to start putting the pieces together when Jerome called from the bottom of the stairs.

"Hey Yugi, are you done yet? The moving men are here!" I closed the box and headed downstairs while putting the small box in my pants pocket, it was a tight fit, but I managed, I headed downstairs to see five men wearing working overalls, my guess, the movers.

"Yugi, please tell me that your finished packing." I nodded, Jerome let out a sigh. "Well then, now we can wait for them to finish packing and we can be off." Jerome motioned us to follow him outside, once we were he turned to us.

"What?" Malik said waving his arms for effect.

"You guys need to call the wolf pack so we can loud them into the animal trailer while the movers aren't looking! So hurry up." I immediately made a dash for the woods, the others followed after me.

Once we reached a certain spot, I crouched down like I would to a child and started to howl, Ryou, Malik, Ryuu, and Maliku joined in, after about 20 seconds of howling the wolf pack started to appear. When we stopped howling, Malik, Maliku, and Ryou were tackled by a few wolves.

"Hey, stop that," Ryou said pushing the wolf away. "Put your tongue away now, before you get saliva in my own mouth, and I really don't want that!"

"Get the fuck off of me your rotten excuse for a wolf!" Malik cursed at the wolf that tackled him, earning him a nip on his arm. "Hey! That hurt, and that was a joke!"

"Get. Off. Of. Me before I GO LOCO ON YOU!" Maliku practically shouted at the wolf.

"Are they always going to be like this when they see each other?" Graypelt asked sitting next to me with his tail wagging, I looked at him.

"Why are you using the Mind Passage to talk, you can speak out loud you know, or are you scared?" Graypelt jumped to his paws and looked at me in anger

"I am NOT scared, I just prefer speaking with my mind, not with my mouth!"

"Gotcha!" I laughed as my wolf friend growled at the ground in embarrassment.

"I will get you back for that, just you wait." I laughed and turned towards the entire pack.

"Now it is time for us to move, you all need to get inside the animal trailer before the movers get finished packing the remaining items." those words were enough for them, as soon as I finished speaking, the wolves were running towards the trailer as if their lives depended on it. "Well, that wasn't as hard as I thought." I said to no one in particular.

"Well, the wolves understand this situation," Jerome said running next to me. "You see, I've been taking care of this wolf pack since I was little, and when I adopted you and the others they were overjoyed." my eyebrows furrowed.

"I don't compute." Jerome just laughed.

"Tell you on the ride, right now we got to get these wolves hidden." we quickly loaded them all in the trailer. It took awhile, but we did it, just as we were closing the doors the movers came out with the last of the items, then we piled into Jerome's van. As we left our hometown, I had only one thought on my mind.

*Will I ever get use to a new home? Even if there's a celebrity living there?*

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