Hey, here's another idea for any ChasexBree lovers!


Bree's POV

Alright, I've bought all the magazines, I've chosen the perfect guy to focus on and done all the studying like in the movies (Reading every magazine I own during a cool music montage in my bedroom) time to commence plan A: Operation Become Obvious Young Friendly Right Irresistible Equally Nice Date. (Translation: Operation get a B.O.Y.F.R.I.E.N.D)

After being locked up in my room all weekend I am determined to get Ethan to see I am the girl for him and to do it I've come up with a simple test. After extensive research, worthy of even impressing Chase, I have come up with a small list to prove that Ethan is the perfect choice.

Here's my list:

1. If I drop my books, even if he's in a rush, he'll be a gentleman and help pick them up.

2. I'll catch him staring at me.

3. He'll call me just to talk.

4. He'll give me a present just because he wants to

5. He'll try and like the things I do even if I know he hates them

6. He'd help me if I got hurt

7. He'll help me with anything if I need it

8. He'll compliment me on what I'm wearing, even if I've worn it a hundred times.

9. He'll notice if I've changed something because he likes the way I am.

10. If he thinks I'm upset he'll ask what's wrong and not take 'I'm fine' for an answer.

11. He'll ask to hang out with me even if it's just at home.

12. He'll call me out if I'm being stupid or bitchy.

13. He'll know my favourite song and why it's my favourite.

14. He'll know what I want to be when I grow up.

15. He'll keep eye contact when he talks to me

16. He'll make any excuse to touch me

17. He'll try to impress me even though I don't need impressing.

18. He'll let me meet his friends

19. He'll protect me from any threat he can find

20. He'll make me laugh at the simplest things

21. He'll be my friend.

I know some of them seem stupid but they will all help Ethan see that we're perfect for each other! If not at least it will help me see if he's interested or not.

With a sigh I closed my notebook, preparing myself for Monday and the start of Operation B.O.Y.F.R.I.E.N.D.

"Hey Bree? You in there?" my head snapped up to see Leo coming into my room. I quickly hid my notebook under the covers of my bed and picked up one of my many discarded magazines. Leo's eyes widened as he took in the huge stack on my nightstand. "Are you trying to create an alternative fuel or something? Because I think paper power is just recycling," he said. I giggled slightly, Leo never failing to amuse me.

"What's up Leo?" I asked, closing the magazine which I had read fifty times anyway.

"Chase asked me to see if you were alright. He's a little concerned that you've barely left your room," he said. I blushed slightly. Chase had always been over concerned for other peoples well being, unlike Adam. Don't get me wrong, Adam was a sweet guy (Albeit a little obnoxious) but it was a miracle if he remembered where our high school was so it's understandable that he only really has the brain capacity to think for himself. I still love him like a brother though, even if he's not my biological one.

"Why didn't he ask himself?" I asked and Leo shrugged.

"I don't know, he's been pretty to himself as well lately…is this some kind of Bionic Human thing?" he asked. I shook my head.

"He's probably just working one something. Tell him I'm fine and that he shouldn't worry," I said. Leo nodded and walked out, tossing a 'see ya at dinner' over his shoulder.

I smiled, feeling slightly flattered that Chase asked Leo to check up on me. Letting out an airy sigh, I checked my clock to see it was almost diner. Soon it would be Monday and I would begin my full-proof plan to win Ethan's heart.

Chase's POV

I ran a hand through my hair, ruffling it for the hundredth time as I focused on my new invention. I love the rooms Davenport designed for us, he even gave me my own work bench with a super touch screen computer.

"Hey man!" I jumped, turning to see Leo walking into my room. I quickly put down my tools, wiping my hand on my shirt.

"What did she say?" I asked, Leo raising an eyebrow at me.

"Well hello to you too," he said sarcastically and I groaned.

"Sorry, hi now what did she say?" I asked again.

"She said she was fine," he answered, throwing himself onto my bed.

"Fine? That's it? She hasn't left her room since Friday," I said, my voice raising.

"Calm down dude! She's just been reading more, she had a lot of magazine's in her room," he explained. I sat back down in my chair, rubbing my face with my hand. "And besides you've been stuffed up in here all weekend as well," he said, his accusing eyes on me.

"Yeah…but I've been working on a new defensive armour for Adam, Bree and I for missions," I defended. Leo shrugged, standing up.

"Anyway to sum it up; Bree is fine and you're an overprotective freak," he said before walking out. I stared after him before turning back to my work.

Bree's POV

Monday…here we go.

I'm all set to start my list. I was standing by my locker, currently waiting for Ethan to walk by. I think I'll start with a small list item. Maybe number two? Or sixteen? Or twenty? Or…oh my God he's coming this way! What should I do? Which list item should I choose?

"Hey Bree," Ethan said, walking past me with a smile.

"H-Hi-i Ethan," I squeaked out, turning so quickly I shut my locker door on my hair. "Ow," I groaned when I tried to turn to open my locker, only to yank on my hair even more. "Somebody wanna help?" I called out, only for the footballers to walk straight past me, Trent laughing and pointing at me.

"Bree?" I turned to see Chase rushing towards me, his bag bouncing on his back. "What happened? Did Trent do this?" he asked in a steely voice. Chase and Trent still harboured a hatred for each other, even though Adam had joined the football team because his bionic strength made him good at throwing and tackling (We made sure to teach him that he couldn't go full throttle on the opposing team).

"No Chase…I accidentally did it to myself," I mumbled. His stony expression softened into a lazy smile as he chuckled.

"Oh Bree...you're not the smartest person are you?" he laughed as he started fiddling with the dial. After three little clicks the locker door swung open, bouncing slightly off the back of my head.

"Ow," I mumbled again, rubbing my head. Chase chuckled.

"You'll be fine," he said, patting my shoulder then running his hand down my arm. I blushed slightly at the action, finding it a little above friendly, but I guess that's just Chase being Chase.

"So how do you know my locker combination?" I asked as I started getting my books out of my locker for my next class.

"Well when you have a super bionic mind and you watch someone with super speed open their locker slower then a snail, it tends to stick," he said with a smirk. I swatted his arm with my free hand. "Hey! That's a nice way to treat your rescuer," he said in a fake hurt voice. I giggled softly but it was drowned out by the bell. "Well we'd better get going to Math," he said, giving me one last smile before walking off down the hallway.

I smiled after him, shutting my locker. Luckily I managed to avoid getting my hair caught this time.

"Hey Bree?" I turned and felt my heart lurch at Ethan's charming smile. "Do you wanna walk to class together?" I could only nod, following alongside Ethan as we walked to Math.


Chase=Numbers: 6, 7, 16 and 20.

I hope you guys like it, it's an idea I've had in my mind for a while (Along with all my other Lab Rats ideas considering no one else is writing any Chase/Bree fics beside DustinHunterPRNS)