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Chapter One



We were in Washington, D.C. It was known as the other murder capitol. The three of us-Edgar, Alan, and I-kicked in the door to see an old man about to feed on some other poor sap. The old man was in a wheelchair, the sap in a desk chair. There were two guys holding the dude down.

"Holy shit!" Alan exclaimed. "It's the attack of Grandpa Munster!"

The vampires growled at us. Alan shot a UV lamp at one, and it ran off. Edgar kicked the old man out of his wheelchair. His fangs slid out.

"Gross." Edgar said. We both spotted one vampire, and Edgar aimed at it. The vampire ran off. "Damn it." He ran over to the guy that was tied up. "Sorry to ruin your party, Senator." He said, but he wasn't. At all. And neither was I. And I don't think Alan was either. Speaking of Alan, that dude ran off again. Damn it. "Don't worry, congressman." Edgar said. "We'll have you out of here in two minutes." He took the duct tape off of the man's mouth.

"Thank you." The man said.

"Edgar! Casey! Aah!" we heard. We looked at each other.

"Alan? Alan!" Edgar yelled. We ran into a room, and a vampire was forcing blood down Alan's throat. "Alan!" Edgar had his crossbow at the ready. I started to run forward, but he held me back. Instead of firing the crossbow, though, he picked up Alan's discarded UV lamp, and shot it at the vampire, making it scream and jump out the window. Edgar put the lamp down. Alan stayed in place, the blood all over his mouth. "Alan." Edgar and I hurried over to his side, but Alan didn't look at us. "Alan. Alan, are you okay?"

Finally, Alan did look at us, but it wasn't the same Alan we were hoping to see. His eyes were yellow. His lips were curling in an animal like manner. I saw small fangs.

"No. No, Alan, no. No, Alan!" Edgar and I yelled. Alan got up, and ran off. "Alan!"


Edgar sat up, making me wake up. I placed my hand on his arm.

"Did you dream about that again?" I asked. I didn't get any answer. Edgar walked over to the window, and opened his blinds. That was a yes. There was a banging on the door, and Edgar slammed it open. I yelped, and covered myself with the blanket. I was only wearing a tank-top and booty shorts. Oh, the hell with it. I dropped the blanket, and walked over to my fiancée. He proposed about two months ago. We were still planning the wedding. My best friend, Vanessa Jones, was a wedding planner. She was also dating Alan. She was dating him when he turned, and still now, only they didn't kiss as much.

"Mr... Frog?" asked a man. He was standing outside the trailer.

"Yeah?" Edgar asked, wiping his eyes.

"Were you sleeping?"

"I work nights."

"Apparently not hard enough."

Edgar growled.

"You're in default on your loans, and the bank is repossessing this property. This would include any...structure currently on the property as well."

"You have got to be fucking kidding me." I had left the room, but could hear the conversation. I came back out wearing a plaid shirt, jean shorts, and cowgirl boots. My hair fell lazily on my shoulders. Edgar scoffed and shook his head.

"Are you serious?" he asked.

"You have one week to vacate. Have a good day." The man said, and walked into his nice little sports car.

"Fucking vampires." Edgar said, before he slammed the door, waking both Nathan and Autumn up from their nap.

"I DIDN'T DO IT!" Nathan yelled. "Whoa, wait, what the...?"

Autumn ruffled her brother's hair, and then looked out the window. Nathan followed her.

"Fucking bank people. Hate you." He muttered. I heard him cuss. But there was no point in lecturing him now. He was 17, after all.

```~~~BOOK O'NEER~~~```

"Cash or store credit?" Frank asked.

"Cash." Edgar said. Frank punched in some numbers.

"Comes to 65 even." He said. Edgar and I just looked at him. I was still wearing what I was earlier today. Anyway. 65 bucks? You gotta be fucking kidding me.

"Sixty-five dollars?" Edgar asked.

"A stripper would get more!" they both looked at me. "Not that I would know." I laughed nervously. Edgar shook his head.

"Are you kidding me?" he asked Frank. "I mean, this issue of Destroy All Vampires number 125 in nearly mint condition is worth 50 bucks alone."

"In near-mint condition." Frank said. "I know near-mint condition and...that ain't it."

"What are you talking about? I haven't even opened this book. It's been boarded and bagged since the day I got it."

"Well, let's have a look." Frank picked up the comic, and began to look it over. "There are stress marks at the staple points, the, uh, cover has lost at least 15 percent of its gloss, the pages are yellow, and there's significant rubbing and fading at the corners."

Edgar growled. Frank continued.

"Now, if you were willing to part with that Batman number 14, I, uh, might be able to do a little bit better."

"No way in hell." I said.

"That's not gonna happen." Edgar said. "Happens to have some sentimental value to it."

I just glared at Frank.

"That's my offer, Frog." Frank said. He had that damn smirk that I wanted to smack off of his face. "Take it or leave it." He dropped the Destroy All Vampires comic into the box.

"Alright, pay me." Edgar said. Frank took out 65 dollars, and handed it to him.

"Have a nice day."

Edgar picked up the box, and we began to leave.

"I hate happy people." Edgar muttered. The door opened and closed, and Edgar growled at Frank, who was still smirking.

"Hey, Edgar. Casey." Said a voice. It was Zoe. "Did you make any money off of Frank?"

"Are you kidding? He gave me 65 bucks for everything."

"Ugh. He's such a cheapskate. Here, let me see." Zoe looked in the box, and dug around. She accidentally picked up the Batman.

"Uh, not that one." Edgar said, taking it.

"But there's still some good stuff in here." Zoe said. "You want me to put it up on eBay, see what I can get?"

"Uh...sure. Why not. Every little bit helps right now."

Someone walked in. Vanessa was behind him, shooting him glares.

"Where do I find the graphic novels?" the man asked. He was chewing at a piece of gum furiously.

"You mean comic books." Zoe said.

"No, I mean graphic novels. I don't read comic books. I'm not a geek."

Edgar glared at him and growled.

"Oh, well, I can't help you then." Zoe snapped. "Here at the Book O'Neer, geek is chic. Try Barnes & Noble."

"Whatever." The man said. "I guess you don't want me to spend any money here."

"No. Now go. Get. Get. Get." Vanessa literally ushered the boy out of the door. When the door closed, she was doing all these movements, acting like she was gonna fight him. "Yeah. Yeah. You scared. You scared! I'm bad! I may be short, but I pack a punch!"

"Vanessa, no." Edgar said.


Vanessa was just like me. A fellow Arizonian, me, Michael, Sam, and Vanessa would literally go around, just hanging out and pranking people back in '84-'87. God, it was so fun. Vanessa was a brunette, she wore some glasses (but contacts most of the time). She was short, but could really make herself heard. That's one of the main things that made us best friends. She was really outgoing, nice, and a good shoulder to cry on. We were like sisters back in the 1980s. Now, we're just as close.

"That guy gets on my last nerve." Zoe said.

"You know him?" Edgar asked.

"By reputation only. His name's Johnny Trash. He's a celebrity blogger."

"What the hell is he doing here in San Cazador?"

"They're here for the X-Party."

"The X-Party? What's that?"

"A rave."

"And it's gonna be here?"

"If you believe the rumors. But they're not telling anyone where it's gonna be until the night of the event."

"Great. Sounds like the final nail on my coffin."

"So, Vanessa." I said, as Edgar took out a comic from the box, and headed out. "Wedding talk."

"Hell yeah." Vanessa said. We saw Edgar leave.

"WAIT UP!" we yelled, and ran out.

"Bye." I heard Zoe say.