A/N: My Shenny heart is broken. Take the pieces and have some Shamy. I by no means ship them, but I can't get Shenny out of this no matter how much I want to.

The rocket took off, but Amy wasn't looking at the tv anymore. Her eyes were on Sheldon. He'd grabbed her hand, seemingly without thinking. But Sheldon didn't do things without thinking. Amy gazed at Sheldon in wonder, refusing to move lest he be spooked and run. When Sheldon returned her gaze he blushed a little and slowly removed his hand from hers. When he didn't immediately go for his Purell Amy felt hopeful. When he shyly looked away from her and quietly excused himself she was confused, but as he closed the door to his room she understood that he needed time to process his unconscious movement. It was a big thing for him to willingly touch another person, let alone hold their germy hand with his own. Amy understood this and let him come to terms with it himself. She told Leonard to tell Sheldon goodbye for her and she went home.

Even being a Maid of Honor/Minister hadn't made her this happy.