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Chase's POV

Beep. Beep. Beep.

"Ahhh…" I groaned as the beeping persisted, trying to roll over. I instantly cried out, feeling a shooting pain through my right side. I collapsed back onto the bed I was lying on.

"You shouldn't move honey," a voice said beside me and I turned to see a woman, looking to be in her mid-twenties with long blonde hair and blue eyes, in a nurse's outfit as she looked over a chart at the foot of my bed.

"Where am I?" I groaned hoarsely, sliding my arm across my stomach until I hit some bandages. The nurse gave me a concerned look, coming over to stand beside my bed.

"You're in the hospital sweetie," she said in a soft voice.

"Why?" I asked, even tough the pain in my stomach gave me a pretty big hint.

"You were caught up in a convenience store robbery…you were shot."

"What?" I cried, sitting up, only to fall back down in pain. I fought the tears as the woman rushed to a button by my bed, pressing it. A couple seconds later the pain went away, replaced by a warm feeling in my stomach.

"I wouldn't do that, I can't keep injecting you with morphine every time you get surprised or dream about Bree." my eyes widened and I fought the impulse to sit up again.

"Bree? Is she here?" I asked. The woman shook her head.

"No but I called her, she's listed as your emergency contact," the nurse explained.

"So she should be here," I mumbled to myself.

"What was that?" the woman asked. I shook my head.

"Nothing." the woman shrugged.

"Well you were in surgery for a while but they managed to get the bullet out and stitch you back up again," she said with a smile. I'll let her think that her humour is making me feel better. "You're going to be fine, out in a couple days," she finished up before putting my chart down. "Feel better honey, Bree should be here soon," she said before leaving the room.

After she left I sagged back into my bed, exhaustion taking over. I could feel my eyes closing as sleep came closer. Fingers running through my hair made me all the more sleepy and I snuggled into the bed.

"Chase?" a voice said weakly. My eyes opened slowly and I could see a brown haired beauty standing beside me. Tears were falling slowly from her eyes as she stared down at me.

"Bree? Are you really here?" I asked. A cup was lifted to my lips and I drank some water.

"Yeah, I'm here Chase. I would have been here a lot sooner but if I got here three seconds after they called it probably would look suspicious. I had to fight every impulse not to super speed my way here," she said with a sad smile.

Everything was happening to fast. I'm in hospital because someone shot me? Why would they shoot me? I can't remember anything after leaving the house to clear my head.

"Bree…are you alright?" I asked, trying to sit up.

"Why are you asking me that?" she asked in surprise.

"Because if I'm hurt doesn't that mean something bad happened?" I groaned out as I finally made it into a sitting position.

"Chase you were alone when you got…hurt," she squeaked out, looking away. I guess that was good then.

"Oh…ok…" I sighed, relaxing back into my pillows. "So no ones been hurt besides me?" I asked.

"No one but you Chase," she choked out before her arms were flung around my neck, sobs being muffled by my neck. "I'm so sorry Chase," she cried quietly. "This is all my fault. You're here and hurt because I didn't answer you…" she trailed off, more sobs taking over.

I was still fighting to stay awake, needing to comfort Bree. I lifted my arms and wrapped them around her and pulled her onto the bed beside me.

"Bree I'm literally fighting to stay awake just to tell you that none of what happened was your fault. I chose to go out, I chose to try and protect that convenience store and I'm choosing now to put up with you while you cry into my shoulder even though you shouldn't be," I said, settling into the bed. Bree tried to crawl away but I held her tighter.

"I thought you didn't remember anything?" Bree asked as she snuggled into my uninjured side.

"I was just guessing. What other reason would I get shot for?" I asked, chuckling slightly. Bree sighed.

"I wish you'd be serious about this," she mumbled as she settled down.

I woke up a few hours later, Bree still cuddled into my side as she slept peacefully. I sighed, brushing her hair away from her eyes. I can't keep going like this, hiding my feelings from Bree.

I looked around the room I was in, the lights off so the only source came from the dull glow of the various machines. I was in a room with glass walls on one side, probably so the doctors could look in. the hallway lights were dimmed down, a doctor sometimes passing my room. I'm surprised they let Bree stay with me but I'm not complaining.

As I watched everything going on I noticed a shape outside my door, knocking on the glass. Cautiously I waved for the person to come in, wondering why the doctor didn't just come in.

"Overnight stay huh?" a deep gruff voice asked as the doctor walked past, grabbing my chart before stopping by the window to look outside.

"Uh…yeah. Gunshot wounds can do that," I said, watching him carefully as he flipped through the papers.

"Yeah, I just need to ask a couple questions," he said, chuckling darkly. I tightened my grip on Bree, squeezing her shoulder.

"Wha? What's wrong?" she mumbled as she woke up.

"Just a check up, I just thought you should be awake," I whispered, keeping my eyes on the doctor.

"So…Chase…do you have any medical history before this?" shouldn't he have that on record anyway?

"No, nothing serious besides check-ups from another hospital," I answered. The doctor nodded, stepping away from the window to face the bed. His face was shrouded in the shadows but I could see the white lab coat thrown over his dark shirt and jeans.

"Good…that's good," he said flippantly. Something was wrong, I didn't feel right and I think Bree could sense my discomfort.

"Bree, go and find someone else. Make it look like you're going to get a drink or something," I ordered quietly.

"Chase what's wrong?" she asked worriedly.

"Just go," I said again. Slowly she got up, heading for the door.

"Where are you going?" the doctor asked sharply, his head snapping to Bree. She froze, hand on door.

"She's just getting me a candy bar from one of the vending machines. You know hospital food," I said quickly, trying to sound humorous. The doctor paused, staring between me and Bree before nodding. Bree shot me one more look before leaving the room.

"She's cute," the doctor mused with a tint of venom in his voice. "She your girlfriend?" he asked.

"No…just a good friend," I corrected, keeping my eyes on the doctor.

"Huh, sure," he said before stepping closer. "Well your chart says you're going to be fine," the doctor finally said, stepping more into the light. My eyes drifted onto the name tag.

Dr. Clara Davis? My blood ran cold as the 'doctor' came closer. I shifted back out of instinct.

"But we can't have that can we…eh Chase?" the man stepped fully into the light and my eyes widened at the blood spattered over the left side of the coat, a bullet hole ripping neatly through the chest.

I backed up quickly, my fists clenching the bed sheets at the sight of the familiar shaven head and cruel smirk of the robber from the jewellery store, the man who shot me twice.

Before I could even sit up the man grabbed me by the front of the hospital gown I was wearing and dragged me off the bed before throwing me to the floor. I cried out as I landed on my right side, clutching the bandaged wound as blood started to stain through.

"You littler shit," the man hissed, shrugging off the coat as he came to stand in front of me. "It was a simple store robbery but you and your friends had to fuck it all up!" he yelled as he kicked me in the stomach.

"Ahhh!" I screamed, my shield flickering in an attempt to protect myself.

"Oh no you don't!" another kick to my stomach made me cry out again, my shield failing. I lay limply, blood starting to really flow from my stomach. "And now here I am, a bullet wound in my foot from the rebound of your shield, beating up a stupid little kid that got in my way!" he kicked me again, the pain so blinding my body was going numb. "Well after I'm done with you I'm going after that other boy and girl that was with you," he hissed, dragging me up just to punch me in the face.

"Don't touch him!" a voice yelled as a shape whipped past the robber, flinging him across the room.

"What the hell was that?" the robber cried as he stood up, only to be knocked back down by the speeding blur.

"Bree?" I managed to croak out, lifting my head weakly. The blur stopped, kneeling in front of me.

"Chase…I-I shouldn't have left you alone. I'm so sorry," she sobbed. I tried to push myself up but I couldn't move.

"Bree…run," I panted.

"I'm not leaving you again Chase," she said determinedly, standing up. "I'm goanna end this once and for all," she growled, looking over at the confused robber.

"No…don't…" I tried but Bree was already racing towards him.

Bree can't fight him. She's strong enough but she's not a killer. The robber will take advantage of that, he won't show her the mercy she will show him.

"Is the little girl goanna stop me?" the robber mocked as Bree came closer. I watched Bree tense before she vanished, the robber looking around nervously. "Where are you? You brat!" he yelled before he was knocked to the side. He swivelled round, grabbing onto a table to steady himself. "Where are you?" he screamed again. A flash and he was on the ground again, scrambling up. "I will kill you!" he yelled.

I had to do something, Bree couldn't keep this up forever and I couldn't let her turn into the thing she hated most. Suddenly there was another flash as Bree circled the room, waiting for the next attack. I followed her with my eyes before I noticed the robber watching me. My eyes darted to Bree, who broke off from her circle to come up behind him. He noticed my eyes and spun around. With a scream Bree was stopped, suspended in the air with the robbers hand around her throat.

"No! Bree!" I cried, trying vainly to pull myself up.

"Ch-Chase…" she gasped out, the robber tightening his grip on her neck.

"Let her go!" I cried, finally pulling myself to my feet.

"Or what?" the robber laughed, squeezing tighter. Bree's struggling was getting weaker, soon reduced to feeble twitching.

My heart stopped, my blood boiled and I felt every impulse in my body set on fire as I watched the robber slowly choke Bree's life away from her.


Blue light exploded from my hands, my shield coming out in the form of a ray that shot towards the robber. He screamed as it struck his chest, throwing him backwards and into the wall. Bree dropped to the ground like a stone, unmoving. I limped over to her before collapsing next to her, pulling her body to rest against mine.

"Bree? Bree wake up, please," I choked out, shaking her. "Come on…you-you've gotta get up so we can go home." she didn't move, only lay in my arms. "Bree?" it came out as a squeak.

"Hahaha…" the laughing continued as the robber slowly started to get up, his clothes smoking from the beam I shot at him. "Looks like the girl's down for the count," he chuckled darkly. I clutched Bree's shoulders tightly.

"Shut up," I hissed.

"Must be horrible, knowing it's your fault she's gone," he continued.

"Stop it," I said quietly, tears really starting to fall.

"Your fault that she's dead."

"I said stop it!" I screamed, leaping up and pouncing on him. I knocked him to the ground, beating him with all the strength I had left. He fought back, trying to protect himself but he was no match for my rage now. "I'll kill you!" I cried, smashing my fist on his nose.

"Chase?" I froze, the robber cowering under me and slowly turned around. Bree was kneeling against the opposite wall, looking at me with eyes that expressed everything. "Y-You're not Chase," she whimpered.

"It's me Bree," I said, moving towards her. She shied back, cowering into a ball.

"No! Chase doesn't hurt people, doesn't threaten to kill them!" she cried. I stopped, my world tumbling down.

Bree was afraid of me. The rage at the thought of her dead took over and turned me into a monster even worse then Spike ever could.

"Bree…it's me. It's Chase, your Chase," I said, coming closer. She didn't lift her head from her knees, whimpering slightly. "Bree." she looked up at me to see me kneeling right in front of her, my hand on hers. "It's me."

"Chase." she breathed, wrapping her arms around me and pulling me to her.

"I've got you Bree. You're safe now," I whispered, stroking her hair. She pulled back from the embrace, her hand cupping my cheek. I closed my eyes and leaned into her touch, the pain in my scars easing because it was her.

"Chase?" she asked and I nodded. Instead of an answer, I felt a pair of lips graze mine and my eyes snapped open.

Bree was watching me as she kissed me lightly. Slowly, my eyes closed and I kissed back, adding more pressure to her lips. Her hand gripped my face, pulling me closer but before I could respond, a hand on my shoulder wrenched me back, something cold pressed into my shoulder.

"Enough of this crap!" a strained voice demanded, blood dripping onto my shoulder. "Say goodnight kid," he seethed, then paused. "In fact why don't I shoot your girlfriend first," he said, pointing what he had in his hand at Bree and my blood ran cold at the sight of a gun.

"No!" I cried, attempting to move, only to have the gun pressed back into my shoulder.

"Don't move!" he snapped. My eyes went down to the gun pressed into my shoulder, the shoulder pressed against the robbers chest. I glanced at Bree then back down at my shoulder.

"Ok fine, I won't move but I have one thing to say," I said, steeling my nerves. This is for Bree.

"And what's that?" the robber asked. I looked at Bree, knowing she could possibly hate me forever for this.

"I'm sorry."

As a blue shield surrounded us I grabbed the mans hand, my finger finding the trigger of the gun and pulling. The shot ran out throughout the hospital, me and the robber flying backwards and hitting the edge of the shield. I collapsed forwards, my right arm holding me up off the floor while the robber slumped against the back of the shield, one last breath leaving his body in a heavy sigh.

"Chase!" I looked up to see Bree banging on the shield, sounding like she was yelling through glass. I dropped the shield and Bree ran at me, holding my shoulders. "Why'd you do that Chase? It could have killed you," she cried while her fingers ran through my hair.

"And he could have killed you," I gasped out, pain ripping through my body from the two bullet wounds in my body. "I knew a shot to my shoulder wouldn't kill me but the angle of the gun made the bullet go right through his heart," I said. "I'm sorry Bree."

"Why are you sorry Chase? You did what you had to," she said softly. I looked up, into Bree's eyes.

"Bree…I…" I tried to say but a groan of pain took over.

"Save your strength Chase," she said. I shook my head.

"No, I need to say this," I said stubbornly before looking her right in the eyes. "I-I love you Bree."

She stared at me for a few seconds before her lips landed on mine, kissing me softly. I responded, wrapping my good arm around her and holding her as close to me as I could. I couldn't feel anymore pain, just her. She pulled back slightly, her mouth barely a millimetre from mine.

"I love you too Chase."

Chase's POV

I walked into the Lab, my left arm in the sling it had been stuck in for the past six weeks. I sighed. No one was in here, just me. The quiet was nice but eerie at the same time. It reminded me of the hospital, which was something I never wanted to be reminded of again.

I looked up at the tubes Adam, Bree and I had grown up in, smiling as I realised how close I was to everything I had always wanted. She had been right there the whole time and I needed to get shot before I saw it.

"Chase?" I turned to the angelic voice, smiling as Bree walked in, a notepad in her hands.

"Hey," I sighed, pulling her into a kiss as soon as she was close enough.

Bree had barely left my side all the way through my recovery, nursing me like Anne Nightingale. I'm not goanna lie, I loved the attention she gave me and took advantage of it some nights when I was feeling strong enough. Don't get me wrong, I love Bree more than anything and I showed her whenever I could.

When I pulled back I smiled at her blush, my good hand on her cheek. I noticed her looking down at the notebook in her hands, clutching it tightly.

"Are you ok?" I asked worriedly. Although the whole ordeal with the robber had scared her, she didn't deem to affected by it.

"Chase, remember when you told me that you were always going to be there for me?" I nodded, a mind like mine doesn't forget things easily. "Well…I-I just wanted to show you this," she said, handing me the notebook.

Taking it cautiously, I opened it up on the first page, reading down a list of some of the oddest things someone would write down. Next to list were my and Ethan's names. I read through all the comments before shutting the pad and handing it back to Bree.

"I did all those things?" I asked and she nodded, looking worried. I waited a minute before a smile spread out across my lips and I brought Bree closer to me, kissing her forehead. "How did I not realise I'm in love with you sooner?" I asked. Bree chuckled, snuggling her head under my chin.

"And you called Cosmos stupid."

Ethan=No chance

Chase=Do you really have to ask?

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