Draco, Will You Be My Bunny?

Hermione Granger, Gryffindor, sat on her side of the couch in the Heads Common Room finishing a confusing History Of Magic assignment. It was hard, but being the most intelligent girl at Hogwarts, she liked a challenge.

Draco Malfoy, Slytherin, walked into the Heads Common Room sweaty and muddy from Quidditch practice. It was raining outside, but being the Quidditch Captain, he wanted all the practice he could get.

Hermione merely glanced at him as he trudged up the stairs, leaving muddy footsteps in his path. Absent-mindedly she cast a spell that would clear up all the mud.

Draco merely glanced at her as she did her homework, chewing on her quill. Absent-mindedly he cast a spell to start a fire in the fireplace.

Draco slammed his door with a thud and went into the bathroom both he and Hermione shared.

Hermione had just finished her homework when Draco came sauntering down the stairs, whistling a tune.

Hermione packed up her belongings when she remembered something she had to do. Ugh! She slapped her forehead in disbelief, wondering how she could have forgotten practically the most important exam in Transfiguration.

Actually, it was pretty stupid. But who was she to question what goes on in a teacher's mind?

The thing was, she had to turn someone into an animal of her choice. She picked a bunny, only because she thought Ginny would be her partner. But she hesitated to ask, and before she knew it Ginny was already Harry's partner. Ron's was Padma Patil.

The guidelines were that she could pick anyone in any year, but it couldn't be anyone from her own house that was in her year. So basically anyone besides her fellow Gryffindor 7th years.

Who could she ask? Ginny's gone, Padma's gone, Luna! Maybe Luna!

Oh, wait, Luna can't do it. She's already an Animagus. She discovered her talent shortly after the war. She could turn into probably the purest creature alive. A dove.

The only reason she couldn't be Hermione's bunny was that there was a chance that her Animagus powers could be in danger. If Hermione performed that spell on her she would lose the ability to turn into a dove.

Hermione would NEVER do that to a friend.

But who else was there to ask? Hermione didn't usually socialize with people in other houses besides Padma, Luna, and of course, Draco. He was Head Boy after all.

Wait.. That's it! Draco Malfoy! He was her only chance.

But how would she ask him? Ehh, she would think of something.

"Um, Draco?"

Draco looked up from the refrigerator that he was currently rifling through and said, "Yes Granger?"

"Could you…. Well.. Let's just say…" said Hermione. She just couldn't say it right.

Grabbing a bottle of Hermione's Sprite© he said, "Come on Granger. I don't have all day. Also, can I borrow this?"

Okay, here it goes.

"Go ahead. Draco, will you be my bunny?"

Sprite© has never been shot out of someone's mouth faster than that. Draco sprayed it all over the kitchen.

"Pardon me Granger? I don't think I heard you correctly,"

"Draco. Will. You. Be. My. Bunny?" said Hermione, slowly.

"What's that supposed to mean Granger? Seriously,"

"Maybe I should explain,"

She looked to Draco for his confirmation. He nodded, and she continued.

"Professor McGonagall wants us to turn someone into a bunny,"

"Why don't you use Potter or Weasley?"

"They already have partners. And as much as I hate to say it, you're my only hope. I'll fail without you Draco."

"Well... Why do you keep calling me Draco? I'm Malfoy, or even Ferret, but since when have you started calling me Draco?"

"Well since we're Heads, I think we should learn to be civil. Please? I'll do whatever you want in return… If it's reasonable."

"Well, what would I have to do? And would it hurt?"

"No, it wouldn't hurt at all. And all you would have to do is stand in your um… underclothes.. and then I'll perform the spell." ,replied Hermione uncomfortably.

"Whoa, hold up. Did you just say I have to stand in my underclothes? As in my boxers and undershirt?"

"Uh, yes, that's all."

"But what if I was a girl? You can't expect a girl to stand in front an audience half naked."

"Professor McGonagall is going to give the girls some kind of light dress. Please Draco?"

"Oh alright. But what do I get in return?"

"Well, I guess you could pick something and if it's reasonable I'll say okay."

"Well, this should be good. Hmm….. I know! Why don't you magnify your voice and say, 'I love Draco Malfoy. He is the most charming, hottest, sweet, cutest guy in Hogwarts. Marry me, Draco!' And then you have to pretend to faint since I'm so awesome." smirked Draco.

Hermione looked horrified.

"Absolutely NOT!"

"Fine, I won't help you."

"Please change it!"

"No. And this is your last chance Granger. If you don't accept this time, my offer is going down the drain."

"Merlin, what makes you so rottenly stubborn, Malfoy?"

"Don't you mean amazing?"


"Whatever Granger, I'm thirsty. So I'm going to get something to drink and I'll meet you tomorrow in Professor McGonagall's room at?"

"10:30 AM. And here's a pass, give it to your teacher so you don't get in trouble for leaving early."

"Thanks Granger, see you tomorrow!" said Draco, taking the pass and returning to the kitchen.

And soon after, Draco Malfoy became known as the Rabbit, and his title of Ferret was dropped.

And soon after, Hermione Granger became known as the Most Lovesick Girl To Come To Hogwarts, and her title as the Bushy-Haired Bookworm was dropped.

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