I look up at the beautiful white angel walking down the stairs at our school. Wow! With her at our school I'm glad I broke up with Shelby. She floats down the stairs pausing in the middle to glaze over the dance floor before continueing to walk down and linking arms with some guy. Jealously raised in me but I realize I had my Princetongirl to meet plus I don't even know who that was. I look at the giant clock on the wall and see I should be meeting my mystery girl now. I walk to the middle of the dance floor. I look all around me but everyone had a partner. I turn and see the angel who was at the top of the stairs. She's standing there looking around at everyone, obviously looking for someone.

"Princetongirl?" I ask, hoping it was her. She turns around looking started.

"Austin? Austin Aims? You're nomad?"

"In the flesh," I said smiling. This was my Cinderella! If only I knew who she was."I guess I didn't disguise myself too well." She giggles but then a wary look crosses her face.

"I'm sorry, this was a mistake. I shouldn't be here." I grab her arm before her could walk off. I can't let her walk away from me that easily. I pull her close to me so that on of my hands is on her waist and the other holding her hand.

"It's not a mistake. Take off your mask and show me my Cinderella," I say leaning in close to her, I speak so softly I'm surprised she even heard me. She pulls away from me and gives me a sad apoligetic look.

"I'm sorry Austin.. But you & I are from different worlds. I thought maybe you were my prince but I'm think now you are just one of those frogs. " She turns and run into the giant mob of people. I chased after her, I run into the parking lot but the only car I can see drving away is too far to tell whose in it. I just lost my Cinderella before I even got to see her face.