She was named after the flower, got her looks from her mum, but her personality is like nothing anyone's ever prepared for.
"What would my dad say if he knew i was friends with a dragon!"
After an accident, when she was little, Azalea became friends with a dragon. of course living on an island where dragons are considered enemies, she had to keep it a secret her whole life. that is until she and her friend hiccup stumble across a downed dragon! Will the secrets she tried so hard to hide come out and bite her in butt, continue reading and find out!

This really isn't chapter one, just the pre-story... also this is a TuffnutXOc story so yeah...SEE YOU AT THE BOTTOM!

It was a bright and sunny day on Berk. The weather had been nice, there hadn't been any dragon raids the entire week, and best of all there had been quite a few healthy births in the last few weeks, with no deaths, yet.

"How are you doing dear? Is the baby coming yet?" A worried Viking named Alun asked his very pregnant wife, named Terra.

"I feel the same as I did 10 minutes ago Alun. Stop worrying so much; when ever my baby is ready he or she will just come." Terra said, as they continued their walk down to the dock.

I heard from Gobber that my Ma and Pa and the others should be here today." Terra said as they continued their walk.

"It's been around a month since they left hasn't it? I wonder if they had any luck finding the nest." Alun said as he held his wife's arm.

"I wouldn't count on it." She said as they finally made it to the docks, where more than half the village of Berk was waiting anxiously for the boats full of other Vikings to emerge out of the horizon.

"My oh my Terra, you look ready to pop!" Terra heard some one behind her say. She turned around and saw her two best friends, Valhallarama Haddock, and Ignna Thorston each holding their own child, well Ignna holding her twins.

"Oh hello ladies! Yes any day now and my little pumpkin will be running around with all the other children." Terra said as she rubbed her belly.

"Oh I hope it's a girl, some more women in this village of ours won't be so bad." Ignna said. "Plus she and my little Ruffnut can be best friends." She added.

"A girl would be nice but Alun here wants a boy first, then maybe in a few years a girl." Terra said as she linked her arms with her husband who was getting pink in the cheeks.

"As long as he or she isn't as small as you." Valhallarama said with a smirk.

Compared to her friends, no compared to all the women in Berk Terra was the smallest in frame. She had always been a thin girl that had never passed 4' 5", but she was one of the strongest woman on the island. It was strange that such a small person could be so strong. Some people say they saw her lift an entire wagon full of hay over her head and throw it 15 feet away.

"Even if he or she does end up with my shortness I'll teach my child to be strong." Terra said with a proud look in her eyes.

"I see the boat! Here they come!" A voice shouted from above our heads. We looked over and sure enough a large boat could be seen on the horizon.

"Does that mean they didn't find the nest?" Terra asked.

"It could." Her husband said softly.

They all waited on silence as the boat came slowly to the docks. The closer it got the more details could be seen. Part of the boat had a hole that was poorly patched up. Most of the boat was singed and looked like it was about to fall apart at any moment.

Stoick the Vast, the chieftain of our Viking tribe came off the boat first.

"So how'd it go?" Alun asked.

Stoick said nothing but shook his head no.

"Did anyone perish?" Someone asked from the crowd.

Stoick raised his head, "Two of our fellow Viking's perished in our search for the nest." He said loudly.

"Who?" Terra asked, as she looked around for a face that was supposed to be there but was not.

"These were two fine Viking. Brave and full of pride to their home. Although they where not able to come home I have no doubt they are being introduced to Valhalla now." Stoick said and rested his giant hand on the little woman's shoulder.

She had just looked at every face that was there, and she knew who the two missing Viking where.

"Where are my Ma and Pa?" She asked as the pain began to swell in her chest, and the color drain from her face.

"They were killed by a deadly Nadder. I am so sorry Terra." He said in a sad tone.

She looked around desperately to see any sign of this being a joke, but every Viking face held no sign humor, just grief.

Alun held his wife just as she lost consciousness.

It was a few hours later when Terra had finally woken up.

"You're awake." She heard Alun say as she sat up.

"Yes, what happened?" She asked.

"You fainted and I brought you home." He replied as he made her lay down again.

"So that wasn't a dream?" She said as Alun tucked her in.

"No, I'm sad to say, it wasn't. Your parents have passed on." He said gently.

Alun watched his wife as she tried to hide the tears that where threatening to spill over the sides of her eyes.

"It's ok to cry now." He said gently.

"No. A Viking should never *hiccup* show a weakness. Crying is a *hiccup* a-a- *hiccup* a-a weakness!" She said in between sobs that she was still trying to hide.

"We're alone, Terra. It's ok to cry in front of me." He said as she blew out the candles and climbed into bed.

In the dimness of the moonlight that was coming in through the window he saw the absolute sadness and grief in her eyes, before she finally broke down in tears.

The next few days where uneventful except for the funeral the next day. But five days later and a new child would be born to Berk.

"Hey Ignna, have you seen Terra around?" Valhallarama said one cloudy afternoon.

It had been five days since the boat had arrived with her husband and the news of Terra's parents' death.

"Well I saw her this morning at breakfast but then she was rushed to her house..." Ignna trailed off.

She and Valhallarama looked at each other and began running to their friends' house.

The closer they got the louder the screaming got.

They where about to bust through the door when the screaming stopped and was replaced by a baby's cry. Again Ignna and Valhallarama stared at each other for a minute before Ignna gently opened the door and followed the cries to Terra's room.

Ignna knocked and the door was opened by a women.

"Hello." She whispered quietly.

"May we come in?" Valhallarama asked.

The women looked into the room and then back to Ignna and Valhallarama.

"Yes but Terra is sleeping." She said and opened the door wider to let the two women pass in.

There where four other women in the room, no doubt they helped with the delivery. Two women where taking some bloody sheets off the bed and replacing them with warm quilts, the other two where holding a sleeping Terra, but once the quilts where in place they gently set the sleeping woman down.

Alun was the corner of the room carrying a blanket.

Valhallarama and Ignna made there way towards him and they saw the blanket he was carrying was not a blanket at all but a baby wrapped up in a quilt.

"What a sweet looking baby." Ignna whispered as she gently rubbed the baby's cheek with a finger.

The baby had black hair like its father but had its mother's facial features and green eyes.

"Is it a boy or a girl?" Valhallarama asked.

"It's a baby girl." He said softly, as his daughter began to cry again.

"A girl? That's wonderful!" They heard Terra say softly behind them.

They all turned around and saw her sitting up, and though she looked extremely exhausted, she was smiling a very wide smile.

"What are you going to name her?" Alun asked as walked over to her.

She reached for her daughter and held her close to her chest when she finally got her.

"I want her to have a name like my mothers, a flower. Seeing as her name was Dahlia and all." Terra trailed off.

"What about daisy? It's a very common name and it's a flower." Ignna said.

"I don't want it to be a common name, or flower. I want something unique." Terra said as she began to feed her baby.

"What about Poppy? It's unique." Valhallarama suggested.

Terra made a face and shook her head. "I never did like Poppies." She said.

It was a while before anyone said anything but it was Alun who spoke next.

"Well the night before your mother left she talked to me about what I would name my child, and I told her my suggestions, but she said she didn't like them so she gave me some betters ones and one of them really stuck out." He said.

"Really what name would that be?" Terra asked.

"Azalea," He said.

Everyone was quiet for a moment, but Terra suddenly laughed.

"That's a beautiful name, right Azalea?" She asked her daughter, who giggled in response.

"But isn't it, you know, un-Viking like?" Ignna asked.

"Well it is but I don't really care because it's what's on the inside that matters, if she's a Viking on the inside then who cares what's on the outside! Ad who knows maybe she'll prove the name thing wrong!" Terra said with a laugh.

"Then that settles it, our child shall be now and forever Azalea Swanwhite Alunsdatter." Alun said as he took his giggling daughter and raised her up over his head.

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