Ryoma Mogami walked down the sidewalk. His head hung low as he thought about everything he went through with Astamon- Quartzmon. He didn't want to call that monster Astamon, that was a lie. Quartzmon used him and manipulated his heart and mind. He abused his goal to be as great as his hero Taiki Kudo. What was worse though was what he made him thought he had- a friend. He had trusted and loved Asta- Quartzmon. In the end though it was one sided. Every fight they had been through, every moment they had shared, even when he first digivolved.

Pyschemon and Ryoma ran through the DigiQuartz. On their trail was Cerberumon. He was much faster than both of them and easily cut them off. They slipped and fell and stared up at the monstrous digimon.

"Come on Ryoma, show them your strength!" Pyschemon begged.

At that moment two golden rings of data appeared around their wrists. "Ok Pyschemon! Let's show him how strong we really are!" The crossed the rings. Ryoma swung his Xros Loader and rings floated around him. "Pyschemon Super Digivolve!"

"Pyschemon Super Digivolve to…Astamon!" Astamon raised his gun. "Hell Fire!" He shot powerful bullets at the digimon repeatedly. The Cerberumon winced in pain. "Maverick!" He kicked Cerberumon into a wall and then shot more bullets at the digimon. He stopped abruptly and the digimon fell to his face. A purple ring appeared around him and he disappeared into Ryoma's digivice.

"Digimon, Capture Complete." Ryoma said.

"Was it really all a lie?" Ryoma thought aloud. "Was he really never my friend. How could I just be a puppet to him after everything we went through?"

Suddenly his digivice beeped. He looked at it and saw something on the screen that surprised him more than when he fell into the DigiQuartz. On his screen was a very colorful digiegg. Ryoma quickly ran into an alley where no one could see him. "Digiegg, Reload!" The digiegg shot out of the screen and landed in Ryoma's arms. Suddenly it began to crack and then it hatched. He was a red digimon with three horns on his head.

"Punimon digivolve to…Pyschemon!" Now in his arms was his old partner. Ryoma couldn't believe his eyes.

"P-Psychemon…is it really you?" Then he frowned, "Or are you just Quartzmon taking his disguise again?"

"It's really me Ryoma. After Quartzmon was killed my data was freed from him and I was reborn. I don't know how my digiegg was brought to you, maybe by my desire to see you again, but I'm overjoyed we are partners again."

Ryoma smiled, feeling his partners words were true. "Pyschemon…" Ryoma shed a tear and pulled his partner in close. His partner embraced him back and they stood in the alley like that, happy to be reunited.

(Hiding Outside the Alley)

Taiki watched from the other end of the alley and smiled. "That was really kind of you Shoutmon."

"Well I am the Digimon King, it's my job to keep my people happy. To do that I had to reunite those two." Shoutmon said from the digivice.

Taiki smiled and walked away from the alley.

I hope you all enjoyed it. It just killed me Ryoma lost Pyschemon like that plus Pyschemon was barely shown in the anime. I wish there were more fics about him. I know it isn't my best work but I usually don't write canon.