This story is based off of the song "Happy Birthday" by The Birthday Massacre. Lyrically, the song's pretty short, but I had an awesome idea I could use for a fanfiction. At first I thought about just making it a one-shot using the lyrics in the story itself, but I think a multi-chapter story was my best bet.

Also, normally, I don't like the idea of including Lyra in the world of Pokémon Special since…she's not supposed to be there, but for the sake of the song, her presence was necessary. Not that I don't like Lyra, I just don't like mixing up canons, unless it's for comedic purposes.

Chapter One: Platinum and the Huge Mansion

I sat in fear as I stared down the bloody knife in front of me, the nasty smirks on their faces sending terrible shivers down my spine. My blood was running cold. I could hardly even tell there were tears streaming down my face, trickling over the blood splattered on my cheeks.

It wasn't even my blood. It was the blood of the person who had just tried to save me from these two.

I was now the only survivor. They had killed everyone else in the mansion.

I couldn't wrap my head around how any of this could have happened. Was this all just some horrible nightmare? I wanted to believe that. Oh, how I wanted to believe that.

I had just watched my best friend get murdered right in front of me. The rest of my friends' bodies were scattered all over the mansion.

And these two…who I thought were my friends…had slaughtered them all. And for what? Was there even a reason for any of this?

"W-why…" I barely managed to speak. "Why did…you do…this…?"

One of their smirks had only gotten wider. If they were going to kill me, there probably was no reason for them to even tell me why they had done all of these awful things tonight…if it was even still nighttime, I didn't know.

But one of them decided to speak up. "Would you really like to know? Why don't I tell you…"

I sat in horror and confusion as I listened to their explanation. After awhile of not really wanting to comprehend any of it anymore, I decided to remember all of the night's events that led up to this horrible tragedy…

"Wow, this is Platinum's house?" Bianca gasped, gazing in awe at the huge mansion in front of her. "This is incredible!"

"Bianca, this is a mansion, not a house," Cheren snidely corrected.

"Shut up!" Bianca flailed her arms. "You know what I meant! It's all the same!"

"Technically, it's not. A house is a—Ouch!" Cheren cried out after being smacked by Bianca's purse.

White giggled behind them. "You guys are silly."

"Gosh, I hope I'm not underdressed…" Bianca said as she glanced at her long orange and white dress with a pink flower clipped above her left breast.

"You look fine, Bianca!" White assured her, straightening out her black miniskirt and buttoning the top button on her white polo shirt. "You look fancier than I do."

"I don't think Ms. Berlitz will mind," Cheren said in his dark blue tuxedo and pink tie. "If Diamond and Pearl are her best friends, I think we're okay."

"Yeah, that's right!" Black said in a very loud tone, wiping some hair off of his black tuxedo and white tie. "We'll be fine!" Black slapped a hand on Bianca's shoulder.

"Well, one thing you might want to do, Black, is calm down on that obnoxious tone of yours," Cheren pushed the bridge of his glasses up to the top of his nose. "She might not appreciate your loud rambling."

"But Pearl's pretty loud, isn't he?" Bianca asked.

"And Bianca, you might want to be careful about where you walk," Cheren warned. "You don't want to trip and break anything in here."

"Cheren! Can we do anything else to please you?" Black and Bianca said in unison. White continued giggling while Cheren sighed.

"We're here for a birthday party, Cheren," White chuckled. "Lighten up!"

"Can we go inside yet?" Bianca shivered and wrapped her arms around herself. "It's cold out here."

"Sure, let's go!" Black charged ahead of the group, eager to check out the inside of this mansion. He couldn't believe that he was friends with the richest person in Sinnoh. Now he was being invited to her house—correction, mansion—for a birthday party. Way cool.

But a feeling of foreboding loomed above them, something they were completely unaware...

"Emerald, look out!" Crystal yelled, reaching her hand out in a poor effort to prevent the smaller kid from crashing into the glass case behind him.

"Whoa!" Emerald spun around quickly, catching himself before he hit the case full of antiques. "I'm fine!"

"Emerald, please, be careful!" Crystal began to scold him. "Platinum was nice enough to invite us to her mansion! The least you could do is try to be courteous of her property!"

"Sorry," Emerald scratched the back of his head, looking down in shame.

"C'mon, let's go back to the living room." Crystal said, directing him to the large, spacious room where most of the other guests were currently chatting together.

Crystal glanced around the room, beginning to count who all was here but gave up when she realized that there were a few people missing. Red, Green, Yellow and Bill were conversing happily (besides Green, who apparently felt like he was too cool to smile) near the fireplace. Her younger sister, Lyra, was playing cards with Sapphire, Pearl, and White. Black and Cheren were watching over them, Cheren helping Lyra out since she wasn't too familiar with the game.

Noticing everyone's wardrobes, Red and Green were wearing suits the colors of their namesakes. Yellow wore a long black and white dress with a yellow flower in her hair. Bill was nearly wearing the same tuxedo as Black, white tie included. Sapphire was actually in a nice dark blue minidress that Crystal assumed Ruby somehow managed to get her to wear. Pearl was wearing the same white tuxedo he had worn in his first Pokemon Contest. Emerald was wearing a dark green blazer that was much too big for him and his usual pants. Lyra was wearing a short dress very similar to Crystal's, only hers was red and blue while Crystal's was black and yellow.

"Blue, Gold, Silver, Ruby, Wally, Diamond, Platinum, and Bianca aren't here," Crystal said.

"Diamond, Platinum, and Bianca are," Emerald corrected her. "Diamond's helping cook the meals and Bianca's in the bathroom. I'm sure Platinum is somewhere around here getting ready."

Crystal gave Emerald a funny look. "I'm disturbed that you knew that Bianca was in the bathroom…"

"Hey, Crystal!" Yellow called out to her, waving. "Hi, Emerald!"

Crystal decided to join the Kanto group in conversation while Emerald randomly jumped onto Sapphire's back, causing her cards to go flying and everyone to burst out laughing, save for Cheren who just looked annoyed.

Lyra stood up and walked over to the large window in the room. "It's snowing outside!"

A few people in the room smiled at the announcement of snow. Pearl and Emerald jumped up and ran over to the window, plastering their faces on the cold, glass surface. Then they noticed a group of people walking up to the mansion.

"Hey, the rest of the group's here!" Pearl shouted, causing everyone to scramble to the door to greet them.

"Welcome to the Berlitz mansion!" Pearl flung the door opened and yelled. "Man, the temperature dropped fast! It's freezing out here! Blue, you have got to be freezing your ass off!"

Blue was walking alongside Silver and Gold, while Ruby was holding onto Wally's hand, probably to make sure that if the latter was about to collapse, Ruby could catch him. "It's a little chilly," the Evolver wore a very short, tight black and white dress and a black jacket to cover her bare arms. Gold and Silver wore suits that matched their namesakes as well, only Gold was wearing black pants. "But I'm fine. I'm gonna be in the mansion. We're not partying outside, are we?"

"No, we are not," Platinum came up behind Pearl out of nowhere, causing him to jump. "Welcome Blue, Gold, Silver, Ruby and Wally," she said, having stepped out in a long lavender dress with a dark purple jacket.

"Hey," Wally said before coughing into his green blazer. Ruby, in a dark red suit, patted his back.

"Is there somewhere Wally can rest? He's kinda tired," Ruby asked Platinum politely.

"Yes. Sapphire has already informed me of Wally's illness," Platinum said. "We have a room set up specifically for him and a nurse on standby shall he need one. Right this way." Everyone moved out of the way to allow Ruby and Wally to proceed up the stairs and into the mansion to follow Platinum.

"Let's go back to the living room and wait for Platinum to return," White said, and everyone nodded. They filed into the living room and waited.

"I'm gonna go check on Wally," Sapphire excused herself from the room.

"I hope Wally will be okay for later," Yellow sounded very concerned. "I wouldn't like for him to miss the party."

"At least he made it here," Bill told Yellow. "I reckon he'll be fine wit' a lil' rest!"

"Yeah, Wally'll be okay," Emerald reassured the Healer.

Yellow nodded. "Great!"

"Yah!" Diamond randomly barged into the room, hoping to scare someone. He succeeded in making Yellow, Lyra and Bianca jump. "Hey guys," he announced, fixing the chef hat that was much too big for his head. "Dinner's ready. The butlers are setting the table now."

"Ruby, Sapphire, and Platinum are busy helping Wally out, but we might as well get settled into the dining room," Green said.

They group spent the next few minutes pouring into the spacious and luxurious dining room. There was another fireplace on the left wall and a long, wide window lining up the entire right wall. The dinner table was incredibly long and could probably fit up to thirty people, plenty of room for all of the Pokédex Holders and then some. Everyone found a seat up toward the front of the room, leaving the back seats empty so that they weren't so spaced apart.

The butlers had been placing plates of food all along the table. Many in the group were gazing at the food in awe, surprised at how delicious it all looked. They couldn't wait to begin eating! Especially Gold and Emerald, who tried to reach for whatever was in front of them before Crystal smacked them both.

"I'm surprised Diamond isn't trying to attack the food," Pearl poked fun at his best friend.

"That's because I've been eating as I was cooking." Diamond grinned as Pearl rolled his eyes. "I could still go for more, but I can wait."

A few minutes later, Ruby, Sapphire and Platinum entered the room.

"Sorry about that," Platinum apologized. "Ruby insisted on staying with Wally, but Wally said he just needed a little rest and did not want Ruby to miss out on the festivities. We decided to leave him with the nurse and will check up on him later. For now, it seems that dinner is ready, so we shall eat. I am sure you guys are hungry, and Diamond and my chefs have provided a wonderful meal, I hope you will enjoy.

"But before that, I believe we shall address the reason we are here," Platinum continued. "Tonight is a very special person's birthday, and tomorrow is a very special holiday. We are all here to celebrate these together, with permission of the birthday boy."

"Woo-hoo!" Gold randomly cheered, causing Silver and Crystal to sigh at him. Some of the girls giggled at his obnoxious behavior.

"See, I'm not that bad!" Black said to Cheren in an in-your-face sort of manner, and the latter facepalmed.

"Would the birthday boy like to sit at the front of the table?" Platinum asked. Everyone at the table turned their attention to a certain redhead. He sighed.

"I guess I do have all of the attention tonight, don't I?"

The Exchanger stood up and made his way to the end of the table, when everyone began clapping. He sighed again as he sat down.

"Shall we all say it together?" Gold whispered, trying to be conspicuous but everyone could hear him. The redhead knew that was the intention and braced himself for what came next.